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What you think you see is a benevolent leader of Uganda. What we end up seeing is a manipulative bastard that is no less better than the Idi Amin we know in real life, just being arguably smarter here.

Shocked are you? I am pretty sure those aware of the works I usually get candidates from (which have been mostly kid's shows), this must come as a big shock to you. Well, I do love surprises, and I had stumbled upon this film some years back, and did remember him to be quite vile, and have seen he is in the Pure Evil category, just not approved. Had it not seem I am just putting red locks to pages with the category now already, it would now, and will see if he has any redeeming qualities and lives up to the standards, and also to safeguard the categories due to a recent edit on Megatron's page before I approved him that compels me to approve villains under the category as well as new ones. And, maybe have an excuse to see Whitaker's well-deserved Oscar winning performance again, mwhahahahaha.

What is the Work?

The Last King of Scotland is a 2006 historical drama film, depicting the brutal dictatorship of one of Africa's vilest and most corrupt dictator, General Idi Amin, in the perspective of a scottish doctor, Dr. Nicholas Garrigan, who ends up appointed as his personal doctor and closest friend. It has been known for the terrifying performance by Forest Whitaker, who won an Oscar thanks to this, and his role is the villain I am discussing.

Who is the Villain?/What Has He Done?

Idi Amin Dada came from a poor family in Uganda. His father left him when he was young, and the British came and took him as a cleaner of pots and beat him and do stuff. He eventually marries 3 wives, gaining many children from them. However, his third wife, Kay, only had one child, an epileptic son called Mackenzie so Amin disowns them out of his disappointment. He then overthrows President Obote during his trip to Singapore, ascending as the President of Uganda. He then uses his charisma to rally up support from the Ugandan people in rallies from multiple villages.

Eventually, he got into a car accident with a cow, and calls for a doctor. Dr. Nicholas Garrigan, who was with his employer's wife, Sarah Merrit. Nicholas plasters Amin's hand, while shooting the mortally wounded cow as it was distracting him. Amin confronts him for taking his gun to shoot him, but admires his work and he showed no fear and did what he had to do. He eventually offers him a job as his personal physician, using a friendly facade to manipulate him into thinking he is genuinely wanting to improve Uganda and Nicholas can save him. He takes his offers, to which Amin fakes what is to be a deep bond with Garrigan, making him his advisor, and heading him as the main doctor of his hospital after laying off his predecessor, Dr. Junju.

While Amin has been a joyous and friendly figure to many people, this was only a façade used by him, this was all to ensure he is as well liked as he is without anyone opposing him. But what happens if you are opposing him or just don't support him, well, congrats, ya dead. Amin orders their deaths, raking up deaths of at least 300 thousand Ugandans, many of them which we see their corpses of, which also includes his former Health Minister, who Nicholas informed him as a potential suspect for treason. Eventually, Amin invites Nicholas to another party after he tells he wants to leave Uganda to return to Scotland, sitting up 3 girls in order to convince him to stay, while he has his home raided to change his citizenship to Ugandan to prevent him from escaping. Then on, Nicholas' perception of Amin starts to change a bit, before witnessing how much of an oppressive xenophobe he is after informing of his Minster's alleged treachery, and with this, has all Asians expelled, only giving them 90 days. With all the madness happening, Nicholas advices Amin that by expelling the Asians would economically cripple the country and shatter his public image internationally, Amin holds no remorse than expresses his anger at Nicholas for questioning him.

However, despite this, Nicholas held some little remains of the illusion that Min was a good guy, wanting to escape the country, asks Mr. Stone for help to escape, to which he has him be an assassin to kill Amin, which he refuses. Unfortunately, during the party Amin invited him to convince him to stay, he ends up having an affair with Kay when he was drunk and impregnates her. Knowing both their lives would be at the line, he plans on performing a secret abortion for her. However, Amin knew of this and sabotaged this by having him attend a press conference to clear his name and maintain international relations to distract him while he orders Kay's horrific death, which absolutely horrifies Nicholas and disgusts him, shattering the remaining semblance of illusions on Amin he has. Seriously, the sight of it is ghastly, in which she was naked and horribly dismembered with the legs being where her hands used to be and the hands being where the legs where. Do not watch this after eating and during night, it is a horrific, nightmarish sight.

