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Alejandro Sosa. Not the OG, but the video game one is nastier.

Hello guys! Today, here's my sixty-fourth PE proposal, and it's about Alejandro Sosa, the main antagonist of 2006 video game Scarface: The World Is Yours, which serves as a pseudo-sequel to the iconic 1983 gangster film Scarface.

I know Al was removed from the PE category due to not surpassing the film's heinous standards and is a generic crime lord within the narrative. However, the video game version definitely makes him eviler, so that version may qualify for PE status.


Scarface: The World Is Yours is a 2006 open-world action video game developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Vivendi Games. It serves as a pseudo-sequel to the iconic 1983 gangster film Scarface, directed by Brian De Palma and written by Oliver Stone. It expands on what would have happened if the film's protagonist Tony Montana had survived the shootout at the end, with Tony going into hiding to recover his criminal empire. It was planned to have at least four sequels, but these sequels never came to be.


Due to the video game's pseudo-sequel nature, this version of Alejandro Sosa follows out the same path his film version does up to the film's ending:

Alejandro Sosa is a Bolivian drug lord settled in Bolivia, being one of the most powerful drug kingpins in South America with a cocaine empire. In 1980, Sosa meets up with Omar Suarez and Tony Montana, two employees of the Miami drug lord Frank Lopez, in Cochabamba due to Sosa's interest in establishing ties with American drug lords. However, Sosa thinks poorly of the Lopez Cartel and executes Omar due to apparently being a police informant. However, Tony impresses Sosa by making a deal without Frank's permission, so Sosa agrees to strike a deal with him with the promise that Tony never betrays him.

Due to Tony's insubordination and Omar's death, Frank isn't pleased, but Tony doesn't care so Frank sends hitmen after Tony. Tony survives, kills Frank and his friend Mel Bernstein, marries Frank's mistress Elvira Hancock and quickly becomes the top drug lord in Miami, building up a powerful criminal organization, distributing Sosa's drugs. However, in 1983, thanks to a sting operation by federal agents, Tony is charged with tax evasion and faces three years in prison. Having a similar problem, Sosa invites Tony to his mansion and explains him that a Bolivian journalist has investigated his operations and is gonna expose him, so Sosa offers Tony to kill the journalist and in exchange he will use his American influences to give Tony immunity from going to prison. Tony agrees and Sosa sends Alberto the Shadow, his personal bodyguard, to aid Tony in the plan by blowing up the journalist's car in front of the United Nations building.

However, the plan takes an unexpected turn when it turns out that the journalist is taking his wife and children with him in the car, in which Alberto placed a radio-controlled bomb, as he goes to the UN building. Not wanting to carry out the journalist's hit, Tony tries to talk Alberto out of killing the journalist with his family, but Alberto stubbornly refuses and requests Tony to approach the car by thirty meters to detonate the vehicle. Not wanting to do it, Tony kills Alberto. Later on, when the journalist's security discovers the bomb, the journalist is given much more security than before, so an enraged Sosa calls Tony furious for failing to accomplish such a simple task, but Tony, whose brain is messed up with his own cocaine, promises Sosa to go to war with him if necessary. Sosa accepts the threat, so that night, Sosa sends many of his hitmen to the Montana Mansion and they kill all of Tony's security guards, friends and his sister Gina, but Tony defends himself until The Skull, Sosa's top assassin, comes out from behind and executes Tony by shooting him in the back with a shotgun, leading to Tony’s corpse to fall into his own fountain, and allowing Sosa to get the last laugh after all.

However, this is the point of divergence in the video game:

During the Montana Mansion's attack, Tony turns back to find The Skull about to shoot him and kills him instead, managing to ultimately escape from his mansion before the DEA and the Miami-Dade arrive to a safehouse he has in the Miami glades. One of Sosa's henchmen calls him to notify that Tony is most likely gone, his mansion seized by the cops, his assets frozen and his organization shattered, satisfying Sosa.

