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Note: This proposal will have multiple mentions of the term from you know what wiki, but in here, they are kinda relevant. Read the proposal in your own discretion if such thing does annoys you.

The guy who proposes this villain in the NPE wiki is proposing him here. Thank you for having a high heinous standard TMNT 2012, when I say nobody else can count for PE and NPE anymore, I mean it!!! Seriously, 4 PE's, excluding this guy also, 7 NPE's, 5 of 'em who don't even fail the heinous standard. Good riddance to you my psychological torturer, I will be moving on to other heinosu standards.

I am a contributor to both Villains Wiki and the Near Pure Evil wiki and have been suggesting candidates for a long time. I always want to make sure my preventions for certain villains are truly valid when proposing them by giving evidence, and for this guy, it is that the crime one villian I proposed are very heinous on their own, but have been done before. However, even by that, I have been rather on the fence about him if he actually fails the heinous standard than I thought it is. Well, if they have the world actually end up being destroyed, of course this kids show not as dark as it's previous iteration will have a high heinous standard, an arguably higher one even despite the previous one having the most evil villain in TMNT history imo and many others also.

What is the Work?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a 2012 CGI-animated show that aired on Nickelodeon (okay, NickToons for the last 16 episodes) which is another adaptation of the 1980's pretty violent comic book series by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman (the latter who voiced a recurring character and wrote an entire episode even in this one), following the 1987 animated series that popularized it into being a goofy ids franchise that helped in making a dark but very popular 1990 movie and its 2 sequels that resemble the original Mirage Comics, and a 2003 animated series that is based around the 1990 film's tone which Laird loved. This series served as an amalgamation of all of them, inheriting the sheer goofiness of 1987 while keeping the darker tone of the 2003 series whenever it calls for it. It follows 4 turtle siblings, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo and their adventures after they were mutated when their master and adoptive father, Hamato Yoshi, who became this version of Splinter like the '87 series rather than his master, who was lonely after a love triangle between him, his wife and his adoptive brother lead to a battle that destroyed his clan, his wife (which was an accident on Shredder's part) and him thinking his own infant daughter died, who was actually raised by Shredder both out of love for Tang Shen and to spite Splinter. Now, they are dealing with many threats such as the adoptive brother, the people responsible for their mutation, some enemies who are connected to either of these 2 villains one way or another, and some unrelated villains also.

The fifth and final season, called Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is Nick's way of saying this is more divided into mini arcs rather than overarching narratives like the previous 4 seasons, and more importantly, this season was made to cash in on the popularity, are a series of a couple of arcs as told dealing with multiple threats for a couple of episodes after Shredder kills Splinter and Leonardo kills him by going for the head (see Thor), such as beginning with the Satan that pissed even the Shredder off out of disgust, my least favourite villain returning, some guy that actually made me glad I actually thought Season 4 was the end as young me would've been traumatized, the flashback episode dealing with the robot army with worse grammar than what we see on the internet that was dealt with for 3 seasons, and a finale which follows us seeing 1987 Shredder and Krang who is somehow is made to forget that in the previous crossover, was someone exiled from this dimension for his stupidity, as prducers thought rightfully that the one in which Leo went crazy after being mutated twice (and has a stupid name) was way too dark to end the show like that.

So there's the Kavaxas saga, World's Collide, the Yojimbo arc, Lone Rats and Cubs which Eastman wrote, Raphael: Mutant Apocalypses arc, Wanted: Bebop and Rocksteady arc, I am missing something. There's the monsters arc in which it sees the return of some goat who had 2 previous incarnations that are PE, and his plan to take over the 10 dimensions and Time & Space, and employing the legendary monsters to do that. He ain't the one proposing though, as rarely any of his crimes are taken with enough gravity to be called heinous, and one attack, which our candidate also participates in greatly, is even remotely heinous generally considering the method but doesn't pass the standards of the show as so many villains did the same. The candidate is the second monster he employed (and the third the Turtles fought), and he did so much more without Romero's orders.

Who is the Villain and What Did He Do?

