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"Well, isn't this ironic. How does it feel to be killed by your life's work? Does it feel good? Does it? Come on, how's it feel?" "You gotta be kidding." "Thanks for these. Guess I'll be going." You know, if you wanna know how much sadism and all is needed to make carrying orders be actually heinous.... ask her.

Nui: Tada.

Ryuko: That's...
Nui: Yep, it's the other half of your scissors. I got this from your dear dead daddy.
Ryuko: It was you... you did it?
Nui: Ahem. Totally. I'm the one who killed him.

~ That is one twisted cookie.

So, fourth time I will be discussing an anime villain, and really, why not go do something different. Usually I propose villains from mostly kid's shows and children's media with the occasional times I end up pulling off a surprise under my skin by proposing guys from works I am least expected to discuss, be it Idi Amin from The Last King of Scotland to Samuel Norton from The Shawshank Redemption. So, let's do another and considering the nature of the work, I definitely am sure one hardly expected me to do this. So originally, something I was originally unaware of, our candidate today was gonna be be proposed by Jakeflix, but given his recent debacle, has allowed me to do it so wanna give a shoutout and thanks. Anyway, the series already has one clear keeper in the form of sexually abusive mother/omnicidal maniac that I will forever make a vow to ever reference by her real name, but there is potentially another candidate who is the very reason... her managed to go as far as she did, although I don't expect her to go as easy due to a potential issue. So behold, to quote a guy who said this in a YouTube comment that I stole from (as I'm the biggest pirate in the planet), the unholy lovechild between Frieza and Pinkie Pie. So, let the trial commence!

What is the Work?

Kill La Kill is a damn awesome 2013 anime series produced by Studio TRIGGER, following Ryuko Matoi, a 17-year-old girl, who enters Honnoji Academy in pursuit of her father's killer. Her quest for vengeance places her in conflict with Satsuki Kiryuin, the Head of the Student Council and ruler of the school, and by proxy ruler of Honno town where the school is located. Eventually finding the burnt down mansion her her father is assassinated, she discovers a sailor suit, in actuality a kamui developed by her father for her before his death, and can actually talk, just only she can hear it. Pairing up to find the person who killed her father, Ryuko challenges the school system before getting into the real danger, the spreading of Life Fibers all over the planet thanks to... her that ultimately culminates in humanity being devoured and exterminated slowly as they will be used as energy sources, and then culminate in the very destruction of the planet. Her counts as PE, and our candidate is her ultra-sadistic and gleefully-supportive right-hand that is the one who killed Ryuko's father, Nui Harime.

What Has the Candidate Done?

Nu Harime is her ultra sadistic bloodthirsty right-hand woman and Grand Couturier when conceived in an artificial womb of Life Fibers. As the Grand Couturier, eagerly waiting for her plan to culminate in the complete annihilation of humanity and then the planet, Nui Harime is the one responsible for the massive bulk of the production REVOCS clothing all across the world that will be worn by every single human, which contains dormant Life Fibres that will activate when she who shall not be named activates the Primordial Life Fiber to engulf and wipe out all of humanity when the Life Fibers feed on them as energy sources, before covering the entire planet and blowing it up entirely to spread all across the cosmos. As a result, Nui becomes the most key player in she who shall not be named's scheme with great sadism as she looks very forward to the bloody outcome.

6 months before the story began, Nui was then sent by her to hunt down Isshin Matoi, the father of our protagonist, Ryuko. Upon tracking him down at his house, Nui sadistically plays with Isshin and toys around with him when Isshin distracts her using his Rending Scissors that can permanently cut off Life Fibers from his real project. Knocking the scissors out of his hands, Nui then sadistically impales Isshin with his scissors, taunting him on asking how it felt to be killed by his life's work. However, Isshin sneakily takes the scissors and then uses it permanently scar Nui at her eye, angering her, to which she gives even more fatal blows. When hearing information about Ryuko and her kamui developed by her father, Nui realized the purpose of Isshin's confrontation with her using the Rending Scissors was, a distraction. Angered at being played as a fool by Isshin, behind her back, Nui travels to Honnoji Academy to confront Ryuko and sadistically reveal she is her father's killer to tick her off. Ina damn chilling moment, Ryuko goes wild upon synchronizing with her kamui Senketsu to kill Nui, exactly as Nui designed to dominate her and everyone around and then trick Ryuko into mutating into a horrific rampaging monster against Senketsu's will, playing the events to have the daughter of her master, Satsuki Kiryuin to face and end up being killed by the rampaging abomination of what used to be Ryuko, which Satsuki calls her out for being a petty sadist doing all of this to get back at Isshin and also for her own amusement. Mako snaps the raging Ryuko out of her state of abomination and Satsuki bans Nui from the Academy

