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After a long absence, my next PE proposal is for one of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's one-shot antagonists, Jimmy Platt.

What is CAOS?

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is the gritty Netflix series starring, you guessed it, Sabrina, a teenage witch whose powers are far more connected to the demonic and dark arts than past incarnations. The titular witch spends much of the series first trying to avoid signing the book of the Dark Lord and keep her mortal life, then ends up fighting for dominance over Hell itself.

Who is Jimmy Platt? What has he done?

Jimmy Platt is a one-shot antagonist from the series, appearing as one of the mortals whom Sabrina is tasked with collecting their soul.

Prior to the beginning of the series, Jimmy Platt was a regular human who was stated to be pious and religious, an overall decent guy (supposedly). One day, though, he got into a terrible accident. He cried out for God to save him, but instead, it was the Dark Lord who approached him instead, offering him a deal; seven more years in exchange for an innocent soul. Platt immediately agreed and presumably found an innocent soul to sacrifice by the time Lucifer came back, only now Platt wanted to bargain for even more time. Lucifer agreed, and soon enough, the process repeated, with Lucifer giving him an extra seven years in exchange for an innocent soul. The kicker? Jimmy Platt's 'innocent souls' that he sacrificed were all little girls, killing them for the Dark Lord to extend his own lifespan.

To prove herself worthy as the new (acting) Queen of Hell, Sabrina is told to collect Platt's soul. Although Sabrina had her own motives for Platt (using his body to hold the Dark Lord himself), Platt assumed she was simply acting in Lucifer's stead and told her his next sacrifice was ready, revealing to her the details of his deal with Lucifer. As a progressive witch, Sabrina is even more horrified as Platt reveals he already has a young girl kidnapped and held captive for him to sacrifice. When Sabrina prepares to disregard the deal and drag him to Hell, he threatens her with the knowledge that the captive girl will still die even if he is imprisoned in Hell.

Platt, of course, sets a trap for Sabrina by placing one way sigils inside the freezer where he is storing his next intended victim. Once Sabrina finds the girl inside, Platt gleefully traps Sabrina inside as he goes to the Baxter High sports events as the ice cream driver. A little boy approaches the truck for ice cream and Platt goes to serve him, only to find it is an escaped Sabrina in glamour. Having no other options left, Platt cries out for help as Sabrina's hellish minions appear and drag him down to Hell for his crimes. Though it meant Sabrina could not use Platt's body to trap Lucifer inside, she knew Platt deserved to be in Hell for his long years of killing little girls purely for the sake of extending his own life, sentencing him to be tortured for all eternity.

Mitigating Factors

Prior to the fateful accident that led him to making his Faustian bargain, Platt appeared to be a deeply religious man. Whether he was actually a good man who followed the peaceful and compassion-oriented teachings of God or simply used it as a ploy to hide his inner darkness is never fully stated, though it is implied to be the former due to him begging God to save him before being approached by Satan instead.

Heinous Standard

Although Platt is a one-shot villain, the series' other current PE villain was also a one-shot villain (Bartel). I personally think the series' main villain Father Blackwood could qualify as well given the events of the final season. But for only one appearance, Platt is considerably more vile than other antagonists on the show.

The worst thing the Weird sisters ever did was hex Sabrina and mess with her, all of which seemed to have stopped after the first season. Lilith is obviously very manipulative and power-hungry, but has the tragic backstory and redeeming qualities, particularly when she quickly felt genuine love for Miss Wardwell's fiance (as she had been possessing Wardwell's body for the first half of the series). Lucifer is, well, Lucifer, but the last season actually makes him seem a bit more doting of a father than the earlier character who used his daughter as a pawn, meaning he couldn't qualify as PE despite being responsible for thousands, if not millions, of deaths and tragedies over his very long lifespan. The Pagans and the Plague Kings don't exactly have redeeming qualities, but also don't do anything to really raise the heinous standard, either.

Then there's Jimmy Platt. Unlike the Weird sisters or Father Blackwood, who are witches, or Lilith, Lucifer, and even Bartel, who are demons, Platt is a regular human being who happened to make a deal with the devil. The deal only said an innocent soul had to be sacrificed; it never specifically said it had to be children. Not only did Platt chose to kill young girls as sacrifices, he did it rather quickly after his first 'term' was nearly expired. He also grew a bit too comfortable with that process so shortly after making his deal, and way too damn jolly about the prospect of sacrificing little girls for his own purposes, as he gleefully tells Sabrina. All without a shred of remorse or any kind of regret.

In this he is comparable to Bartel, the other PE villain from Sabrina. Both kidnap innocent victims and kill them for their own purposes, without remorse or empathy. However, there is a certain higher level of depravity when it comes from a regular human selfishly taking innocent young lives to extend his own lifespan versus a demon who kills to satisfy their own bloodlust. This puts Platt at a higher standard than other villains as, aside from his deal with the devil, he has no extended history with the paranormal or the demonic and still turned out more wicked and depraved than most of Sabrina's adversaries.

Final Verdict

The series seems to have a habit of making their one-shot characters more villainous and vile than main or recurring characters. And considering what his competition is, I believe Jimmy Platt fits the PE category.

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