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The Dark Spark

Okay, now that Megatron's proposal is done, I have one last candidate to propose this shitty cash grab of a game and then try to move on from this. This is a case where the candidate doesn't really push it for most of the game until we get to the end. On a sidenote, it is amazing they made Lockdown so boring here. Even Age of Extinction actually made him fun and engaging, regardless of how boring the rest of the movie was. Anyways, let the trial commence.

What is the Work?[]

If War For Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron are to Transformers what the Arkham games were to Batman, then:

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark is it's Kill the Justice League. It's a terrible cash grab of a 2014 game that attempts to connect the "Aligned" and Bayformers brand to get as much from their fanbases, and satisfied neither. It follows 2 plots. One is on the "Movie" universe (and I say "movie" as there is no way it actually fits into the already inconsistent movie canon) where Optimus, Bee and the Autobots have to claim the Dark Spark from Lockdown who seeks to use it to alter the timestream and ensure the Great War never ended. Meanwhile the other half of the game takes place on the universe of these games, taking place before Fall where the Decepticons hunt for the Dark Spark and the Autobots must ensure they don't use it's free-will destroying abilities for their own nefarious ambitions, leading to an infiltration to the Decepticon capital of Kaon.

Now, I have already proposed the Big Bad of that campaign, Megatron, but I can see a good case for the Earth campaign's Big Bad, Lockdown, on qualifying.

Who is Lockdown? What Has He Done?[]

Note: Notice is here. We know what it means by now.

Lockdown is a Cybertronian bounty hunter unaligned with the Autobots and Decepticons during the Great War, seeing more profit in helping both sides for a price. Throughout his career, Lockdown has made money primarily from the Decepticons with repeated deals from their leader, Megatron himself. However, when the Autobots eventually defeated the Decepticons to save the Earth, ending the Great War, Lockdown was unhappy with the loss of his revenue stream. Upon being informed about the Dark Spark's eventual arrival on a city on Earth, Lockdown initiates a full-scale invasion with his army, laying siege while its populace had thankfully evacuated beforehand. Optimus, Drift and Bumblebee arrive to confront Lockdown and stop him from claiming the Dark Spark, but Lockdown sees no profit on just handing the artifact, merging the dark relic to his very chest. Now more powerful than ever, Lockdown uses his power to freeze the Autobots.

Setting his base at a military facility deep in the cannons, when Drift, a former Decepticon who later defected to the Autobots, infiltrates his base alongside Bumblebee, Lockdown has him captured. Looking forward to returning him to Megatron, Lockdown has him tortured by his men to force Bumblebee's location. However Bumblebee eventually infiltrates the chamber to rescue Drift. So Lockdown initiates a trap to have him and Bumblebee killed, however Grimlock later arrives to save them, decimating what all Lockdown brought to him. But Lockdown eventually escapes for a destructive invasion on another Earth city where he was building a Time Portal.

Using the Dark Spark to power the device, Lockdown announces his plans to use the portals to bring back the Decepticons before they were slain by the Autobots. When Optimus objects due to how the Decepticons will destroy the Earth, Lockdown makes it clear he is allowing this to happen without hesitation if it means restarting the Great War and make a profit. Lockdown then plots to hand Optimus to Megatron, while keeping the Matrix of Leadership for himself to ensure the war continues. However, Optimus destroys the Time Portal, defeats Lockdown, and Drift cuts off the Dark Spark, sending it to fly across time & space. Lockdown snarls that this is not finished and retreats.

Mitigating Factors[]

Just a greedy mercenary who will stoop to no level to make a profit. Good, bad, doesn't matter, just the money. Nothing on comedy either. I really don't have anything to talk about this. He's not a particularly deep character. He's flat as toilet paper.

Heinous Standard[]

This is explicitly stated to be in a different universe from the WFC games, and while meant to take place in the movies... I know Bay himself doesn't care about the canonicity of his own movies anyway (The Last Knight says "hi") but legit, there is no logical way one can explain how this game can even take place in the movies' timeline. Stringer is somehow working for Lockdown when he was still just a KSI creation granted life by Galvatron, the Autobots were already allied with Grimlock despite not meeting him much later on, Lockdown has men rather than being a rogue, it can't even fit within the timeframe of the movie it's tying into... so to spare everybody's minds, it makes much morse sense to take it on his own.

And yeah, for most of the game, Lockdown's rather generic. Yeah, his initial invasion does cause mass destruction but the area was evacuated already so nobody was really killed, and torturing Drift is bad, but not bad enough. It was only in the final level in the game where Lockdown truly becomes bad enough. Laying siege to an inhabited city and then using the Dark Spark, he seeks to bring the Decepticons to Earth to restart the Great War, callously scoffing at Optimus' objections on how this will restart the Decepticons' genocidal agenda to purge Earth of all life, admitting he does not give a shit if he is finally able to line up his pockets. Perhaps the most heinous iteration of Lockdown to date if we consider a scale based level.

Final Verdict[]

A simple keep.

To make up for acknowledging this embarrassment's existence, got a nice reevaluation to make up for this hehehehe.