Count Vlad Dracula is the secondary antagonist of the Monsters arc. He is the count of Transylvania who is actually a vampire in secret. Using his wolves, Dracula lures his victims to his castle where he bites them on the neck and drinks their blood and then keeps the bodies in his basement to rot. That is also if the bite isn't to make sure he brainwashes anyone into being an evil vampire after a few hours, and then become a full vampire when he bites another person's neck to bring him to the Count's control. This made Transylvania a very dangerous place in the 17th century and he became a legendary monster, to which Romero was impressed by to recruit him on his new plan to take over not only time & space, but the 10 dimensions also.

Dracula makes a cameo appearance in the first episode of the arc, "The Curse of Savanti Romero", hiding in the shadows within NYC before the attack on the city begins, in which he lets his werewolves go loose and bite people, who will then be brainwashed into being evil vampires to his will and bring other people by biting others. During the chaos, April O' Neil and Casey Jones were bitten also and the evil vampires swarm the Turtles but Renet saves them, who then tells when she accidentally freed Romero from his imprisonment in the prehistoric age, the Cretaceous period I think. Anyway, so they travel back in time to foil Romero's plan on recruiting the monsters.

After failing to stop Romero from recruiting the Mummy from ancient Egypt in the previous episode, in "Crypt of Dracula" Renet and the Turtles go to Transylvania in the 17th century to stop Romero from recruiting Dracula and kill Dracula also. However, near some swamp, Dracula has his werewolves attack them. During the attack, he appears as a scary figure that attacked Raph and bit him on the neck. Following the attack and in the day, he reappears again, trying to trick the Turtles to not go into the abandoned village as it was killed by the plague, but Renet refuses, to which Raph, who claims eh heard that voice before, is hypnotized by him to convince them, and his presence made his condition deteriorate quickly. Dracula then returns to the castle where Romero, who tricks him into being a servant of the Devil (hmmmm, pretty sure he is referring to Kavaxas, wouldn't you agree?) and that his time has come if he doesn't do whatever he says. Dracula refuses due to his egotistical nature but Romero shines ultraviolent light at him to which he burns and Dracula begs Romero to stop as he now becomes a member of the team.

Following a battle with the Wolfman, who is actually Vulko, the gypsy who was allied with the Turtles, was defeated when a silver coin negates his transformation and returns back to normal, Dracula then grabs Esmeralda and plans to bite her neck, but Vulko then pierces the Count's foot with a wooden stake before Leo plans to shoot another one at the head (man, seriously Thor be like Leo you boastful god. Man, he really loves to go for the head after the events of "Owari") but vampire Raph saves the day as he grabs the stake and crushes it as he becomes a vampire finally, and the master and minion escape to the castle, where they are lured to the castle's basement, which is filled by a horrifying amount of skeletons from Dracula's victims as they battle through there, making them go further and further into the basement filled with death o which Raph asks his master if he can suck his brother's blood, to which the Count allows, which creeps out Mickey. Donnie then saves his brothers by using his staff that emits ultraviolent light that burns his face, forcing him and Raph to ward off. Later the mummy removes the silver coin inside Vulko and transforms him back into the Wolfman as the gang now goes to Germany in the late 19th century while the remaining Turtles and their allies are left to try figuring out a way to free Raph before going to when they are heading to also.

In the next episode, "The Frankenstein's Experiment", Dracula is first seen helping Romero manipulating/forcing Igor to bring them to his master, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, the scientist who succeeded bringing dead back to life through the form of Frankenstein's monster. Then a bored Raph then asks his new master if he can suck the blood of humans as his tired of drinking the blood of spiders and rats, to which Dracula assures him later, they will have a real feast, to which an impatient Romero scolds them for holding up his plan, much to Dracula's displeasure as he threatens to not anger or provoke him. Raph then informs about the arrival of his brothers and Renet and asks if he can volunteer with the Mummy on annihilating them, to which Dracula allows as he tells him to torture and torment them to make sure they suffer slowly with the Mummy's magic, in which he gives them nightmare sequences as psychological torment as he and Savanti go to Frankenstein's castle as he brainwashes him that Romero was a human scientist so they can help create the monster. The Turtles also help Dr. Frankenstein as they both work together to create the monster so they can have his trust on creating a cure for vampirism to cure Raph, which is a mixture that contains vampire blood that will only work if he hasn't bitten an innocent human.

