Xbsv Xbsv 24 December 2019

PE Proposal: The Rake

No, not the original. This is a proposal for The Rake (2018), the main antagonist of the 2018 horror film The Rake.

  • 1 What's the work?
  • 2 Who is the candidate?
  • 3 What have they done?
  • 4 Reasons not to qualify (and why they don't apply)
    • 4.1 Moral agency
    • 4.2 Heinous standard
  • 5 Final verdict

As I just said, The Rake is a 2018 film about two siblings named Ben and Ashley who watched their parents get murdered by a man who was possessed by The Rake.

Not really much to say here, The Rake is a parasitic monster that kills people (more on that later).

So as previously mentioned, the film starts out with The Rake possessing a man named Jacob Murphy and forcing him to tear his own eyes out and stab Ashley and Ben's parents to death before cutting his own throat. It's als…

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Xbsv Xbsv 7 August 2019

PE Proposal: Satan (Passion of the Christ)

Time to propose a new villain, with Satan from The Passion of the Christ.

  • 1 What's the work?
  • 2 Who is the candidate/What has he done?
  • 3 Heinous standard
  • 4 Mitigating factors
  • 5 Final conclusion

The work is the controversial 2004 film The Passion of the Christ, which recounts the final days of Jesus Christ prior to His crucifixion as recorded in the Bible.

Satan is the main villain of Passion of the Christ, appearing at various points throughout the film. His first villainous act was when he first appeared, attempting to tempt Jesus away from His path as saviour and then just creating a snake to have Him murdered (though Jesus was able to crush the snake at the last second). Satan later had one of his demons possess Jesus' disciple Judas and force him to s…

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Xbsv Xbsv 4 July 2019

PE Removal Proposal: Rudolf Höss

It may seem strange for me to propose the removal of the commandant of Auschwitz from PE, but hear me out.

Höss is the former commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp in the made-for-tv film Nuremberg. He appears at the Nuremberg Trials as a witness.

Höss shouldn't qualify because of the heinous standard. He is an awful person and you shouldn't think anything else about him, but look at the standard. Since the film is about the Nuremberg Trials, many other awful Nazis appear. These include Hermann Goering, Hans Frank and many other horrific war criminals. In other words, the genocide committed by Höss is the standard in this film and therefore he cannot be PE.

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Xbsv Xbsv 20 June 2019

PE Proposal: Oberst Bauer

Oberst Bauer (his first name might be Karl?) is the main villain of Grey Wolves, book 4 of Henderson's Boys.

  • 1 What has he done?
  • 2 Freudian Excuse
  • 3 Heinous standard
  • 4 Final conclusion

As a Gestapo Oberst, Bauer is in charge of interrogating prisoners in the Lorient area of France. In this capacity he commits various evil acts. Chief among them are:

  • Throttling an old woman in a fit of rage because she called him a fool with the flimsy reason that one of her customers is a murderer.
  • Waterboarding the same old woman in an icy bath before giving her a brutal beating to make her confess to the aforementioned "crime".
  • Shooting one communist prisoner for every train damaged in a resistance bombing.
  • Having the guard from the depot where the attack took place h…

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Xbsv Xbsv 16 June 2019

PE Removal Proposal: Abigail Williams

No, not the one from Murdered: Soul Suspect, the one from The Crucible.

Abigail Williams is the villain of The Crucible by Arthur Miller. She is based on the real-life villain who started the Salem Witch Trials and fulfils the role to practically the height of evil. Practically because she isn't Pure Evil.

She has a Freudian Excuse! At a young age, she literally had to watch as Native Americans burst into her house and beat her parents to death right next to her, meaning she grew up an orphan and probably traumatised from her experience! And don't try and tell me that she hated her parents, because there is simply no evidence to prove that! I know I'm over-using the exclamation mark, but she literally states:

That is the quote at the top of the p…

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