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The Maker, formerly the Reed Richards of the Ultimate universe. Once you have read this, maybe you will speculate on whether it would have been better for this Reed to have been left behind with the Marvel Zombies instead of Earth-2149's Magneto.

Hello guys! Today, here's my fifty-fifth PE proposal, and it's about The Maker, a villain from Marvel Comics who formerly used to be the Reed Richards from Earth-1610, better known as the Ultimate Earth from the Ultimate Marvel brand. He's actually listed as PE, but I feel it's necessary to have him officially approved.


The Maker was formerly known as Reed Richards, the leader of the Fantastic Four of Earth-1610, one of the many Earths of the Marvel Multiverse. He was born to Gary and Mary Richards and had two little sisters. Since a young age, Reed developed a love for science, earning him his father's ire whenever he cannibalized household appliances for his creations. Reed was sometimes bullied at school, but found a friend on the school's linebacker Ben Grim, who appreciated him for helping him with his trigonometry homework and valued him enough to defend him from bullies. When he was ten years old, Reed successfully created a teleporter, which led the U.S. government to recruit him. Reed was send to work with Dr. Franklin Storm, father of Sue and Johnny Storm, at the Baxter Building, where Reed kept working on different inventions. During this time, Reed met and befriended Victor van Damme.

Eventually, Reed and Victor perfected an N-Zone transmitter and tested it with himself, Victor, Ben (who was visiting him), Johnny and Sue, but the test went all wrong because Victor apparently sabotaged it. The result was that as with his Earth-616 counterpart, Reed acquired elastic powers, and Ben, Johnny and Sue got different powers as well, becoming the superhero quartet known as the Fantastic Four. Since then, Reed and his friends had many adventures, fightings Victor, other enemies of them and even in one occassion they visited Earth-2149 in an attempt of Reed's Earth-2149 counterpart to take over their world, but they were able to defeat them. However, the team eventually disbanded after Reed sent Ben to kill Victor because he thought that Victor would still try to destroy the world after the Ultimatum Wave. As such, Sue rejected Reed's marriage proposal after Franklin's funeral and Reed moved back with his family.

Unable to come into terms with what happened to his life, Reed radically changes after the Kang the Conqueror from Earth-13074 warns him about Earth-1610's impending destruction. As such, Reed fakes his death and kills his parents and sisters before arranging alien attacks until Sue and Nova discover him. Angry at his betrayal, Sue and Nova fight him and Reed gets sucked into a portal where he send some objects of Project Pegasus. The heroes soon find Reed in his lair at the Negative Zone and Johnny disfigures him for hurting Sue, leaving Reed to float at the Negative Zone. However, Reed finds a way back to Earth and forms the Children of Tomorrow, whose goal is to perfect the world, while Richards becomes a supervillain known as the Maker. Thor along with Captain Britain, Captain France, Captain Italy and Captain Spain go to confront him, but only Thor, Captain Britain and Captain Spain escape alive. The Maker soon deploys an anti-matter attack on Washington D.C., causing the deaths of the President, the Cabinet and the Congress. As such, Tony Stark approaches the new President and comes up with a plan, which successfully ends with the Maker's capture. Nevertheless, the Maker is soon freed by Krang and starts collecting the Infinity Gems to rebuild the world, but Stark foils his plans once more and the Maker is send to the Cube.

When Earth-616's Galactus arrives on Earth-1610, a seemingly reformed Maker pleads the Ultimates to let him go to Earth-616. Thus, Reed and Miles Morales go to Earth-616 to gather the necessary information about Galactus before they are discovered by Valeria Richards, but the duo escape from the security H.E.R.B.I.E.s. Reed then apologizes to Sue because he believes there may still be a chance for them like their Earth-616 counterparts and uses Kitty Pryde to open a portal to the Negative Zone and suck Galactus into it, saving the Earth. Having "reformed" due to wanting to still have a future with Sue, Reed and Sue team up when Earth-14094 warns them about Earth-1610's impending doom, which could be saved by their offspring. However, Reed opts to have Sue artificially impregnated with Ben Grimm's genetic material. Concurrently, Reed was recruited by the new S.H.I.E.L.D., but he continued with his operations as the Maker under Manhattan. However, once Reed becomes aware of the incursions, he starts destroying other Earths to protect his own, destroying sixty-seven to be precise. After meeting Earth-616's Cabal, the Maker starts working with him with how to protect Earth-1610. He then contacts Nick Fury and manages to convince him to launch an attack on Earth-616 so Earth-1610 will survive.

