Note: This Actually Fictional. The Iron Peacock franchise does not exist. It is just an idea of mine.

(Arthur: Father. Why do this? You are a police officer. you are to do good. You can be good) Remember my peg and hook. Commissioner Johnson laid me off, telling me that I'm no good shape to fight. (Arthur: Why be with Mr. God?) I've been trying to conceal my annoyance from you and your mother. You guys always irritate me to the maximum, even before my injury. (Arthur: I am your legacy.) A pathetic one at that. Be glad I'm more merciful than Morgana. She abuses her kids. (Arthur: But you're trying to kill me. Father listen, there...) Noooo!!! Let me show you how happy my life will be without you.

Pence Oldman, also known as Cassowary, is one of the two secondary antagonists of the Iron Peacock franchise (along with Owler), serving as a supporting character in the first film and Falcone: Gender Wars, but is revealed to be the main antagonist of Duck: Corruption and one of the two secondary antagonists of Iron Peacock: Wrath of Mr. God and Iron Peacock: Siege of Mantis (along with Owler). He was a former friend of Commissioner Johnson, and an active police officer in the city, however Commissioner Johnson laid him off in a grave encounter with Jake Brooks. He was then manipulated by Mr. God to join his organization, then becoming his right-hand along with Owler. He is the father of Arthur Pence/Duck and his archenemy, tarnishing his belief that all police officers are good or all bad people can turn good.


Before the encounter with Jake, Pence was a loyal officer, serving to protect the city. He was a good friend to all officers and was active. However, he did have an annoyance for his son, Arthur and wife, but never showed it. Following the encounter with Jake, he became ambitious for a purpose. Mr. God came, and gave him the job of being a mole in the police. He agreed and then became a corrupt officer. He is a master f deception, able to hide his nature from the police and his son and his friends, plus able to convince some officers to join his side. He also has good leadership, able to lead his troops effectively. He may be pure evil despite his motivation of purpose, he isn't sadistic. He doesn't take pleasure in hurting or killing people and doesn't do it for fun but to clear up the prisons for Mr. God to test his subjects.


As Pence Oldman, he is a tall man with blue eyes, a goatee and an eyepatch and hook following his encounter with Jake.

As Cassowary, he has a golden cassowary-themed suit, to symbolize a corrupted light as he is a fallen officer who is corrupt. His neck section is however red.


Times as a Police Trainee

Pence met Jason Johnson in the days he was training with Jake Brooks. Pence was an extreme top player, just tied with Jason and Jake. One day, during the training, a robber infiltrated the training grounds. Pence and Jason caught the robber. This lead them to have a good friendship. However, Jake and Pence weren't the greatest allies. Pence sees something unusual and Jake sees someone prone to be worse than him.

One day, his suspicions proved correct, as Jake assassinated Mayor Victor Johnson in live tv to spite Jason, now Commissioner. Pence asked Commissioner to send troops, with him replying it is too late. The Mayor was assassinated. Commissioner and Pence tried hunting down Jake and stop his operations.

Later Life and Injury

Later in his life, he found a woman and married her. They had a kid named Arthur. He saw he friendship Arthur had with Richard, the child of Commissioner Johnson. He moved next to them just to make them see each other. However, it is mostly to distract him as later, his wife and child became annoyances, however, he never openly showed it.

One day, Pence, now sergeant, tried searching for Jake, who intends on blowing up the city. They manage to track down where Jake is and asked Commissioner for support. They continued their search. He hears a sound and asks his men to prepare. But Jake manages to shoot them and he duels with Pence. The battle goes towards to upper floor. Jake manages to heavily injure him, having his eye and hand gone. Pence was then taken into the hospital, while the Commissioner has his final fight with Jake, ending his threat once and for all. Following the incident, the Commissioner put him in a non-action state.

Employment by Mr. God

Following him being put in a non-action state, Pence was looking hard for a purpose since he no longer could do anything, and his child and wife got into his nerves. He then meets Jake's child, Mr. God. Who knows how angry and lost he is and how he desperately wants to get rid of his wife and kids. Pence listened with interest, then accepting the deal. He managed to conceal his employment from "Devils in Person Organization" from everyone else. He was give a golden metallic-Cassowary suit.

During his employment, Pence managed to corrupt many officers to follow his and Mr. God's command make them members of the Organization also. However, despite it, Commissioner Johnson never knew. Cassowary illegally arrested many innocent people as test subjects for Mr. God and gave them terrible conditions. Cassowary then puts the area meant for the minor crimes as the testing area and being in charge of it, killing them, and claims some terrorist invaded the place and escaped his grip. He then executes all the test subjects after they have an embarrassing corner time after Mr. God is done with them, which is Owler's idea.