Everyone then watches as the storm helps in creating Frankenstein's monster, much to Dr. Frankenstein's disgust of how he turned out, much to the monster's sadness as he viewed him as a father, to which Mikey calls him 'Frank' and tries to get to him, but Dracula used this as an opportunity by brainwashing the scientist to have the monster attack the Turtles to which a battle ensues and Donnie frees Dr. Frankenstein from Dracula's control by shocking him electrically. Soon a fire breaks out and now, the fight has officially started as he duels with Leo, telling he needs more training.

Later, he is seen going up to Mike and Dr. Frankenstein, who are trying to get to the monster as Dr. Frankenstein says he is his creation, not a monster, but Drac came and tries to further manipulate the monster that he is indeed a monster and that he will be forever accepted if he joins them and has him deny the request for help his father figure is now asking and leave him out to be dead. Soon an explosion happens and Frankenstein's monster ends up near to Romero's gang, to which Dracula brainwashes him to join the team now as they all head for New York City.

Now in "Monsters Among Us!" (HeYy, YoU gOt It? Nah, forget it), the Turtles, even Raph, who is tied up and has garlic on his neck, and Renet return to NYC as it currently is, in mass chaos thanks to Savanti and Dracula with humans as vampires and loads of werewolves all roaming the city and hide in secret. Raph then gives his location to the bats and wolves, forcing them to flee to their sewer lair, to where they find out ways to defeat Savanti Romero and Dracula and cure the city of all the monsters, but Raph then gets free thanks to hypnotizing Mikey. In St. Patrick's Cathedral where the horde is based, Dracula sends April and Casey who claim have useful information on the whereabouts of the enemies to which Romero sends them, Frankenstein's monster and a horde of vampires to go to where they are located and eliminate the threat they pose. During the attack, Donnie also starts becoming under Dracula's control thanks to April. Despite the success of the attack with Donnie being a part of the plan now, and the enemies fleeing, there was still problems. Internal problems.

The conflicts between Savanti Romero and Count Dracula have been escalading as their plans weren't okay with each other as it didn't meet Dracula's expectations and was given the Time Scepter by Raph, who fails to use it properly for himself much to Romero's mockery, causig it to escalade that far as Dracula's selfish ego leads to him betraying Romero as he seeks to take over the 10 dimensions himself and plans to use the Time Scepter to bite the early humans to replace every human present with evil vampire servants (like 2003 Romero's plan but humanity is replaced, not erased), to which Romero angrily sends the Mummy to kill him for his betrayal, to which Dracula murders him in cold-blood using his powers. Despite Dracula's betrayal to take over the multiverse himself, they both are still forced to work with each other to at least finish off their common enemies, who managed to bring Frankenstein's monster out of Dracula's control as they got through him and now the tides are tipped against their favour, to which they both battle using the Time Scepter, but thanks to Mikey being Mikey, the battle ends up going through different time periods such as ancient Egypt until the Cretaceous period before it damaged, much to the annoyance of Romero and Dracula, especially Romero since he hates his prison more than he hates Renet. Dracula then attacks the Turtles while Romero fixes the Time Scepter, but Mickey then uses Donnie's staff of protection to give him one of the most brutal deaths I have seen in a kids show, which painfully cures everyone infected with vampirism. Due to Dracula's vile betrayal, Savanti wasn't saddened by his death as he said he was a jerk before being defeated and is now left in the Cretaceous period, where he is soon eaten by a dinosaur.

