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Bluejam Anime Infobox

It's been awhile since I have done one of these but I am back with a new PE proposal. This time from One Piece (for a change I will be proposing a candidate from it instead of removing them). I have been recently revisiting the manga which helps put things in perspective and after seeing some people I trust make some convincing arguments and relooking at the materiel I have decided this character is worth proposing despite mostly going under the radar, so let us begin without further ado

What is the work?[]

One Piece is without out a doubt one of the greatest manga series of all time, written by Eiichiro Oda where in the New Age of Pirates after the death of the Pirate King people seeks out the One Piece to become the Pirate King. In this race to it Monkey D Luffy is our Protagonist seeking to sail the seas, find the One Piece, become King of the Pirates then he will _______ (seriously we don't know) He sails together with his Crew as the also begin to discover the true nature of the World Government and the secret behind the Void century. Today's candidate is someone who was an enemy of Luffy before he became a Pirate during his childhood, that being.....

Who is he and what has he done?[]

  • The Following his copied from his VW page which I wrote so it is not Plagiarized  :

Bluejam as leader of the Bluejam Pirates terrorized The trash heap where the outcasts of the kingdom of Goa lived known as Grey Terminal . His success in this area could be attributed to him paying off the Nobles of the country to turn a blind eye to his crimes allowing him to commit all the murders and acts of Piracy he wanted. After having his money failed to be delivered to him by his enforcer Porchemy due to it being Stolen by Ace and Sabo he would gun down his own man in cold blood for his failure. He would later confront the boys along with Luffy later when hired by Sabo's father to bring him home while being forced to spare Luffy and Ace in Exhange for Sabo coming back home. Bluejam had been given an even bigger task by the King of the country who not wanting the inspector from the government including a Celestial Dragon to see the trash that was Grey Terminal tasked Bluejam with burning the Terminal along with all its people in return for making him a Noble and having him live in the highland of the country. He would carry this out by tricking Luffy and Ace into transporting boxes filled with materiel to burn half the Island to carry out his cleansing of the area. After this he would leave the two to die in the fire while he tried to leave the Terminal only to discover the Gates had been shut to him and the King never intended to honor his part of the deal. Furious and unhinged by this revelation he would come back to Luffy and Ace demanding them to take him to his stolen money which caused a struggle that resulted in Ace Knocking out his men with his Haki and Dandan and the rest of the Mountain Bandits to show up and defeat him alongside Ace Presumably leaving Bluejam to burn to death in the Terminal

Mitigating factors?[]

Nothing worth noting. He is entirely selfish and will not hesitate to kil his own men for failing him. Nothing worth mentioning here so move on.

Heinous standard?[]

It's probably well-known at this point, but One Piece has a high and nasty Heinous standard. It's a series where Genocide, Mass murder, and slavery are not uncommon to see. Our Current keepers for PE are the worst of the worst like Captain Kuro who spent years planning to kill a girl, steal her fortune, and massacre her island, and also slaughtered many marines and is a horrible boss who planned on killing his own men. And he only passes due to that cruelty and being very low resource wise. As shown by are even more horrid keepers Hody Jones who murdered his own queen, encouraged racism, horrible bad boss who uses his men as a human shield, tried to wipe out his entire island, and planned on enslaving all of Humanity. and of course, we have Donquixote Doflamingo who I will not go into detail and just say he is basically committed every crime under the sun. And we have non PEs like Kaido and Big Mom with there own Large Scale plans, and those Celestial Dragon committing Slavery and genocide like it's no one's business. With all of this it's not wonder Bluejam got forgotten given this horrid setting.

However, after seeing arguments and giving some thought Bluejam actually manages to stand out due to two very important factors.

  1. He has almost zero resources compared to every other notable villain; he is just some weak pirate with a small crew in the weakest sea in the verse. Even Kuro has more resources then him meaning he cannot be compared to essentially every other major villain in the series as they either have access to more men, more power, Devil Fruits, or Political power. Now normally this would not make Bluejam pass just because he has almost no resources, if he has nothing to contribute to the standard then he fails regardless, which leads me to the other factor.
  2. His act of genocide is very impressive and niche especially at his level. He may be small time but goodness his one notable crime horrid, attempting to burn thousands of people, (woman and children included), alive is actually a more niche method of genocide and for someone at his level to commit it is noteworthy. He also carries it out with glee so he gets points for that. Now yes, he did do it on the King's orders however that does not mean he fails to the King as he is the one carrying out the plan personally and with glee and the King has way more resources than him and would flunk the standard for only one act of genocide with his Kingly resources. However, Bluejam does not have this issue, he is low tier enough and his genocide method is just uniquely nasty enough for this to be enough to push him in my opinion


I will got with a yes to Bluejam but it is ultimately up to you guys.