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New proposal, this time for the antagonist of the 2016 animated Russian film , Sheep and Wolves.

Who is he? What does he do?

Ragear is a member of a wolf pack led by retiring leader Magda, and is rivals with the immature wolf Grey for who will become the new pack leader. Whereas the pack laws state that the wolves only kill what they need to eat, Ragear regularly flaunts these rules to kill other animals for sheer pleasure, including children. After Grey goes missing and ends up magically transformed into a sheep, Ragear is informed by Magda that he will never become the pack leader, as Magda knows that the pack will be doomed with Ragear in charge. Ragear then attacks Magda, but when he is initially overpowered, he resorts to underhanded means to murder Magda.

Taking control of the pack, Ragear learns that Grey is living among the sheep and, seeking an opportunity to get rid of his rival, blames the sheep village for Magda's death and sets them loose to slaughter the whole village, Grey included. After the sheep save the wolf pack from death, Ragear still commands that they kill the sheep, ultimately fighting Grey in a duel to the death. Ultimately, Grey is transformed back into a wolf, and Ragear is sent plunging to his death down a waterfall.

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