Seeing Amin for the cold-hearted dictator he truly is, Nicholas attempts to poison him using his medications. Eventually, an Air France Flight from Tel Aviv was hijacked by Pro-Palestinians, who inform Amin about this eventually. He then calls Nicholas to the airport, planning to act as a hero for all the non-Israeli passengers to repaint his image, while planning to hold every one of the Israeli passengers hostages and threaten them with death. His Chief of Security, Masanga, already suspected Nicholas' plans to assassinate him, to which Amin has Nicholas horrifically tortured with met hooks and hangs him from the ceiling, a very bloody image that made the clip 18+ on YouTube. Immediately after, Amin then lies to the passengers he negotiated with the Israeli Government and has all non-Israelites leave with his private plan, while I have already discussed his plans with the Israeli. Eventually, Nicholas' predecessor, Dr. Junju, frees Nicholas, who escaped with the non-Israeli hostages. When Amin was informed by this, it as far too late and the plane left, and there is nothing to do about it.

It was presumably due to Nicholas' intel, Amin's reputation is currently what it is currently, as a brutal dictator. With this, the truth of Amin was revealed thanks to Operation Entebbe revealing the truth after rescuing most of the hostages. He was eventually overthrown in 1979 and exiled to Saudi Arabia where he spent his final 24 years.

Mitigating Factors

None, what Amin is just a manipulative bastard and is the epitome of Faux Affably Evil. He only has this kind façade to people to ensure support from them, and the moment they lose such support, or are even suspected of it, Amin orders their murders. Same with his kids, he is only rallying their support and to make them meet their standards, otherwise they would end up like Mackenzie, who is disowned by him solely for being epileptic, which Nicholas notes is a treatable condition. Every nice action he does, is only to further his good reputation, which includes rushing in to rescue most of the hostages and be a hero to them, while having all the Israelis held hostage and threatened with death. And any of his horrific actions, his mass murder and deportations, the horrific murder of Kay, torture of Garrigan, he is coldly emotionless about this as he holds no remorse for anything. Now, there is also his background, in which he lives a life of poverty, and is taken by the British as a cleaner. An excuse? My foot. Dude's actions have been way to horrific that it nullifies this excuse, especially what happened with Kay, that would shatter any minor sympathy he would've had, heck, I am very sure his actions now are just on power than anything. Now, the dude has some comedic moments during his jovial façade, but that's the thing, he is hiding his loathsome colors under a comedic personality, and nothing is joked about when his real nature is revealed.

Overall, any and all redeeming qualities are just a facade, his horrific crimes are taken with full gravitas, and has no justifiable excuse.

Heinous Standards

Dude bulldozes it. He is the main villain of the film and barely anyone else does anything rather than follow his orders. The only one to go a bit beyond was his Head of Security, Masanga, who orders one of Amin's soldiers to end up poisoning themselves just to see if Garrigan is a traitor, either by having him die or bait Garrigan, and by shooting Dr. Junju when he freed him. But that is pretty small fry compared to what Amin does. Amin? He has a kill count of 300 thousand Ugandans, in which we see the aftermath of 10's of those murders. Then, he is responsible for deporting very Asian. And then there is his MEH crossing when he horrifyingly orders the death of his wife, knowing she was pregnant, having her dismembered and rearranging her legs and arms. Yeah, very ghastly sight, as I told, do not watch this movie after eating. And then, he holds every Israeli passenger hostage to threaten them with death. And also his brutal torture of Garrigan, putting meat hooks on him and hangs him, yeah, it is as horrifc as it looks as the clip on YouTube is even 18+. Easily heinous enough.

Final Verdict

An easy keeper imo.