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Hello everyone ! So it is the first time since my service at the Wiki I do this : a removal proposal. I got the permission from Jester and I want to really thank kim from his help. The character is Spider (Gran Torino) from Gran Torino, a 2008 movie made by Clint Eastwood. Eastwood plays by the way the protagonist of the movie, Walt Kowalski, an old Veteran of the Korean War who, despite his prejudices towards ethnic minorities, befriends a young Hmong named Thao and helps him to progress in his life.

Who is the Villain

Spider is the cousin of Thao and the main antagonist of the movie. He is a member of a Hmong streetgang in Highland Parks. He first appears spotting Thao being injured by a Latino gang. He decides to intervene with his gang and scare away the Mexicans. He tries to persuade Thao to join the gang, only to fail.

The next day, the gang comes to Thao's home and try a second attempt to recrute him. Yielding under the pressure, Thao reluctantly agrees the initiation of the gang which consists to steal the Gran Torino of his neighbor Walt. Unfortuntely, Walt catches him in the fact. Thao decides to flee and try to sever tie with the gang.

The next evening, the gang again comes to Thao family's house and tells Thao they decide to give him a second chance. With Thao's refusal, the gang tries to abduct him. When Thao's family and other Hmong neighbors try to push them back and rescue Thao, the fight spills over onto Walt's lawn. Furious, he targets the members of the gang with his M1 Garand and they withdraw.

Later in the movie, the gang spot Thao coming back from the work and they assault him, stealing and breaking his tools. A great anger leads Walt to visit only one of the gang members, to beat him up and ask him to pass the message on to leave Thao alone. The gang members respond with a shootout from their car on the Vang Lor house. Sue, the older sister of Thao, who was in her aunt's house, comes back in the house in blood, suggering she was raped.

Finally, Walt confronts the gang members outside their house and calls them out on their crimes. He takes a cigarette, puts it in his mouth, asks gang members for a fire, and deliberately puts his hand inside his jacket. The gang members shoot him, believing he wanted to draw a gun. Walt, riddled with bullets, falls to the ground, a Zippo with the crest of the 1st Cavalry Division in the palm of his right hand. Obviously, his deliberate death provokes the arrest of the members of the gang for having thus killed him in cold blood. Suspected criminals, now in the hands of justice, the gang should no longer be able to threaten the Vang Lor or the neighborhood thanks to the atoning sacrifice of the fallen hero Mr. Walt Kowalski.

Why Spider doesn't qualify

So why do I consider him not evil enough despite being a sociopathic gang member? Gran Torino is a criminal drama and plenty of gangs are presented so the heinous standard is very high. Spider, among them, does not stand out really. Most of the crimes he committed (stalking, harassing and assault) are typical of gang crimes. His fellow gang members committed exactly the same crimes, they are seen together all the time and Spider does not do worst than them.

And there is the rape of Sue now. While I fully agree this disgusting act destroys completely Spider's innocence since he seemed to know it has occured, Spider's full role in this is too ambiguous to push him so far and again, rape is common among gang. We don't know if he has ordered that, participated, etc. And besides, Sue was already about to being raped by Afro-Americans thugs earlier in the movie before being rescued by Walt. The movie just confirms with certainty that one member raped her but that is all we know.

And for shooting Walt, they did so because they thought he was going to shoot at them, not out of pure malice.

Final Verdict

Very vile and psychopathic but no to the point of being Pure Evil. He is NPE at worst.

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