Iron Peacock

Sergeant Oldman first appears picking Arthur from school, there he meets Commissioner Johnson, Commissioner Johnson knew about his injuries and asks if he is okay, with Pence saying with the hook, he can be more dangerous, and his appearance can give an intimidating idea for the criminals. Commissioner Johnson tells they are severe, to which he brushes it off and he needs help to deal with the bigger threats. Commissioner then tells to make an arrest warrant and poster for Jack/Mr. God and some peacock criminal with read colors and black eyes. Pence agreed and they left with their kids.

In the night, Cassowary came to Mr. God, who was in his peacock suit above the buildings. Mr. God asks what is his intention here, to which Cassowary tells of the police being after him. This made Mr. God, then removes his mask, telling knows it is the time to scar Richard for life. He is the one that sets fire to the mall for Mr. God to sent the Devils in Person troops to atack

Cassowary then starts the terrorist attack on Mantis Mall. Commissioner Johnson calls him to help, but Pence says he "can't come" but he sent for back-up, which he actually did to cover himself up. Following Mr. God's attempt at assassinating Commissioner Johnson was successful, Cassowary then "comforts" Richard, saying he was a hero.

When Iron Peacock (Richard), Falcone (Mary) and Duck (Arthur) have to train for the battle, Pence tried training them to covering things up for 1 week, which he then leaves saying Richard is worthy.

In the end of the film, Sergeant Oldman is the one arresting Mr. God.

Post Film

Happening just immediately get punched in the stomach by Sid, in the flashback scene, Mr. God is then put in the car, having the door closed by Oldman. Knowing he is actually one of his men, he asks Oldman what is the severity of the sentence during the drive, to which he replies death penalty. However, being a juvenile, he tells that he is getting a life imprisonment luckily. Mr. God then smiles, with Oldman saying he doesn't need to worry, cause he and the other members inside the police will try freeing him.

Falcone: Gender Wars

Cassowary appears in a very minor role, now as the Commissioner, helping Richard and gang help arrest some Devils in Person members . He then tells they are revealed to be members of Mr. God's terrorist organization, and tells them about Owler, Mr. God's supplier.

Owler then tells Cassowary about her plans about the gender wars, which interested him.

Later in the movie, they discuss about their plot. However, Cassowary and Owler were in the wanted list for the superheroes of Mantis. They part their ways as they get chased by Falcone, Humming and Duck.

In the middle of the film where Mary says her comment on men doing more evil acts than women, he is one of he people shocked to hear those words.

In the end of the film, he is the one that orders some troops to go and try stopping the battle between the two genders. In the end, he arrests Morgana.

Duck: Corruption

Normal day after the School Knight became Mantis' protector:

Things have changed ever since the School Knight arrested Mr. God, Pence was now purposeless person. This also what Arthur feels. He knows his friend Sid didn't change despite the events of the last film. So, Pence decides to give him training in case he has a big adventure or tough situation. So every day, he makes Arthur rock climb, but he takes his gun and tries shooting him down, which his attempt to try killing him, along with a weight tied into Arthur's feet while swimming, or actually threatening the life of his now new girlfriend, Clare, Emma's friend, even though she became major allies to them. He then has the danger level of the obstacle course to be deadly, which Arthur survives. He does this every day so he can finally get rid of the annoying nuisance in his life, but feigns it by saying that they must prepare for the tough situations, telling that is what Richard did cause these tough exercises which is also what Richard did he justified, even though the Commissioner planned on saving them and he never intended on harming anyone.

As Cassowary, he falsely arrests many people and to cover things up and try breaking the Devils in Person members in prison out, where he tortures them, with some of Morgana's methods being used. He has them brutally tortured. He wants them to have a plastic surgery to disguise themselves as members of the organization. He makes sure it is a punishment for them for being weak by doing it without anaesthesia, although he showed no sadistic pleasure in it. In case on of the members die in prison, he has them suffer a slow death, with only Mr. God having worse executions.

Becoming Commissioner

Because of his "loyalty" to the law by arresting members of the organization, Pence was rewarded by becoming the Police Commissioner. Pence says he "dedicates" it all to his old friend Commissioner Johnson, who believes is a better Commissioner than he could ever be. he was congratulated by Richard, Arthur and his friends, with Sid, Emma and Morgana even showing some satisfaction with the choice (mostly because Morgana is also a member of the organization).Commissioner then helps the gang by arresting some of the last members of the Organization. After having them arrested, he shows them a picture of Owler, Mr. God's main supplier. Everyone setting of to find it. However he calls them to return, which only the Iron Peacock and Duck did. he tells them about the threat of Cassowary, one of the most dangerous members of the organization.