Mitigating Factors

Once, Dracula was listed as a scapegoat. Brutal death =/= Scapegoat. On it's own, having such a brutal death in which your are impaled and then your flesh is burned entirely and reveals the skeleton which quickly fall apart to which your boss step on your remains and says "Well, he was a jerk." in such a cold tone may seem pitiful to be given a scapegoat status. but then you have to look at what all he did, that such horrific fate was what he deservedly got coming due to how many people he killed with sadistic delight, the fact that he pitted brothers against each other and planned to betray his master to take over Tim & Space and the multiverse all by himself makes it very deserving.

He also seems to be rather friendly with his minions, but then again, any friendly moment is just a façade for his manipulation as Dracula doesn't care about his evil servants as their own persons, just that they are perfect tools for him and that they boost his ego. After all, not being a bad boss doesn't exactly mean you aren't PE for a clear reason, pragmatic villainy. That too, he is still a rather bad boss as basically, his minions are basically bitten by him and brainwashed into being evil servants for him. He may seem to not be a bad boss but with this is in mind, he actually is, just like with Kraang Prime.

Anything else? Some guy did say he respects the Turtles and compliments them. I don't remember any of them happening so it is just false information. Plus, you have no idea how many PE villains have complimented the heroes., the freaking Utrom Shredder compliments Leonardo in the 2003 tv series also to tell and he is in my most evil list at the top spots. Either way, he was still trying to kill them in dishonorable ways, haivng them fight their own allies, even their own brothers also, which is basically each other. There is no honor, with the final episode revealing he is loyal only to himself, betraying Romero to have the power all for himself. Moral agency issues, not shown, plus, if he did have such issues, he wouldn't be able to act not evil to persuade the Turtles and Renet to not go to the abandoned village. Overall, Dracula has no care for others, no genuine affableness, no honor, no insecurity, no moral agency issues, no good intentions, never portrayed in a positive light. He has no mitigating factors like this to not be Pure Evil on his own.

Heinous Standard

You see, the reason I thought he was NPE is that he doesn't stand out in the show's actually very high heinous standard, even though he is extremely heinous on his own. You can find his crimes of multiple murders, mass brainwashing, pretty much a genocide, a plan to take over the multiverse, they are pretty much done already multiple times before he appears.

