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This is the aswer to what would Micah Bell look like if he was a coward and was in a zombie apocalypse.

After spending 40+ hours replaying Days Gone, I decided that this character would be worth a shot, although this will be complicated to say the least sue to just how the developers couldn't play him consistently and put several possible mitigating factors onoy for him to drop all of them by the end, so as a result, it will be possible for him to be rejected due to some of them looking like they're genuine, which is odd, you would normaly think a character with multiple moments like Skizzo's would be a complex character, but he's clearly a Hate Sink.

Regardless, let's begin with his proposal, I have some other proposals to do, and it's possible that I may fail to convince you that he qualifies so I'm just going to explain it the best I can.

What's the work?

Days Gone is a 2019 action video game made by Bend Studios. It focuses on a former biker named Deacon St. John trying to survive the apocalypse after the zombies named Freakers caused the end of the world, he also goes on an adventure to find his presumed dead wife, Sarah Irene Withacker.

Who is he/What has he done?

Raymond Sarkozzi, better known by his alias Skizzo, is the overall central antagonist of the game. He was one of the three right-hands of Iron Mike, the leader of the camp located in Lost Lake, as well as the security chief of the camp, who planned to unsurp Iron Mike and take over Lost Lake.

Before the apocalypse, he was a former student who graduated with honors, but after the apocalypse occored, he became the security chief of Lost Lake and one of the right-hands of Iron Mike, and would lie that he used to be a drug dealer to make himself look cooler and better than what he actualy was. During that time, he would also stalk the women of Lost Lake and take pictures of them, most notably towards the other two of the camps right-hands, Rikki Patil and Addison Walker, the former thretned to castrate him if he dared to spy on them again.

Skizzo would later grow to hate the cultist group named the rippers, who he wanted to start a war on to finish them off, but he couldn't due to Iron Mike making a deal with their leader Carlos, so he decided to use Deacon after he returned to Lost Lake due to Boozer having been injured because of them, he would continue to use Deacon, and even tried to manipulate him into helping him usurp Iron Mike, but he refused.

After helping Deacon get the bombs to kill the rippers, they go to the Rippers camp to get det cord to use the bombs, during this, they find a woman who was about to be left to be eaten alive by freakers, and Skizzo told Deacon to leave her, but he refused, after Deacon was forced to kill her to avoid her getting eaten by Freakers and get the det cord, it's revealed that Skizzo betrayed both Deacon and his camp to save himself, which causes Deacon to be tortured by Carlos and many of the member of the Lost Lake camp killed. After the rippers were eliminated, Iron Mike exiled Skizzo since he knew Deacon and Boozer would kill him for his betrayal.

Skizzo appears again by the second half of the game, where it's revealed that he informed Colonel Matthew Garret about the camps over the mountains that he and his Militia were, causing the Colonel to wage a war against all the comunities. After Deacon and Skizzo were interogated by the Colonel, Skizzo incriminated Deacon by lying that he was responsible for killing a woman and that he tried to stop him (what a great guy, totaly wasn't the exact oposite), the Colonel then started to believe his lies, and Skizzo lauched the attack on Lost Lake and the other comunities, killing Iron Mike and many other members of Lost Lake.

To avoid that the comunities weren't wiped out by the Militia, Deacon, Boozer, and the other members of Lost Lake and another comunity named Hot Springs, attack the Militia's base, the Ark, after this, Skizzo ordered his men to bomb the Ark to avoid getting killed by the other members of the attackung comunities, but he wasn't able to do so due to Liutenant Weaver not telling him the code for the explosives. After this, Deacon fights Skizzo and then slashes his throath, killing him.

Heinous Standards

As you would expect from an open world game action video game and a zombie apocalypse setting, the heinous standards are not the lowest, with crimes like murder and torture being a comon action in the game. To make a few examples, there is a guy who tried to rape a woman and her sister, but failed due to that said woman fighting back, although he also killed the woman as well, but her sister survived, Taylor, who killed Doctor Jimerez, a supporting character, and shot a guy to death (too tragic, remorseful, and is a scapegoat), and most of the others are mostly just murderers and thieves.

As a result, the only way for anyone to stand out is by killing people by the dozens, which only three characters do, Colonel Garett, Carlos, and of course, Skizzo. How does he stand out in comparison, you may be asking, while Carlos leads a group that torture and kill people, and Colonel Garett attempted ro wipe out all the comunities, I think Skizzo stands out due to being directly responsible for two of the worst events in the game, as he was responsible for the Rippers attack due to his deal with Carlos, and was the one to tell the Colonel about the comunities and even helped him in attacking Lost Lake and killing Iron Mike, there is also the fact that he's the only villain to be responsible for the death of a major character, not even Carlos and the Colonel did something like that.

Mitigating Factors

This is probably going to be a long one as he is one of the most complicated characters I have ever proposed, rivaling Lucky Quinn in terms on how many possible mitigating factors he has. First, he seemed like an extremist in the beggining of the game, wanting to wipe out the Rippers to protect his camp. However, he quickly sold them out not once, but twice when his life was at stake, and wanted to wipe them out in the end, so the extremism is gone by the end of the game.

Second, he initialy regreted betraying Deacon, but by the end of the game, he took joy in trying to kill him and even taunted him multiple times during their final battle.

Third, and honestly one of the most complicated I have to explain, it looked so genuine that I though on not doing his proposal and even added him under Protective until I found one small detail that made me rethink and decided to give him a chance, his care for two of his men, Torres and Evans, while he did leave them to die, after he found their bodies, he decided to burn them to make sure they weren't eaten by Freakers, however, we see in Skizzo's Sh*t List that he actualy wanted them dead and even kept them in there despite said moment, seriously, if you cared for someone, would you add them in the list of people you want to kill, much less not risking their names off the list days after they died, why would their named still be on his list of targets even after he seemingly felt sad about their deaths, conclusion: he doesn't, this should also be noted that he did this while trying to manipulate Deacon to join his side, so he likely was just acting sad to manipulate him.

Fourth, we find in his house that he kept a letter of his grandparents, however, we never get any development of their relationship beyond that, it should also be noted that Skizzo never mentions them, and there is no indication that he still has it by the second half of the game, also, that moment itself is not played for sympathy, Deacon only finds him to be an asshole for lying that he used to be a drug dealer, while in reality he was just a spoiled kid.

Fifth and last, he says that he didn't want to kill Iron Mike, however, he mentions it with such apathy that I genuingly doubt he was telling the truth, he was even laughing at some points of the conversation with Deacon about Iron Mike, and that's possibly a lie, as he showed no reluctance in helping the Colonel wipe out the Losy Lake camp despite knowing full well that Iron Mike would die as well, he's even somewhat dishonoring Iron Mike since he spared his life, yet he had no problem with betraying him. (we also have Pure Evils who showed some lines similar to Skizzo's, such as Simon from the Walking Dead, who said that he didn't want to try to kill Neagan, but still tried to do it regardless).

Final Verdict?

Your choice, if you think Skizzo doesn't qualify, then it's your decision.