Chased by Duck:

The scene where Owler tells Cassowary about her plans for the gender wars play again.

The scene where he is plotting with Owler is also repeated, with the plan revealed to be Mr. God. They both get in a chase with Falcone, Humming and Duck. Cassowary and Owler part ways, with Humming and Duck chasing Cassowary. Cassowary happens to be a dangerous fellow, using his feet to cause mass destruction. He tells Humming to go and save the civilians. He then causes more damage and uses the rubble of the damage he caused to throw it at Duck. Duck manages to catch up to it However, Cassowaries being dangerous, uses his sharp toes to seriously injure him and escapes. However duck throws something at him and he is down. He gets arrested by his me, who take him to jail, supposedly. However, they release him in a secret place and leave. Duck watches it angrily, with Hummin managing to take a peek. Duck and Humming realize that they need to keep this to themselves as Richard is busy stopping the Gender Wars.

Hearing the Corruption in The Police:

Duck and Humming then immediately rush towards Commissioner Johnson. He was seemingly trying to find where to station his troops to stop the gender wars, when in reality, he was trying to station them to amplify it. He welcomed them warmly and tried giving them poisoned tea, to which they replied that it is urgent. He listened with great interest as Duck tells about the corrupt officials in the Police. The Commissioner acts surprised, so after returning from the place where he hears Mary's comment, he tells about the corruption and send men whom he trusts the most to find them. It is revealed, they were the corrupt officers and were imprisoning innocent officers to frame them, which is the order Cassowary told as he comes and tortures them.


Duck and Humming manages to discover the truth, they engage in a fight with Cassowary. He kills some of the officers and uses their corpse to throw at them. Duck and Humming end up duelling Cassowary, who beats them badly. Duck then use his flippers to swim Humming to the shore since the prison is surrounded by water. Cassowary then jumps to them the moment they come across it. Duck kicks him to ask who is him. Cassowary then tells how naïve Arthur was, believing people are actually what they look like and people do not hide whom they truly are, then unmasking himself, revealing he was Commissioner Oldman. Arthur and Claire remove their masks in surprise which he reveals his history and the things which they thought weren't exact what was happening and how involved in Commissioner Johnson's punishments were. Arthur then asks why side with Mr. God, to which he replies that he always made his life miserable, he pins them down and hurts them badly. Such news made them tell Iron Peacock this, which gravely angers him just as much as Morgana beating Mary as she reveals her heinous actions.

Final Battle:

The scene where Owler and Cassowary planning Mr. God's escape plays again, with the scene being extended with them removing their masks and keeping it at where they will be stationed. Owler puts her mask back on and leaves to set up the final battle of the Gender Wars.

The Commissioner watches the battle, knowing when it is time time to send in the troops. He then calls for them at the right time. He then puts on his suit. He calls on the corrupt troops to go on and find the cell Mr. God is located since he is shifted but without his consent. Duck an Humming follow them to stop their plan on breaking Mr. God. Cassowary then goes inside the prison and brings the person who has a forcibly plastic surgery to make him look like Mr. God. Humming then knocks down some of the Corrupt policemen. Cassowary then manages to brutally murder the policemen and security guards stationed there. Duck them comes in front of them. Cassowary signals his men to go on and attack Duck. But Duck also sent in some police officers wo weren't corrupt to attack Cassowary's corrupt troops. Cassowary manages to kill 1/4th of them. Duck then battles him and defeats him. Duck then gets a call from the Iron Peacock that Morgana/Owler's crimes are exposed, who tells Cassowary the information and why he must go. Cassowary then tries beating him but Duck manages to defeat him. Cassowary then retreats to cover up his nature and arrest Owler.

After Commissioner Oldman arrests Morgana, Iron Peacock then tells how much he knows about his true nature. He tries proving him wrong and how his father's death and Mr. God's possible return is driving him mad. But Duck then comes and brings the guy who was forced to have a plastic surgery to look like Mr. God to replace him. Iron Peacock uses his feet and throws him inside the car. Richard then uses his featherangs to lock the car and asks Falcone and Humming to fly the car to prison, where he will unlock them to give them their life imprisonment.


  • Cassowary is one of the 4 Pure Evil villains in the Iron Peacock franchise, along with Jake Brooks, Mr. God and Owler.
  • Even though Cassowary isn't an abusive parents, he is just as much as an unloving bad parent as Owler as while she abuses her daughters severely, she only planned on killing them only at the last minute. Cassowary planned on killing is son Arthur from the moment he became evil, that too in a slow and painful death.
  • Cassowary is the only villain in the franchise that hid his nature. Jake and Mr. God were always evil from when they first appeared, and Morgana's identity as Owler was a secret, Morgana's abusive behaviours is enough to count her a villain.
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