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My next proposal is for one of Final Fantasy Tactics' central villains, Dycedarg Beoulve.

What is Final Fantasy Tactics?

Final Fantasy Tactics is one of many installments of the Final Fantasy franchise, this one specifically being a grid-based RPG centering around royal houses becoming involved in a supernatural plot by demons to resurrect their master Ultima.

Who is Dycedarg Beoulve? What has he done?

Dycedarg is one of the protagonist Ramza's older half-brothers (alongside Zalbaag), and one of the current ruling powers in the world of Ivalice following their father's death. Though appearing merely as a cold and stoic leader, it is slowly revealed he has orchestrated many of the tragic events in the lives of Ramza and his childhood friend Delita. Dycedarg coldly disregards the lives of Delita and his sister due to their lower class status, and even has Delita's sister killed when she is used as a human shield by the leader of the Corpse Brigade. Although it was Algus who fired the shot, Ramza and Delita soon realize he had done so with Dycedarg's blessing. He also formed an alliance with an old friend Larg, using him as a pawn since, with Larg's young nephew on the throne, Larg would serve as his kingdom's ruler regent.

It is also revealed that it was Dycedarg who murdered his own father via poisoning, which causes his brother Zalbaag to turn on him (after the latter initially refuses to believe it). This shortly leads to him witnessing Dycedarg murdering Larg after he outlives his usefulness, at which point Zalbaag and Ramza join fores to take down Dycedarg. What Ramza soon realizes, however, is that through a mutual connection, Dycedarg was given one of the Zodiac Stones, which Ramza earlier learned was what allowed the demons of the Lucavi to use humans as vessels to revive their master. Dycedarg, however, did not care about the negative consequences of using it, viewing it simply as an object of power and yet another tool for him to use in his Machivellian plots. This ends up being his demise, however, as one of those demons, Adrammelech, uses his body as a vessel, and after the demon is slain, Dycedarg is slain alongside him.

Freudian Excuse

I want to say there is one, but aside from occasional moment or two of brotherly mentorship in the beginning (which was likely false anyway) or making tough choices to run a massive kingdom, I can't name a reason for Dycedarg to justify his actions.

Heinous Standard

I can't say this for all Final Fantasy titles (because not a lot can compare to the likes of Kefka), but within the Tactics subseries, there's quite a bit about Dycedarg that sets him higher than the other villains. First and foremost his complete lack of remorse; Dycedarg has no regrets or sorrow about his actions, nearly all of which were, in actuality, to benefit himself rather than his kingdom, as he so often claims.

Secondly is comparing him to other human villains, or even the other demons. The demons, you can argue, either act on natural instinct or lack the moral agency to know their actions are evil. And even if they are aware of the concepts of good and evil, their nature as demons makes it so that they are merely playing the roles they were given/created for, not acting out of personal interest. Other humans, meanwhile, possess moral agency, but many possess honorable qualities, do not truly comprehend the dangers of the Zodiac stones, or are simply greedy. Dycedarg has no honor, choosing to use people as pawns in his plans and disposes of them when he has no use for them, even going as far as to orchestrate the death of a child, Delita's sister, simply because it was more convenient for him. Nor did he care about the implications of allowing the Lucavi loose, or even being used as one of their vessels, believing it would bring him even more power (though look how that turned out).

And when I use the word 'greedy' for other humans, most are simply the kind who love money, but still possess either basic decency or at least honorable qualities. The kind of greed that applies to Dycedarg is a lust for power. He murdered his own father for the throne. He used his "close friend" for his connections and powerful position in a neighboring kingdom, then murdered him when he stopped being useful. While possessed by Adrammelech, he kills his own brother Zalbaag as well. He took a Zodiac stone because he saw value in it and a way to gain even more power, regardless of the ramifications it would lead to for everyone else.

And as implied above from the murder of his father and brother, attempted murder of half-brother, and allowing Delita's younger sister to be killed to further his own plans, family means absolutely nothing to him. ANYONE who is an inconvenience to his own conquest is a threat to be removed.


Given the above points, I strongly believe Dycedarg Beoulve is perfectly qualified for the PE category.

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