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Harle Dragalia

Took the identity of a good knight to fulfil his sadistic desires. This guy is among the worst!

I initially didn't consider this character to be PE due to two things I felt were serious preventions. Further examination, I feel he may count after all.

What's The Work?[]

Dragalia Lost is an defunct mobile game. It starred a Prince who had to fight various forces of evil to save his world and family.

Who Is Loki? What Does He Do?[]

The world of Grasteea was created by two beings. Bahamut, the Origin, and Xenos, The Progenitor. Of course, Grastaea wasn't their first attempt. They made multiple attempts. Eventually Xenos grew fed up and wanted full control. He even created demons to prove that choice is the reason their worlds kept failing. Among these demons was one named Loki.

We don't exactly know what Loki did long ago, but in the present, Xenos summons him while possessing one of Alberia's Scions. The reason? A knight caught wind of his plans. As such, Loki banished the knight to another dimension and took up his identity as Harle.

After that, Loki went on to do what he wanted with Harle's identity, starting with tricking the King of Alberia into going into a temple where an evil force is sealed away. When the king unknowingly releases said force (which Loki IS well aware of), he is possessed by Morsayati and becomes Emperor Aurelius... which would quickly result in Alberia becoming the Dyrenell Empire and turn the once peaceful kingdom into a dictatorship with in intent on wiping out all dragons and conquering other lands. Loki, helped out as he saw it as opportunity to have some fun.

His loyalties are not with Morsayati though (nor is he loyal to Xenos). He is shown frequently to deviate from Morsayati when he becomes interested in something else... Such as when he terrorizes a village by capturing the guardian dragon and tricking a Sylvan named Melsa into luring the Halidom party into a trap on the promise of sparing said village and returning said dragon unharmed. He lied of course. Not only does he make it clear he would still destroy the village, but he had turned the dragon into a fiend known as Hypnos.

Not just that, but when visitors from another world arrive in Alberia, Loki partners up with one of those visitors, also named Loki. The two Lokis then captured a ruler from Girl Loki's world and brainwashed her into attacking the Halidom party. Let's just say said leader was understandably furious that she opted to partner with her usual nemesis against Loki. In the end, Girl Loki returned to her world with everybody else, and the Loki of this world continued like nothing happened.

Loki even deliberately set up piss poor defenses against the Halidom simply because he figured it would be more fun if they reached Morsayati. He also reveals the truth about Euden's heritage to Elisanne to put her into despair.

Of course, none of that compares to how he "helps" the city of Grams. The Auspex there, Origa, became aware of the threat that Xenos held to the world, so Loki tells her that the key to stopping the Progenitor is to revive the king of demons, Satan. To do this, Loki convinces Origa, Basileus, and Michael to free the Archdemons who go on to cause chaos throughout Grastaea, all to sacrifice 666 souls for Satan's revival. After which, Origa offers herself up as a vessel. Upon which, Loki reveals to have lied and that Satan doesn't even care about the Progenitor as the demons continue to cause destruction and even kill all the archangels (sans Sandalphon who survives). With this, the Apostles call for the Halidom to help with reviving the archangels before they perish too (as the lives of the apostles and archangels are linked to where if one dies, their partner eventually will as well).

After reviving the archangels, they go to face Loki and Satan. They have one extra person with them though. Harle had managed to get back from the dimension Loki banished him to, and was ready to hit Loki with a heavy dose of revenge, banishing the demon in the same way before helping the party imprison Satan (along with Origa's soul).

Loki's banishment doesn't last long though as Xenos is quick to bring him back. Loki doesn't show any gratitude for this though as he has no desire to see Xenos's world come into fruition, deeming Xenos's world boring. Thus, he goes to torture Euden once more, considering him the best candidate to be tortured. He does this by trapping Euden in a world where he is forced to witness his friends either die or lose faith in him. Euden's willpower is strong though, and he is able to break free of the illusion. Amazed by this but not ready to give up, Loki makes one last attempt to kill the party only for Euden to land a fatal blow. Loki can only bemuse how interesting the fight between Euden and Xenos will be before finally perishing.

Regardless of what Loki's end goal was, the party agreed he was only acting on his own benefit.

Mitigating Factors[]

As I said, there were two things that I initially thought kept this guy from being Pure Evil. First up is the fact that he was made by the Progenitor to act outside of the norm, namely to make a point that choice is bad. Loki not being loyal to Xeno was intentional, yes. I viewed this as meaning that Loki had moral agency issues. Let's take a deeper look though. namely the fact that Loki wasn't the only demon that Xenos created, and thus not the only one made to defy the norm. While many of the demons are chaotic by nature, one demon proved that the demons are capable of moral agency. The demon in question is Metatron who would go on to become the first archangel.

That's right! In Dragalia Lost continuity, the archangels are demons. The fact that the archangels are demons proves that demons are capable of right and wrong so long as they defy the norm (which is established to be the case with Metatron). As such, demons have more normality agency issues than moral agency issues. Don't recall anything against that. The point is that this proves that demons like Loki are more than capable of doing good as they are capable of choice, yet Loki chooses to be the worst he can be.

The other bit was his death in Euden's Bondforged story where he seemed to display respect for Euden's power, but was he really? As stated, he isn't loyal to Xenos (even if that was intentional on Xenos's part, it is still by Loki's choice), and upon further examination, his words read more of interest in the damage that could occur from Euden and the Progenitor fighting. In other words he was entertaining the idea of Euden and Xenos fighting than actually respecting Euden's power. In the end, Loki doesn't actually care about anybody and simply wants to see the world burn for his own amusement.

Heinous Standard[]

Let's be real here. A lot of the most heinous and dangerous villains within this game went on to cause destruction because of Loki, and Loki knew how dangerous they were which is why he played a part in their release. He played a part in releasing Morsayati, turned Sylvia into Hypnos, teamed up with Fire Emblem Loki (which also isn't a prevention btw as there isn't anything indicating he actually cared for her) to cause destruction to both of their worlds, he tricked Origa into releasing Satan, and made multiple attempts to kill Lief and Cecile due to them being Harle's friends while also attempting to break Euden's spirit for his own sadistic amusement.

In the end, Loki is the mastermind behind a majority of events in the game. As such, he definitely meets the standards.


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