Having thought how to save Earth-1610 with a life raft, the Maker has his raft end up in Battleworld, a planet comprised of different realities ruled by Earth-616's Doctor Doom, who had stolen the powers of the Beyonders for himself. The Maker and Cabal ended up on Battleworld but Earth-616's Doctor Strange ended up bringing the survivors of Earth-616 to fight the Thor Corps, who were after the Maker and Cabal. Meeting up with his Earth-616 counterpart, the Maker and Mr. Fantastic team up to defeat Doom and discover that Doom's source of power is Molecule Man, but the Maker betrays Mr. Fantastic for being weak and soft, trapping him in a time bubble, but this leads Molecule Man to defend Mr. Fantastic and attack the Maker, apparently killing him before proceeding to aid Mr. Fantastic in restore the multiverse, but a bit of the Maker ended up in every reality in different bodies, allowing the Maker to control all those bodies in a hive mind.

Once on Earth-616, the Maker decides to empower Eternity, the Omniverse's sentience, to evolve the Multiverse and becomes the leader of the terrorist organization W.H.I.S.P.E.R. While waiting for his plans with Eternity, the Maker leads W.H.I.S.P.E.R. but all his plans, including trying to sell the U.S. president to the highest bidder, are foiled. While incarcerated on Earth-616, the Maker uses another body of his from another reality to harvest the essence of the First Firmament's Aspirants and destroy the space known as the Superflow with the High Evolutionary's technology so Eternity could defeat the First Firmament, but the latter defeated the former. The Ultimates of Earth-616 confront the Maker, but he summons the Ultimates of Earth-1610 to fight them, until the Ultimates of his universe make a truce with the other Ultimates and kill the Maker for using them to then set themselves into destroying all remaining bodies of the Maker across the Multiverse.

Among some of his plans after losing the Eternity War, through different bodies, the Maker kills the Tony Ho and Rikki Barnes from another universe and also tries to defeat the Earth-616's Future Foundation, but his plans are foiled once more. Eventually, the Maker is tasked with restoring and conquering Earth-1610, leading him to bond with the Venom symbiote of his universe to survive the trip through Inter-Dimensional Travel. He then tried to study Earth-616's Venom, but his attempt to do so also ended in failure. He then tries to study Normie Osborn when Earth-616's Carnage starts harvesting every symbiote host's codex, leading Earth-616's Spider-Man, Eddie Brock and Dylan Brock to hand Norman Osborn to him, but the Maker still resolves to study Normie anyway, leading Dylan to release all the symbiotes of the Life Foundation, which bonded with the Maker and fused back into Hybrid, but Hybrid is defeated, causing the Maker to escape into the sewers.

Having failed in most of his goals, the Maker nonethless sets himself of finding a means to return to Earth-1610, starting to check Spider-Gwen when she started to attend the Empire State Universe of Earth-616 given his fears that she could complicate his plans. Ultimately, the Maker fixes his universe's Venom symbiote just before Eddie and Dylan Brock visit him, but soon they are all attacked by Scorpion and send throughout the Multiverse. Luckily for the Maker, he arrives on Earth-1610, but finds it ravaged, which he finds "perfect". It's currently unknown what the Maker is going to do back on his home universe.


