Well happy new year everybody as we get ready tonight to say goodbye 2020. I decided to write a blog post that was on my mind.

so as we all know the category Pure Evil is ment to be for the worst of the worst villains. So I was thinking what characters were created with pure evil in mind, but the writers didn't give them a long crime sheet for them to properly qualified. For instance I am wondering if disney intended for Jafar, Maleficent and Ursula to be pure evil on par with Frollo and Scar. when writing them, but just never layed out their crimes properly. The reason I mention this is because of the what if book series that have those three as pure evil villains.

I'm wondering if the writers feel like they didn't changed the characters, but just settings thats all.

What other Villains from other works do you feel like were intended to be pure evil, but the writers just didn't give them a proper rap sheet?

To me the Invisible man is another villain who feels like he was ment to be pure evil just doesn't have a proper rap sheet, hence way there's three adaption where he is.

Its just something I been thinking about

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