  • Shredder: First we got the big bad. Wow, he's worse than the 1990 film franchise version and look at the top right corner in that page, I mean, only you know who surpasses him and heavily, but it still doesn't say much. He has ruined his adoptive brother's wife by unintentionally killing his wife, which saddens him also on the death only, the fact that Yoshi's life was ruined was a satisfaction on him, yet despite his sadness, blames it on Yoshi instead, then even took his own daughter and raised her to be his alone by doing what Shredder's adoptive father did to him, lie about his heritage and cover up the truth of his deceased parent, and turning her against Yoshi to which he claims that after he kills Splinter, she well go through her life cursing her name. Then for his incompetence, he coldly mutates Baxter Stockman into a fly and over here, mutations are presented as bad as death here. Later, he planned to use Karai as bait so he can bait Splinter's adoptive turtle sons to be mutated into snakes, a rat's biggest predator, to shatter his spirit, so he can kill him there, and was willing to agree to help the Kraang to take over and mutate most of New York City and then the world, to which he literally admits he doesn't care about humanity, and then cripples Leonardo for 8 episodes also and then taunts such incident to Splinter by comparing it to when he took his adoptive daughter coldly, before early killing him in which that incident made his spirit be detached from his body and Splinter's body went animalistic. He also mutated Ivan Sterenko and Anton Zeck out of spite for Karai's escape. He then later captures Karai, then brainwashes Raph and some of the Turtle's allies and pit them against each other, then perfect it so Karai can be brainwashed to his control and be evil again (not again). Seems bad enough, hmmm, let's add in some shocking betrayal when he murders Splinter right before he can even save the world, coldly saying "The Earth can be destroyed for all I care, I have finally won." that 14 episodes later, it was reversed. In the original timeline, he actually indirectly shares the blood of all of the Earth with 2 other villains I will get to. Later, he mutates himself and becomes insane, going through a brutal rampage o kill Splinter and the Turtles, kidnapping Karai and chaining her, then printed out pictures of Splinter and Shredder's loved ones and burn them all alive to psychologically attack Splinter. The mutation however was just that unstable that they needed a stabilizer, a stabilizer that artificially sheds his redeeming qualities, so taunting her mother's death as you kill a teenage girl trained in ninjutsu and severely injures her, check. And then, murder said girl's father, the deuteragonist of the first 4 stories, his own adoptive brother also, permanently, also check. Seriously, if this is the guy that plunged himself and Kavaxas back into the Netherworld as revenge for his disgusting crimes, it says alot.
  • Kraang Prime: Some may say some PE AI that is not Skynet (it's Ultron actually) is the vilest villain of the lot, and while I do disagree, although perfectly understand as I will get to him. Truly imo, it is the series' bigger bad. The alien chewing gum responsible for human evolution brainwashed most of his race into being evil mindless copies of himself for eons at most in Dimension X time, that it tainted the reputation of a rather peaceful race to which after dealing with the Kraang, Sal Commander and Mona Lisa claim there is no good Utrom, just bad ones like the Kraang. And yes, another Utrom PE, which succeeded on his future plan also. And when he appeared, he crushed any competition on heinous standard as he planned to planetary mutate, or terraform (hmm seen this somewhere else in 2013) the Earth into Dimension X, which has an atmosphere lethal to Earth-creatures alike. He then returns, having a project that switches the minds between humans and Kraang to initiate another invasion that led to most of New York being horrifyingly mutated into being similar to Dimension X, and to tell you, the mutated human from the stabilized mutagen, have their entire personalities killed when it happens, regaining it after the mutation, and has them transferred to Dimension X where they are enslaved over there to mine in resources. Once done with mutating the entire Earth, he will do the same to other planets as his ultimate goal is to mutate every dimension and subjugate it. And if the planet opposes them and there is no way for them to have a chance to succeed in taking over the planet, he has them destroyed. I mean, wouldn't you agree Triceratons, oh, 95% of you are basically killed by a blackhole and the other 5% is stuck with the 2 worst of its kind, which basically cements his high kill count. That too, in one way or another, which is the mutagen or the Kraang, many villains, even another PE villain, ended up being evil in the first place, or like Shredder and Newtralizer, even more. he stands as the worst to me, even in TMNT in general, only the Utrom Shredder only crushes him because, well, he's the Utrom Shredder.
  • Rat King: Not convinced the heinous standard is high? Can't believe you won't think about it. Let us introduce you to the show's first truly heinous villain, the Rat King. Originally Dr. Victor Falco, following his employment by the Kraang, Falco was rather obsessed with the mutagen and psychic powers that he mutated his own colleague into a mutant monkey to extract a neurochemical that grants him psychic powers, and treated him horribly, went as far to put him in a cage. Bro, he is a human!! (Well, maybe even Koba is both conflicted or not about this now) HE got rightfully shunned by the scientific community and the Kraang even fired him, to which he experiments on sewer rats and then succeeds in permanently getting psychic powers, just that they are only on rats and finds out they also are sentient beings. Things went horrible as he still brainwashes them to his will and experiment and mutate them also, but the icing on the cake is when he wants to commit genocide on humanity, his own race. And sicne Splinter is a rat and he is the Rat King, good news, through many creepy mind rapes, the Rat King succeeds on brainwashing him to kill his own adoptive sons. Wow, really, wow. His actions on Splinter has haunted him so much he ends up hallucinating him when stuck at the very area his "resting place" was following his final battle with Splinter when the Rat King mutated some rats into being giants to drag humans from the street, even a little girl and some teenagers, to mutate them permanently into being human-rat hybrid mutants like Splinter so eh can brainwash them and unlike his genocide on humanity, his plans go beyond NYC, it goes to the world. And when one test subject was horribly mutated into a pure failure, the Rat King coldly brushes it off by saying not all experiments are successes. Wow, and also, to escape Splinter, he basically sacrificed 100's of rats he knows are sapient with no remorse also. If this is the show's first truly heinous villain, convinced now that the heinous standard is high? Definitely deserved to be the first villain to die.
  • Tiger Claw: not really to be brought up here though, however, Tiger Claw went far once to kill both of his own parents. However though, it is offscreen and not explicitly told also, although, then again, the fact they indirectly mention it countless times that this was the picture and it indeed happened and is why Alopex turned on him on the first place, and one of the indirectly stating Tiger Claw committed parricide moments is when Alopex says he is the only family she has left and spares him to the point where he even attempted to kill his won sister from the back after this, to which she ends up slicing his arm instead. Much better example though.
