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  • Bio I am just another editor on Fandom like the rest of you, which means I am only trying to put down here what I feel is right.
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  • Wikiafanatic25618

    On your knees, human scum, and bow before the great and glorious Megatron, supreme leader... of all Decepticons!

    Decepticons, transform and rise up!

    The TV series Transformers Animated from the Transformers franchise.

    I have turned my attention to the show's main antagonist, the tyrannical Decepticon leader himself.

    Megatron was an ancient Decepticon leader who led an uprising against the Autobots and his home planet Cybertron. Four million stellar cycles later he came across the Autobot crew led by Optimus Prime in possession of the AllSpark, the source of all Cybertronian life he and many others had been searching for. Upon attempting to breach their ship he was betrayed by his treacherous lieutenant and second-in-command Starscream who had plant…

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