Willing to recover his criminal empire and getting back at Sosa, Tony quits using cocaine and three months later, works his way up to become Miami's most powerful drug lord once again (a la Tommy Vercetti, whose game was inspired by Tony's movie, indeed). In doing so, Tony realizes that most drug cartels now answer to Sosa, who has allied himself with Gaspar Gomez to take over Tony's remaining turf. After getting rid of different Miami drug lords like the Diaz Brothers and Nacho Contreras, Tony finally regains his power again and is allowed to go after Sosa.

Said and done, Tony goes to Bolivia, so Sosa talks with Gomez and Tony's former lawyer George Sheffield to discuss how to get rid of Montana. Tony arrives shortly thereafter and shoots his way into Sosa's mansion, killing all his henchmen minus one, Gomez and Sheffield before finding Sosa in his living room. There, Sosa reminds Tony why he backstabbed him if he had warned him to not do so, but Tony replies that the journalist's kids were in the car, so Sosa replies that he doesn't care about that and proceeds to try to kill Tony. However, Tony ends up killing Sosa, ending his drug operations once and for all, and takes Sosa's last surviving henchman as his butler back to Miami.


The world of Scarface is full of nasty criminals and realistically vile drug lords and dealers, willing to chainsaw people to death or blow up cars with children. Even Tony Montana, the protagonist, isn't a saint either. Alejandro Sosa serves as the main antagonist of the story, but in the film he is too generic to qualify in comparison to Tony. However, the video game fleshes out his character a bit more enough to fill the requirements. Every PE villain must have crossed the Moral Event Horizon to be PE, and Alejandro Sosa definitely crosses it when he sends a journalist to be blown up despite his wife and children accompanying him. He would have crossed it in the film if he knew about it, but I will explain why does qualify the video game version and not the film one.


As previously mentioned, the heinous standards of the video game are established by the film, as the game is an alternate sequel to it, so let’s examine all antagonists. Hector the Toad is a savage drug dealer who ruthlessly chainsaws Angel, one of Tony's friends, to death, but lacks extreme heinousness (I tried to propose Hector early on this year, but he wasn't approved because of this, take in mind); Frank Lopez is a drug lord who hires Tony, but regards Tony as a genuine friend for a while and cares for his mistress Elvira; Omar Suarez is a smug henchman of Frank who randomly hates Tony for getting on Frank's good side, Mel Bernstein is a dirty cop who does Frank's bidding, both Alberto the Shadow and The Skull, Sosa's henchmen, just carry out assassinations in Sosa's behalf, Manny Ribera does Tony Montana's bidding like killing Frank but is in love with Gina and Tony himself is a rising drug dealer who causes his own downfall due to getting too overconfident, but deeply loves his mother and sister and refuses to harm women or children. As for the antagonists from the video game, we have Nacho Contreras (who made a silent cameo in the film), who likes to traffick humans but does offscreen villainy, the Diaz Brothers kill Tony's mother just to spite him for being more powerful than them, George Sheffield is a dirty lawyer willing to go to the winning side and Gaspar Gomez is just another crime lord who wants power and hates Tony. And then we have Al Sosa…

Just like Frank, Alejandro Sosa is presented at first like a charismatic drug lord but proves immediately to be murderous to people he doesn't trust like Omar Suarez, whom he has hanged from a helicopter due to being a police informant. As Tony disliked Omar anyway, he gets on Alejandro's good side by striking a deal with him, impressing Sosa, but this scene still shows Sosa's cruelty towards his enemies, which can be compared to that of Hector the Toad, but in comparison to Hector, Sosa has much more resources. While he does seem to like Tony Montana at first, he makes it clear that such "friendship" will not last if Tony dares to betray him, as Tony later does in the film. And the reason for which Tony does it is because Sosa instructs him to kill a journalist who has a story which can send him to the electric chair, but there's one thing: the journalist is going to the United Nations building with his family. Understandably, Tony refuses to kill the journalist's wife and kids, and due to Alberto insisting to carry out the assassination due to Sosa's orders, Tony shoots Alberto dead. After becoming aware that Tony betrayed him, Sosa calls him furious that he and his business partners will now have trouble and sends The Skull and his henchmen to kill Tony, which they do. He is quite vengeful, as he still wants to see Tony dead in the video game despite that he has already did too much damage to Tony and his organization.