  • Pizza Face: Never can be NPE though, but none of them include the heinous standard. No, he is easily one of the most messed up villains in the show, and he has as much resources as the Rat King, which are very very very low. Yeah, following his mutation when he was planning to create a new recipe (seriously though, even if Mikey wasn't ever aware of the mutagen, eh would try something as stupid as that), he makes pizza that brainwashes the consumers to his will to which he has some of them help him make calzones which has the other customers he brainwashed where he even covers them with tomato sauce and the dough so he can eat them all alive. Some of the brainwashed customers include that same little girl the Rat King took. Wow, be glad I didn't do it, but writing that, I should've. Next.
  • Kavaxas: I've seen 0% Approval Ratings before, but seriously, even the freaking Shredder hates him. He basically has the highest onscreen permanent kill count in the series of at least 9, 2 of which eh horrifying swallows their souls, 2 he burns alive with his fire powers, 5 people who definitely aren't ninjas or mutants nor have the plot armor to survive being tossed around from such a height. This is basically why he barely counts as PE, the permanent onscreen kill count, and his end of the world is taken worse as due to his genocidal take over the world by having his demon army raze it, Tiger Claw called a truce on the Turtles and never became enemies with him and the freaking Shredder sacrificed his life as he tells that he has no place on the world to stop him and get revenge for brainwashing him and Rahzar to his will to use them as disposable pawns after resurrecting them, I forgot that. And also, he planned to take over all the 10 dimensions, i.e the multiverse, since his method of conquering Earth was through a genocidal take over, you will wonder how he will take over the multiverse then. Hmmm, my yes went from a rather very weak to definite yes
  • Overmind: I don't blame people actually if they say Overmind is the vilest, he definitely has the highest attempted kill count, just Prime had more size or scale on his plans. To think idiot me once thought he failed the heinous standard, he is an easy yes. When he gained sentience, he murdered most of the crew of the Space Station he was created on to which the survivors had to shut him down. When reactivated, he zaps Fugitoid as he overrides his conscious and turns him against the Turtles to use him and his ship as vessels to continue what he wanted to do before being shut down, wipe out every organic life in the universe and override the programming of every mechanical life and hijack and take control of them, betraying Armaggon just for being an organic despite them both working together to kill the Turtles, April and Casey, before bounding them before roboticizing them into being drones for him to take control of. No one is safe from him. And he is a one-shot, sorry, he appeared in the second half of the episode only, so, half-shot antagonist, and he did this much?
  • Emperor Zanmoran: Remember when I told the Earth once got destroyed? It was done by the Triceraton Empire and he himself has ordered it in order to wipe out his old enemy, Kraang Prime and his minions, not caring about the innocent lives that are indeed present that the Kraang are taking advantage of to even plan on having Earth as their secret base, all because he wants to conquer Dimension X out of power hunger than genuine goodness that it is ruled over by a worse being, and presumably Salamandria also considering the Empire and Salamandria are at war with each other. And then he is uniquely placed on this list as he forces his prisoners to fight each other, even to the death, for his own amusement. And when he stopped the Turtles' execution as he was impressed by their ninjutsu skills, I wonder if the prisoners we see being forced to fight each other are really the unlucky ones and not the prisoners who may have been actually immediately executed. And when another member of the Triceraton Empire, Zeno, calls him out for his dishonor and hypocrisy, Zanmoran has him forced to fight others also.
  • Admiral, sorry, Captain Mozar: With more episodes to appear in, Mozar has the ability to actually do worse than his master. He is the one who executed Zanmoran's orders to destroy the Earth, responsible for the deaths of Kraang Prime and Subprime, which is not out of goodness but out of simple revenge, then in order to extract information, he plans to have Mikey's psyche sliced, diced and removed from the brain, which was so horrific that one of his own men objected by stating it is only meant for the worst of their criminals, which shows as it backfired horribly. And as told, he successfully destroyed the Earth, and now the heroes are in a 14 episode long arc to prevent it from happening in the past. Later, he was seen finding the first piece of the tool he used to destroy the Earth, and the atmosphere of the planet where it was located was toxic as it causes a huge negativity that he ends up threatening to murder his own men also. After his success and promotion, Mozar comes face to face again with the Turtles, he ahs them executed by slowly suffocating them to death in the airlock so he can watch them suffer, when it backfired as they use a trick Splinter told them, he opens the airlock fully before ordered by Zanmoran to stop. Then in his later appearance after getting 2 pieces, Mozar wanted revenge and to redeem himself, and has a merciless attack on them, sending rock missiles capable of destroying planets, many fighter jets, and even planned on using an illegal virus in 2000 star systems, to which some other poor soul informed, to which he threatens to send him with the missile, you know, launching him into space and kill him, to which the soldier is forced to back down. Then in his next appearance, Mozar accepts a deal with Dregg, who will be discussed later, on giving him money in exchange for the third and final piece of the weapon, and Dregg was willing to keep it, but Mozar coldly betrays him by having him thrown into the cold vacuum of space when he outlived his usefulness (but somehow survived tho), and that was after he caused to a supernova to murder Tokka, who was lucky to be that strong to survive. Finding out the truth of the recent enemies, he takes much more sadism to destroy the Earth as he knew he won once, and with the Timer destroyed, he planned to destroy NYC so he can activate the weapon from the remains. Till this day, he remains as one of the most relentless villain the Turtles have faced, abusing his own men by threatening to have them killed and all. So much for his own planet being destroyed then.
  • Lord Dregg: This guy is no better also. It was because of him Overmind was even reactivated as he wants petty revenge on the Turtles, and in order to get pieces of the weapon the Triceratons are looking for, and planned to have all the Daagons, the species guarding the second piece, be wiped out by his minions if he doesn't get the piece. In order to have more revenge as his plan to get the second piece absolutely failed, he decides to take it to the heart by having Salamandria taken hostage so Sal Commander and Mona Lisa ca betray their own friends to crush their souls, before secretly sending his army to devour everyone in it. Yeesh, and yeah, he was pretty much aware of the destructiveness of the weapon I talked about as it is indeed for petty revenge against the turtles, asking Mozar to blow up a star to save his skin. The betrayal Dregg got may actually be an MEH for Mozar's case, but Dregg still deserved what he got, until they thought it was even a good idea to bring him back as due to his actions, Salimandria and Sectoid 1 are in a war, and invades Earth, planning to put every human on the planet on a fate far worse than death by using them as living eggsacs, and it really is a fate far worse than death as they were in constant pain. He is the definition of petty in this show.

