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A delusional scumbag of a dark priest.

I had to-- I had to! Prune the weak, or all the Carja in Shadow are doomed!
~ The moment this guy clearly never learns from his mistakes.

Another proposal for the Horizon series, and this one's an interesting case: Bahavas. After Ted Faro's proposal was a success, I decided to propose this guy. With that being said, let's begin.

What's the Work?

Horizon is an action-adventure role-playing video game series created by Guerrilla Games, with their initial release in 2017 being Horizon Zero Dawn and later its DLC The Frozen Wilds. The series' success spawned a comic series, a board game, as well as the 2022 video game Horizon Forbidden West and the upcoming PSVR2 game Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

It centres on Aloy, a Nora Brave who was cast out from the tribe for her entire life, who later ventures the post-post-apocalyptic world set in the 31st Century, which is now ruled by the Machines. She later goes on an adventure to find out why she was considered as an outcast to the tribe, as well as the state of the current world. However, Aloy's search for answers later unlocked long-lost answers that she is hoping for, but not for the expected reasons, and it will forever change her.

Who is He?/What He Has Done?

Bahavas is a minor antagonist in Horizon Zero Dawn. He is one of Jiran's loyalists, and a member of the splinter Carja tribe known as the Shadow Carja, as well as one of the Shadow Carja Sun-Priests. He is, in reality, one of the de facto ruling powers of the splinter tribe, along with Helis, as Itamen is a puppet leader, where he and the rest hold him and his mother Nasadi hostage in Sunfall.

After the Liberation of Meridian, Bahavas, along with Helis and all of Jiran's loyalists would be exiled in Meridian and later reside in Sunfall to create the splinter tribe, as well as bringing Itamen and Nasadi, with both of them installing the young boy as the puppet leader of the tribe, and later holding them captive.

Despite Bahavas and Helis' plans to target Meridian and retake the throne by force, they found themselves inadequate with the necessary firepower needed to do so, until one fateful day, where a mysterious man known as Sylens encounters them. From there, Bahavas and Helis, as well as the latter's Kestrel army would soon do a meeting with the wanderer, with Sylens later introducing the Buried Shadow to the group as Carja's own Devil, which in reality is the rogue 21st-Century AI HADES, as means to target Meridian and the entirety of Sundom.

Unknown to HADES' actual goal of targetting the Spire in the Alight, an ancient MINERVA broadcast tower, in an attempt to awaken the FARO machines that have been buried for centuries, Bahavas and Helis would soon struck a deal with Sylens, leading to the creation of the Eclipse.

While Helis leads the Eclipse, Bahavas would lead the Shadow Carja as a de facto leader, where he is infamous for his acts of human culling, as he sees the old and weak, as well as the young, as nothing more than them being incapable for the Shadow Carja's cause, and needed to be eliminated by any means necessary. Such action would later come true, when he hired an assassin to kill several tribespeople in Shadowside, the squalor area of Sunfall, through poisoning, but that would be soon foiled by Uthid, one of the more honourable members of the tribe's military.

After Uthid captured the said assassin responsible for the deaths in the Shadowside, Bahavas would secretly release the said assassin. From there, Bahavas and the Kestrels would soon betray Uthid by placing a bounty on his head, forcing the Shadow Carja Captain to escape Greenclimb, since Uthid was the one who knew about the culling perpetrated by Bahavas.

Bahavas would soon plan to assassinate Itamen, as a form of a warning call, in an attempt to take over the leadership and become the splinter tribe's leader. From there, in one of the meetings with bounty hunters, Bahavas would soon declare a reward of 500 metal shards to those who can find and kill Uthid in front of them.

However, his ultimate downfall would come, when Aloy was later joined by Vanasha, a Carja spy, who plans to rescue Uthid in Greenclimb, as well as smuggling Itamen and Nasadi out of Sunfall and bringing them back to Meridian. From there, Aloy and Vanasha would soon confront the bounty hunters and later his own personal guards sent by Bahavas in Greenclimb, who were attempting to kill Uthid, but soon failed.

With Bahavas' men dead, leaving Bahavas himself, he defiantly stated to Uthid that his actions of culling the weak and old in Sunfall was done in order to prevent the splinter tribe's doom from happening, to which Uthid had enough of his criminal actions, before he was soon killed by the man he placed bounty on him. Bahavas' death would soon trigger a power vacuum, as various Sun-Priests wrangle for power in the wake of his death, allowing Vanasha and Aloy to rescue Itamen and Nasadi out.

Heinous Standards

Bahavas passes the heinous standards of the franchise. He is ruthless and dishonourable, if not outright corrupt, as he ordered the culling of the tribe's poor residing in Shadowside within Sunfall through an assassin he hired, as means to purge them out, whom he considers them as incapable for their cause of retaking Meridian and Sundom from Avad. He even released the assassin that Uthid had just caught, and later decided to betray him and his soldiers, since he knew Uthid was the one responsible for uncovering his actions. He even went so far in putting a bounty on Uthid's head and even planned to assassinate Itamen, as a warning sign.

When Bahavas later sent the bounty hunters and later his own personal guards to kill Uthid, this plan would soon collapse, when Aloy, Vanasha, and Uthid killed all of his men. In his desperate act to justify his acts to Uthid, Bahavas would remorselessly attempt to gloat as to how culling the weak within the tribe was the only way to make the Shadow Carja more powerful to achieve their own goal, before he was killed by him, without even showing any form of remorse.

Mitigating Factors

Absolutely none. Bahavas is purely corrupt and immoral, as he only cares about his deluded goal of retaking Meridian, and went so far in committing evil acts, such as the culling of poor people in Shadowside, to justify his own twisted reasoning. He has no moral agency issues, as all of his actions are done by choice and taken seriously, and he is aware with all of it.

In comparison, while Jiran is notably far more cruel as he was the main force behind Red Raids, he still had one redeeming factor and that is him having a degree of care towards Helis, whom at least ordered him to bury his deceased family in the Alight. Bahavas, on the other hand, has none of it, as he uses his occupation as a Sun-Priest and the de facto leader of the Shadow Carja to commit immoral acts, for the sake of justifying his own depraved cause.


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