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Dario 007

What's the Work?

License to Kill is the sixteenth film in the official James Bond film series (the second to star Timothy Dalton). This one follows bond on a personal mission to avenge Felix Leiter's wife who was murdered by Franz Sanchez and his gang.

Who is he? What has he done?

Dario is one of Sanchez's arch henchman. He was kicked out of Contras for his brutality (which means something) and found his way into Sanchez's drug cartel.

At the start of the movie when Sanchez finds his mistress Lupe with another man, Dario cuts out the man's heart with his switchblade. He later goes into hiding as Sanchez is arrested.

After Sanchez is freed. The gang kidnap Lieter an Dario murders his wife (which is implied to be by rape). He is present during the maiming of Lieter, when Lieter asks where his wife is Dario mockingly responds "Don't worry we gave her a nice honeymooooon" and laughs as Lieter gets attacked by the shark.

Later on in the movie Dario is sent to assassinate Pam Bouvier but is intervened by Bond, after a brawl in the bar Bouvier escapes with bond, Dario shoots her in the back although she had a bullet-proof vest on).

Dario is then seen during the tour of Sanchez's cocaine plant. After bond sets the lab on fire Dario is instructed to kill Bond (by throwing him into the cocaine grinder) as he attempts to kill Bond he is distracted by Bouvier who attempts t shoot him, and Bond pulls Dario into the grinder, killing him.

Freudian Excuse

There is literally no excuse or mitigating factors to Dario. There is no tragic backstory or justifiable motive to his actions. While most of his actions were under Sanchez's orders the fact that he will happily do so in the most brutal manner possible and that he was evil before joining Sanchez does not make him less evil. And he does not show a single redeeming quality.

Heinous Standards

Okay this is a weird one. While Dario isn't destroying the world like some other Bond villains, he makes good use of what the resources he has, and his methods are exceptionally brutal makes him stand out and is just as heinous as his boss Sanchez. He is brutal and sadistic enough to make Blofeld look like a nice guy. Considering there Bond villains with the Pure Evil category whom are way less heinous then Dario could definitely make the cut.

Final Verdict

Going with a yes. What do you think?

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