You see the point, the standards are rather high. That is also excluding someone like Za-Naron, who negatively influenced April into going berserk, murdering Donnie to the point April treats him better following that incident (we don't get those moments like we had in the second episode of Season 3, thank you Za-Naron) and by that, the Turtles and Casey are willing to kill their own friend as they think April is gone following what happened and planned to destroy all of humanity because iT iS cOrRuPt. Well, thank Shredder for that, or Jei, who razed whole villages looking for Kintaro, to which he plans to use him as his ultimate vessel compared to the other bodies of living beings he possessed to immortalize himself and brainwashing the Turtles to his control. Or Newtralizer, who damaged Sal Commander so hard he took his eye, and then was committing a brutal attacks to attempt a genocide on the Kraang and it was way too undeserving for them, especially after the truth of their past was revealed, and then the Utroms themselves for seemingly no reasons at all, willing to kill his partner and destroy NYC to achieve his goal on destroying the Kraang, and that is excluding that time when he sadistically ate a Kraang alive and whole.

And yes, Now I really mean it when I say it is goddamn high by the time he appears. It is to list does Dracula really stand out? I mean, I thought he really didn't. Trust me. Brainwashing, been there done that. I mean after all, the Rat King did it, the Shredder did it, Pizza Face did it, Kraang Prime did it, Kavaxas did it and Jei did it all before him. The multiple murders, there's Kavaxas, Jei, Kraang Prime and Overmind. (I mean permanent to tell, so Mozar and Zanmoran don't count) Taking over the goddamn multiverse. Not Savanti Romero as his plan wasn't taken with any gravity to be called heinous. We are now just left with Kavaxas and Kraang Prime, who also have rather similar methods. So, then I thought of points on why it may not actually be a valid prevention as I once thought.