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The Marvel Universe is so vast, full of planets and even alternate realities, so of course it's full of villains, some more despicable and dangerous than others. Some of them, especially the extraterrestrial and interdimensional ones, have much more resources than the ones on Earth, and many of them can be really wicked and depraved. The Maker can serve as an example of that, being one of the most dangerous threats to the Marvel Multiverse due to his goals to remake reality as he desires. Every PE villain must have crossed the Moral Event Horizon to be PE, and the Maker definitely crosses it when he destroys sixty-seven alternate universes as a test to ensure his own universe's survival, but he doesn't do that because he cares for his Earth, he does it because it makes him feel important and is more than willing to destroy his home universe and many others to remake them in his own image.


It's commonly known that whatever superhero who falls into disgrace and turns irredeemably evil is such a great loss, and the Maker is a perfect example for that. He used to be the Mr. Fantastic and leader of the Fantastic Four of Earth-1610 before his fall into darkness. He starts out as the protagonist of the Ultimate Marvel universe but eventually sheds away all those positive qualities he once had, feeling that being good was holding him back from achieving his ambitions. All his heroic actions, including saving some of Earth-2149's survivors, ultimately amount to nothing. Unlike his Earth-616 counterpart, the mainstream and original incarnation of Mr. Fantastic, the Maker performed most of his heroic feats for the sake of feeling appreciated and approved by the general public, possibly to compensate his father's dissaproval, who never praised him for his genius. The Maker did start with good intentions, and suffered so much with all the deaths caused by the Ultimatum Wave, but after Sue rejected his marriage proposal, the Fantastic Four disbanded and Kang the Conqueror told him that he was going to be the savior of his world, Reed's ego floated up to his head and suddenly changed for worse, faking his death and killing his family. He even ridicules his mainstream counterpart's care for his family, having put science over them unlike Earth-616's Mr. Fantastic, who will always do the contrary. Overall, as Miles Morales puts it, the Maker sefishly turned into a villain to make himself feel better and impress Sue despite her newfound hatred towards him for all the atrocities he has committed.

Originally a superhero, as the Maker, Reed Richards shows no remorse over destroying sixty-seven alternate realities to test whether his own Earth will survive or not. While one can think he is caring for his universe, Reed doesn't care for his universe at all, given that long before the incursions, he tries to take over it by arranging alien invasions with the City and the Children of Tomorrow, given his constant and selfish feeling that he wants to create the world but feels that no one would let him do it. He also goes to murder the President, Cabinet and Congress of the United States of America and doesn't express regret for doing that, showing a total lack of care for the global consequences he may cause to his world. Even when the Maker finally is able to return to Earth-1610 after time in other universes, he declares that it looks "perfect" despite its deplorable state, being able to do whatever he wants with no heroes to oppose him. Given Kang's warnings that he would save his Earth froom the incursions, it's evident that Reed wants to save the Earth for the sake of his ego, planning to change reality to his own designs, even referring to himself as the "future". He doesn't seem himself as really evil, but that's because he is just delusional like many other power hungry villains who believe ends justify the means. He also shows a sadistic side by expressing delight on vivisect some of his victims and torture them, finding their pain "interesting". His former teammate Johnny Storm disfigured him for harming his sister, in other words, the Maker had zero problems in hurting the woman he once loved.

Some can argue that the Maker may not count as Pure Evil due to his apparent tragic background, which included dealing with an abusive father who hated his love for science and bullying form his peers at school. His father's rejection seems to be why he craves for attention so much, in contrast to Earth-616's Mr. Fantastic, whose father supported him and was respected by his classmates. But this is of course not true: the Maker may have had an abusive father, but had a supportive mother and sisters who loved him dearly (whereas Earth-616's Reed lost his mother very young), a friend on Ben Grimm who liked him and defended him from bullies and a father figure in Franklin Storm, whose family loved Reed dearly as well, even getting the chance to develop his revolutionary ideas at the Baxter Building. He also at first tries to show that he has seemingly reformed, even going to the point of being allowed to work again with his former allies and an opportunity to rekindle his relationship with Sue, but he throws all that away to accomplish his new goals, demonstrating that the Maker is just a petty and genocidal attention-seeking lunatic who is willing to destroy countless of words and remake them in his own image to satisfy his god complex.


Taking all of this into account, I would say yes about considering The Maker to be officially approved as PE.

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