Continuing to toy around with Ryuko and Satsuki, while not exactly doing much notable deeds. I mean, yeah, that time when she disguised herself as Shinjirō Nagita to boost Ryuko's spirits to crush them down immediately by revealing it was her all along to trick Ryuko into a curb-stomp fight out of sheer sadism and to kick a dog, but is still ultimately just a kick the dog move. Then in episode 17-18, the COVERS Nui had made have been finally put to use by her hands as she tailors formalwear to be given o every student in the Academy and their parents, and as a result, everyone in Honno Town, so she who shall not be named can activate the Life Fibers and have the entire population devoured and be used as the food source for the Life Fibres till they are annihilated, much to Nui's joy to cause as much pain and suffering as she could. She then sends her clones to kill the Elite Four when Satsuki revealed she was always plotting against her mother out of disgust out of sheer boredom while continuing to fight Ryuko and continuously taunt her about being her father's killer. Once her gives a "I am Your Father" moment, Ryuko is sent on an aggressive downward spiral, Ryuko goes on an aggressive rampage which leads to the infamous Junketsu incident. Yep, the incident in which Nui uses her seamstress skills to control Ryuko and force her to wear Junketsu and mind-rape her into becoming a ruthless servant and mindless slave to both her and Nui as well, and I mean literally mind-rape her as either they rape Ryuko or implanted memories on her head that they did. Being the largest force in the entire Junketsu incident, Nui forces Ryuko to slaughter all her friends and allies and destroy the Naked Eye and wipe out all the resistance fighters when Ryuko's friend like Mako, who she personally tries to kill, try freeing Ryuko from the brainwashing. Luckily, they succeed, but unluckily, Nui tries to use her skills to take control of her friends to kill her and then each other until Ryuko gives a hard and satisfying kick and then chops her hands off before absorbing them, sending her on a terrifying breakdown. She is then on the run as a result... as her legs are the only limbs she can use. (It's okay. You can laugh. It's funny)

Returning to the base, she is then confronted by Rei Hōōmaru, her assistant, for her needless sadism and how it jeopardizes the plans, Nui drops her goofy persona for one of the few times in the series to coldly dismiss the notion of apologizing to her and then threatens Rei's life for even insinuating such idea. She then works on Shinra-Kuketsu, her ultimate Kamui she needs to spread the Life Fibres all across the planet and then consume humanity, with great fury to exact her vengeance on Ryuko and Satsuki. Once finished, Nui gets her arms restored by her to begin their plan to consume the entire planet with Life Fibers after Rei seemingly sacrifices herself to activate the Shinra-Kuketsu. With this, Nui aids her by stopping the Nudist Beach from destroying the Transmitter that will be used to activate all the Life Fibers which I know by this point you will know what will happen, it will consume humanity, yeah moving on as the Nudist beach succeed in destroying the Transmitter and she who shall not be named was severely injured from her battle with Ryuko and Satsuki. With their ultimate plan to annihilate humanity jeopardized, out of a sheer love for causing bloodshed, Nui happily accepts her master's order to cast down her mortal shell/"sacrifice" herself to fuse with the Primordial life Fiber, taking control over it and forming a kamui for Ragyo. Still cognizant, Nui expresses joy of being worn by her master now that she boosted her power to make a last ditch effort to annihilate humanity and then the planet and blow it up. However, Ryuko destroys the Kamui and the Primordial life Fiber, destroying Nui once and for all, to which her amster will then soon follow.