  1. Drac's actions are worse than Shredder's, Pizza Face's and the Rat King's, and also Dregg, Zanmoran and Mozar arguably. His plans are just bigger in scale compared to them, hell even Overmind's as he seeks to go towards and take over all of time and space by transforming every human into an evil vampire and then in everywhere else also.
  2. The brainwashing he puts through is also uniquely vile compared to them, as he has to cause physical pain to the victims to take control of them and then transform them. While the Rat King did it also and planned to make it spread throughout humanity, one thing separates it, as Drac also wants to achieve it by having to time travel back to the age of the Early humans to bite all of them so every human is replaced by vampires compared to simply mutating some people in the present and having them spread. Now Drac has some uniqueness compared to him as his is more systematic, by going after the source of the humans after the primates were mutated by the Kraang to transform the branches, which are the humans in the present. And with his plan to take over all the 10 dimensions, he would do it to the rest also, so his may go bigger in scale also.
  3. The multiple murders are done before, but to be honest, Drac's are unique as it is done as a serial killer rather than a terrorist, which is generally more twisted, especially for shows airing on Nickelodeon. That too, his kill count is the second largest compared to them, only behind Prime to further distinguish. While you can say he still doesn't stand out as his kill count isn't as big as Prime's, I also thought so too, then I remembered how the kill counts were presented.
    • Dracula: A horrifying bunch of skeletons filling up the rather huge basement of his castle as the heroes go through it on the castle.
    • Prime: We see the planet being swallowed and the mothership being the only survivor. However, we do not also see the Triceratons present in the planet swallowed by the Blackhole Generator along with the planet and is just said the Mothership was the only survivor as the rest didn't.
    • So to explain, Drac's kill count isn't as high as Prime's nor did it be a final straw to the point where a third party planet is brought into this mess and destroyed, but it is presented in a much more twisted and horrifying manner for a kid's show that makes it uniquely vile.
  4. Then there is also his endgame to rule the multiverse. Romero's definite plan wasn't stated to make it heinous enough, so no. What we think is Kavaxas' method on conquering the 10 dimensions are way too different to be comparable. So there's Kraang Prime. Their plans are rather similar. Both want to horribly transform everyone in the multiverse into beings so they can subjugate them. However, Drac's plan is by biting early humans and the early inhabits of everywhere else to brainwash them into his evil servants, Prime's plan was to mutate everyone in the multiverse in which the victim's personality is liked killed after it. Same foundation but other than that, they are equally terrible but in different ways as Prime wants everyone to not have a personality and just become empty shells to be subjugated on, Dracula wants every nice guy there is forced into become vile villains against their will to serve him. You see the point, now they really aren't able to be easily comparable now.

Overall, Dracula actually passes the heinous standard as while his actions are done by others before, they are presented in a uniquely vile way to stand out compared to the rest and overall is worse than most villains in the series.

Final Verdict

Tentative Yes. Funny thing, the entire NPE community expected Douma, All For One, Enmu, Dabi, Muscular (reproposal) and Mevia to have great potential to be Pure Evil and will have proposals of their own, but none of them were the one from the wiki proposed first, instead, it is another Dracula, may be more funny if he ends up approved also.