Another reason that makes Sosa different from Tony, in addition that he doesn't consume his own product, is that Sosa doesn't give a heck for his henchmen and associates. Even Frank expresses his condolences when he learns that Angel died because of Hector and Tony deeply cares for his men and friends, regretting killing his friend Manny upon learning of his romance with Gina. Meanwhile, Sosa doesn't care for his henchmen. When Tony kills Alberto, one of his top assassins, Sosa calls Tony furious for messing up with the plannet hit but doesn't seem to care for Alberto's death when Tony mentions him, showing that he only cared for Alberto's help (and Alberto's voice tone when he insists to still kill the journalist and his family may indicate that Alberto feared what Sosa would do to him if he failed to detonate the car with its occupants). Similarly, in the video game, he doesn't show any kind of concern for the loss of some of his henchmen, including The Skull, when they lost their lives trying to kill Tony, in addition that they killed Tony's beloved henchmen in both the film and the video game despite how much Tony cared for them. It's also possible that some of Sosa's henchmen don't really work for him because they like him but for other reasons, as the only surviving henchman of Sosa claims that he only worked for him to support his family. He also doesn't seem to care at all for his partners. In the film, he seems to care for his business partners by saying that the journalist will affect them as well, but it just proves that he cares for them in the professional level (as they may rat him out to save their own skins). The video game shows this to be the case, as Sosa remains seated in his living room while letting Sheffield and Gomez to face Tony themselves and be killed by them, without expressing any kind of remorse for their deaths.

But the main thing that differentiates Sosa from Montana, in addition to be the thing that makes the video game version of Sosa stand out against the film version, is his willingless to kill children as long as his business thrives. In the film, Sosa orders Tony and Alberto to carry out the journalist's assassination unaware that the journalist was bringing his wife and kids to his speech at the UN building, and Tony doesn't mention that fact to Sosa when Sosa calls him to warn him that he is gonna die, so the film doesn't specify if Sosa would have called off the hit had he been aware of the family's journalist being there. But this isn't the case in the video game. When Tony finally confronts him for nearly destroying his criminal empire just to get back at him, Tony calls out Sosa for sending him to kill the journalist even if he was with his children, so Sosa flatly states that, in their business, when you move 400 drug "kilos" a month, it's imperative to kill children. Of course, this leads Tony to finally kill Alex, due to employing "animals" like Alberto to do his bidding, even if it means killing innocent minors in exchange of drugs and money. Either way, no other villain from the original film or the video game tries to kill a kid, but Sosa shows no problems in doing so if it guarantees big profits for himself. He even cares nothing for any collateral damage in his ordered hits as shown in the film, as the intended explosion to kill the journalist would have surely killed any other occupants in the cars near the journalist's car and his henchmen even kill Gina, Tony's sister, despite that she wasn't their target.

In the end, as the video game expands on, Alejandro Sosa is a ruthless drug lord who will do whatever he sees necessary to get more bucks regardless if his victims are innocent adults or children, given the nature of the shady business he chose, getting rid of anyone who messes up with his plans.


Yeah, the first concern if the video game version of Alejandro Sosa commits offscreen villainy, as he isn't physically seen until the final mission. However, as the game is a pseudo-sequel to the original film, it's more than clear that the video game's Sosa committed the same crimes the film's Sosa did up the the shootout in Tony's mansion.

A potential redeeming quality, but I don't know where it came from, is a supposed backstory that I have read that indicates that Sosa was born into a drug trafficking family, though he became much more powerful than his father, but if that's true, there are no indications that he really cared for his father. This wiki even says on his article that Sosa is happily married, but I don't find any sources that say that, as Sosa seems to be single in both the film and the video game.

The last potential mitigating factor could be Sosa's refusal to use his connections with the American military to send Bolivian tanks to Miami to finally get rid of Tony once and for all, a plan proposed by George Sheffield, noting that their "friends" in Washington would notice it, but it's more than clear that Sosa doesn't do this out of care for the citizens of Miami, but because he fears the legal repercussion this would have and doesn't want to take the risk.


Taking all of this into account, I would say yes about considering the video game version of Alejandro Sosa to be approved as PE.