Mitigating Factors

Okay, I have seen people who give some Draco in leather pants Treatment to Nui. Okay, thankfully in her case people still acknowledge she is still a massively sadistic bitch unlike... some other PE but do believe she has an excuse of being raised by an abusive mother of... okay, I'll break my vow and refer Ragyo by her name and anyway, yes, they believe she is the way she is because she was raised abusively by Ragyo. yes, Ragyo is an abusive mother as we could see with both Ryuko and Satsuki, and ends up arguably the vilest Purely Evil abusive mom I know, but even regardless... the story doesn't even allude to it at all, in which the only thing we know of her backstory is "she was developed in an artificial womb of Life Fibers". She has no sympathetic trait and is just a loathsome dog kicking bitch by the story. Same reason why I have no problem with her comedic moments. Yeah, she places a goofy "cutie pie" girl persona, but all of Nui's humour is just dark comedy in nature, twisted and downright sadistic that is used to make her even more viler and the story basically uses the sadistic humour to truly establish Nui as a loathsome dog kicker. Nui's very introduction and the eventual reveal she was Isshin Matoi's killer changed the entire story of the series dramatically changed the tone to a darker more plot oriented series. Hell, I have heard some friends show concern on "what about the moment with her arms. That can be detracting" when that lead to her pretty terrifying breakdown and after that lead to her laughably Evil persona being more downplayed in comparison. Just to sum it up, show wants Nui to be a twisted and terrifying unholy lovechild of Frieza and Pinkie Pie and used dark humour to convey it.

Also have heard issues on moral agency, and yeah, she is a hybrid between humans and Life Fibers like Ryuko and Satsuki who have moral agency but unlike them, was made in an artificial womb, and I assume by this point we know what Life Fibers pretty much are. However truly, nothing proves she is actually Made of Evil or anything. What we know of her origins is just "she is a Life Fiber/human hybrid made in an artificial womb", as nothing establishes she is even a slave to her nature. Life Fibers are instinctual parasites, not highly personable and absolutely sadistic like Nui is. No one has the strange biology Nui has to truly compare and prove "Yeah, made of Evil". Hell, the fact that she is part human would help in her agency as Senketsu is good and is a being purely made up of Life Fibers. And yeah, she is pretty easily insane, but she isn't so insane that I am outright worried if she understand right and wrong and anyway she seems to grasp enough of reality and ethics to fake being the good-hearted Shinjirō Nagita, and honestly, we have approved much more insane characters like, you guessed it, the Joker. Has moral agency for me. Nothing explicitly states she doesn't.

Now the biggest issue I could potentially see, that she is genuinely loyal to Ragyo. They frequently tease each other, engage in long chats, throw colourful compliments each other, discuss long plans and of course, the gratuitous French they will engage at each other, and even "sacrifices" herself for Ragyo. But as told, it is very much twisted, I mean, Nui is the same psycho that told love and hate are 2 sides of the same coin and are the same so this is highly unexpected. Ultimately they are 2 major sadists feeding off each other with sexually-charged attitudes. This isn't redeeming for Ragyo as ultimately with all of this, she views Nui as just a valuable tool. Same with Nui. I don't think her relationship with Ragyo is any more redeeming and any seeming loyalty just amounts to simply being a fanatical rhetoric she uses to cause death and destruction. Nui's main motive is basically For the Evulz, being a major sadist who just wants to cause death and destruction and cause bloodshed to quote Harime "I go wherever I want to go, and no one can stop me." For the sake of For the Evulz sadistic pleasure, she will frequently screw Ryuko and Satsuki all behind Ragyo's back without making her have a say for it. This is made more during episode 22 when she decides to use the Junketsu incident to have Ryuko and her friends slaughter each other for pleasure, that lead to her being disarmed lol, and then was confronted by Ragyo's assistant Rei Hōōmaru, the only other person other that Ragyo is "amicable" or just treats well, calls her out for her wanton sadism and that it jeopardized Ragyo's plan and she must apologize to Ragyo for it. Nui in return, dropping her goofy persona for one of the few moment sin the series, coldly dismisses notions like that and threatens Rei's life for insinuating such ideas.

But let's be real, there needs to be more explanation for her final scene as if this causes any debate, it will be 100% because of that scene. One thing I will be clarifying, Nui does not quote on quote sacrifice herself, in both the dub and the sub. This idea came because the dub changed the original "Cast down your mortal body" line to "Sacrifice yourself". Even then, both versions have Nui destroying her mortal shell to fuse with the Primordial Life Fiber and taking control over it and was still cognizant in both versions, with nothing indicating those were her final moments of consciousness and truly died when Ryuko destroyed the Life Fiber. And ultimately, the motive for her decision is ultimately she loves destruction. Ragyo's plans of bloodshed and the annihilation of humanity, no... the destruction of the planet, was placed in jeopardy. Nui's main motive is as told, wanton sadist and a craving for pain and suffering, going behind Ragyo's back to just enjoy herself. Ragyo gave her the perfect opportunity to cause far more pain and suffering, even if it is the cost of her life, and ultimately is just a fusion dance for a simple power boost that Nui did as a last-ditch effort to cover the planet with Life Fibers and blow it up. Ultimately, I only find Nui's loyalty and relationship with Ragyo merely fanatical as she is the only one who enables Nui's sadism. And barring that... she lacks an other redeeming qualities, downright proud of her crimes so forget remorse. So truly has no actual redeeming qualities, no moral agency issues specified, her laughably evil moments rely on dark and twisted humour that strengthens how sadistic and cruel she is, honestly believe she is good to go.

