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Growing impatient for my third proposal not being voted as a result of the plagiarism, even after i fixed it, i decided to make a proposal by writing it on my own words. For this, i present you Vigo Boradsov.

What's the work?

NightCry is a 2016 survival horror video game. It's a spiritual successor of the franchise of Clock Tower. In this game, the passengers are trapped in the luxury cruise ship Oceanus and some of them are slaughtered by the Scissorwalker.

Who's the villain?

Vigo Boradsov is the secondary antagonist of NightCry. He's the leader of the cult known as The Faithful, as well as the owner of the Oceanus.

What has he done?

According to Vigo's diary, it strongly implied he had a daughter named Yolanda, and that he raped and impregnated her with his son/grandson "Otto".

Vigo led the the Faithful into committing mass murder within the ritual.

He's responsible for the massacre at the hands of Scissorwalker (possibly Yolanda) at the Oceanus since he was the one who's in control of the Scissorwalker. Not only that. Vigo's also responsible for the possessed objects killing the other passengers, as well as making the ocean liner an inescapable death trap.

Here's the list of his indirect victims at the Oceanus:

  • Unnamed crew member: Crushed by the moving host trolley.
  • Harry: Brutally dismembered when the Scissorwalker pulled him into the vending machine.
  • Kelly Butler and Jessica Lopez: Killed off-screen by the Scissorwalker.
  • Angie Brown: Allowed herself to be killed by the Scissorwalker if the player hides in the clothing store's rack.
  • Saul: Face punctured by the darts thrown by the Scissorwalker.
  • Maria Ortiz: Killed by the Scissorwalker while Rooney Simpson climbs through an air duct.
  • Cobie: Drowned.
  • Leonard Cosgrove: Kept alive in a tub while agonizing in pain after his entire body, except his head, is being flayed by the Faithful. He is then euthanized when Rooney turn off the life support linked to him.
  • Monica Flores and the old lady from the elevator: Killed off-screen and pinned to wall if the player choose the ''Purgatory'' ending, one of the endings of the game.

When Rooney enters the dance hall with stringed up corpses (including Jessica and Kelly), she meets Vigo who applauds her for surviving so far. Jerome Theuriau subdue her in order for the Scissorwalker to kill her. But Monica interrupts by knocking out Jerome and saving Rooney. Rooney tears out one of her eyes and replace it with the Eye of the Kassites, allowing her to command the Scissorwalker. The Scissorwalker kills Vigo as revenge for controlling her.

Screen time

While the rape and leading mass murder at the hands of the cult were his heinous actions who were only mentioned, some of his indirect victims are shown on-screen.

Mitigating factors/freudian excuse

Unlike most other villains of the franchise who are possessed, insane, anti-villainous, redeemed, remorseful, polite, tragic, sympathetic or on & off, Vigo is the only one to never leave the monstrous path of his villainy, and have no noble cause or insanity or tragic background or sympathy, or redeeming or positive qualities.

At the start, he appears to be innocent, but he is later revealed to be the one who orchestrated the massacre at the ship. When he said "A belated greeting: Welcome to the Oceanus. I [Vigo] hope you [Rooney] enjoy your [Rooney's] cruise with us [them] to our [Faithful's] Eternal Paradise.", the "Eternal Paradise" is the ship where the Faithful are allowed to live in and to worship their evil actions once the Scissorwalker slaughtered all the passengers at the ship.

Heinous standards

Like i said, while the rape and the ritual mass murder he committed are his heinous, but off-screen actions, his only on-screen action to cross the Moral Event Horizon is the use of the Scissorwalker as his obeying puppet against her will to orchestrate the mass murder at the Oceanus.

Final verdict

I consider Vigo as the only PE of the whole franchise.