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Another slasher baddie! Let's go.

What's the work?

Open 24 Hours is a 2018 slasher film with a rather interesting and unique premise: A young woman named Mary (who has paranoia and PTSD) is taken out from jail in probation after being an accomplice by force for her psycho-serial killer ex-boyfriend.

She is suffering gruesome visions about her ex-boyfriend, and when she starts working at a gas station she now has to contemplate wether those visions are real or not.

Spoiler: They are!

Who is he? What has he done?

James Lincoln Fields is the name of her psycho-serial killer ex-boyfriend. A prolific serial killer known as the Rain Ripper, called like that because he searched for victims during rainfall.

Boy, where do i even start?

Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

First of all, James is a serial killer who has murdered at least 34 victims prior to the events of the film. 34 victims. That's already fkin bad at its own, but theres more! When Mary found out what her psycho-scumbag boyfriend was doing, she forced her to become an accomplice or else he would kill her entire family. What a nice relation we have here. James psychologically tortured poor Mary for years by forcing her to watch every single one of his murders. He basically ruined up Mary's psyche and life with this, as the media labeled her as ''The Watcher'' as it was her fault that she was being threatened. Not only this, but when Mary wasn't around, James used to phone her and play a song called ''Raindrops'' to warn her that he was about to kill, just for the kicks and laughs.

After Mary gets fed up with his bullshit, he turns his house on fire with him inside with the hopes of ending his killing spree for good. She fails and both are sent to jail.

Mary manages to get out on parole, but with her reputation already ruined and her psyche deteriorating more and more everyday.

Now let's jump to the events of the film.

Mary manages to get a job at a gas station. Despite taking medication she still has gruesome visions about James and all the murders he forced her to watch (first vision we actually see is one from James killing 18-year old Christine Rogers with a hammer, all on-screen.)

However one of his visions results to be waay to real. It is actually James, who managed to get out of prison, but Mary doesn't know this and confuses him for a vision. James takes advantage of the situation to sadistically mock her and tell her that she was about to see people die that night and that she ''would like it''. Then, he threatens to kill her once he finishes the job. James dissapear and we don't see him again in person 'till many scenes later.

James has kidnapped Mary, Debbie (Mary's best friend), Tom (Mary's parole officer) and previous gas-station keeper Bobby and tied them all to chairs.

James forces Mary to watch as he grabs a mallet and destroys Tom's head with it, in one of the most gruesome scenes of the film.

He then grabs a plastic bag and threatens to kill Debbie, unless Mary says that she loves him. Mary complies, but this doesn't stop James from putting the bag in Debbie's head and suffocating her to death.

He then pours Bobby in gasoline and attempts to burn him into a crisp, but a client arrives to the gas station and forces James to abandon the scene and go after him. He grabs a hammer and stabs him in the neck with it.

Mary and Bobby try to defend themselves with a shotgun, but Bobby is bludgeoned to death by James.

A cop arrives the scene but James kills him with the shotgun and leaves Mary defenseless.

Y'all know what comes next. Chase scene, Mary grabs a deer head and supposedly kills James with it. However, at the end of the film, Mary sees James in a mirror reflection. The movie ends in a dire situation as we don't know if this was the real James or just a hallucination.

Heinous Standards

Only villain, sets the standards. Even for slasher standards he is pretty gruesome. Sure, he only killed 6 people on-screen but all of those kills are really brutal, making him surpass the standards.

Freudian excuse/mitigating factors/heinous standards

This is where problems come.

There's this whole gimmick of James ''loving'' Mary, even telling her he loved her before dying.

But if you read this whole proposal, you know that's bs.

Let's sum up:

  • She threatened to kill Mary's family if she ever went to the police.
  • She forced her to become an accomplice of his crimes and ruined her life.
  • She forced her to watch many gruesome murders just for the sake of it.
  • She psychologically tortured her for years.
  • He threatened to kill her aside some innocent bystanders just to torture her more.
  • She forced her to watch as he murdered those innocent bystanders, one of them being Mary's childhood friend.
  • He tried to kill her.

And no, James is not insane either. He perfectly knows he is killing innocent people and he knows how much damage he was doing to her, as he confesses it when he meets Mary for the first time in the gas station. If you want the conversation, here you go:

James: You still don't think i'm real, do you?

Mary: *denies with the head*

James: You still see things you don't wanna believe? You're just like me Mary, you like watching them die.

Mary: I'm not like you!

James: You're worse... You could have stop me, but you didn't. You let people die. Innocent people die.

Mary: *crying* I was sick...

James: You're still believing in your lies? Still...

Mary: This is not happening...

James: You will watch people die tonight, And i bet you ten to one that you will like it. Then... i'll watch you die. And there's nothing you can do about it.

So yeah, if that doesn't prove to you how full of shit he is and how he just wants to enter her head to make her feel guilty of what she is obviously not just to manipulate her, i don't know what can. He was just obsessed with her, no true love here.


Ez yes to this fucker.