Heinous Standards

Heinous standard I find no problem in. Like yeah, Ragyo is a very easy keep for Pure Evil for the fact that she raped and molested her oldest daughter since she was 5, mind raped her youngest by forcing her to wear Junketsu and be brainwashed to becoming her ruthless servant, and either raped her or implanted memories of it (don't worry, this is not a hentai and actually has plot and substance and doesn't even show nipples for a start to be as far away from that as possible), and then her ultimate plan is to feed all of humanity as energy sources for the Life Fibers and have them consumed, then have the Life Fibers and consume the entire planet and cover it that will ultimately culminate in the entire planet blowing up to spread the Life Fibers all across the cosmos and Ragyo uses this to spread the life Fibers all across the world, sacrificing nearly all of Honno town in order to begin the apocalypse and has a brainwashing method that requires using the Life Fibers to directly hijack the brain.

Nui is still easily the most heinous villain, barely behind Ragyo, being about the same level, and is definitely worse than every other villain. Nui happily assists Ragyo solely for the sake of sadism and bloodlust and cannot wait for the blood that will be shed, and as a result, her assistance goes in far too deep that she ends up giving herself a Donald Pierce situation in which the villains assistance is so important that their master wouldn't be able to commit atrocious acts without them. All of Ragyo's acts that isn't molesting Satsuki and the original hit against Soichiro all wouldn't be able to happen without Nui with it being acknowledge that Ragyo's plan would've been outright endangered. The story does not downplay Nui's role in Ragyo's plan to annihilate humanity and is the only reason why she came as close as she did. She was the one who is responsible for a bulk of the production of REVOCS clothing, which all contain Life Fibers, all across the planet and sell them to every human in the planet. It was her own 2 hands that made the COVERS that Ragyo uses to engulf humanity. When the Primordial Life Fiber is damaged and Ragyo severely injured, Nui fuses with Ragyo in order to make a last ditch-attempt to succeed in the very destructive endgame. Nui places herself in too vital a position to be dismissed as a mere cog in the scheme and is why Ragyo went as far as she did, and she wouldn't have come so close had it not been for Nui, and Nui knows this and does all of this out of sheer excitement for the carnage, with her role in the near annihilation of humanity never being downplayed. She's about as culpable as Ragyo for nearly ushering the apocalypse.

Alongside that, Nui has other cruelties. One, she is the most key player in the entire Junketsu incident. She is the one who, using her seamstress skills, hijacks Ryuko's brain to make her wear Junketsu against her will, which was what all lead to the Mind Rape, and raped Ryuko alongside her mother, or implanted memories of it so literally mind-rape her, and then makes Ryuko her brainwashed slave and sends her to kill all of her friends and allies, and then when she is freed, tried to make Ryuko and her friends slaughter each other. She also personally murdered Ryuko's father in sadistic ways and frequently uses it to taunt Ryuko and provoke her, not even using the "Always Follow Orders" excuse and takes sadistic pride in it and wants to be the only one to be receiving the blame, and had a horrifically sadistic method of trying to kill Ryuko by revealing herself as her father's killer to turn her into a rampaging monster/unholy demon, threatening the lives of innocents all across the school as a result and nearly driving Ryuko into nearly dying from blood loss. She easily passes the standards and surpasses most villains and is only barely behind Ragyo, her master, even if Satsuki Kiryūin is a ruthless tyrant responsible for many executions, then again, it is actually ambiguous of many of them actually died, and even regardless, Nui is still bounds worse than her.

Final Verdict

Ultimately a solid yes. My biggest issue would be her relationship with Ragyo but honestly I feel its more fanatical than genuinely loyal and serves Ragyo as she enables her sadism and bloodlust. Now off to la creme de la creme.