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Ustanak is a major antagonist in Resident Evil 6 (specifically the main antagonist to Jake/Sherry's campaign and a supporting antagonist on Leon/Helena's campaign). It is a B.O.W. created by Carla Radames to hunt down Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin.

Ustanak is also the spiritual successor of Nemesis T-Type.



The individual who would become "Ustanak" was once an ordinary human being that volunteered himself as Neo-Umbrella's subject to produce the ultimate B.O.W.. Nothing is known about the man other than that he was a former prisoner, but in 2011 he joined Neo-Umbrella and allowed himself to be infected with the C-virus.

Other test subjects had been experimented on before him but he was the only one to survive the invasive surgical procedures of the development process. At some point during the first few days, the individual was involved in a laboratory accident, leading to the loss of his right arm (either through damage caused or subsequent amputation). Despite the C-Virus' notability for mutating J'avo endlessly, his arm failed to regenerate - an evident flaw. Regardless, his abilities in other fields led to the Neo-Umbrella scientists considering the experiment a success.

After the experimentation, Carla Radames oversaw Ustanak's training. Ustanak had emerged from the laboratory with most, if not all, of his human faculties intact and so he was capable of thinking strategically and fashioning his own tools and weapons. To enhance his performance, Ustanak's lost arm was replaced with a cybernetic prosthesis that bore a large mechanical claw for grabbing targets. As well as this claw, a number of special weapons and devices were built for Ustanak to attach to his arm which he could then use in battle.


Ustanak was first deployed in Edonia, where he was hunting for mercenary Jake Muller who, along with U.S. agent Sherry Birkin, witnessed him wiping out a squad of J'avos. The creature began pursuing them, eventually cornering them in an abandoned warehouse where he was eventually crushed under falling rubble. However, the Ustanak recovered quickly and pursued Jake and Sherry whilst they were travelling in a BSAA helicopter. Although he was assisted by attack choppers piloted by Neo-Umbrella forces, they managed to shoot down the helicopter which knocked off the creature.

The Ustanak continued hunting for Jake and Sherry, who were trying to escape the mountains. He used Okos to locate them whilst they were navigating through the caverns and a drill attachment on his arm to break through rock walls, but they managed to evade him. After several escapes, the creature managed to trap them but they were able to incapacitate him with a giant mining drill. However they failed to kill him when they were distracted by a J'avo squad. The beast knocked Sherry unconscious and pinned down Jake with his foot, preventing him from escaping while Carla conversed with him about his father and his unique blood. Jake and Sherry were then taken to a research facility in China by Neo-Umbrella.


After Sherry and Jake escaped the chaos in the city, Ustanak was sent after them. He found them at the crash site of the plane Leon and Helena, trying to kill the extras wit debris. A combined effort on their part ruined two of Ustanak's spare hands. Unfortunately for the brute, a damaged tower fell over and crushed Ustanak; allowing the quartet to flee. He survived albeit injured and was picked up by Neo-Umbrella forces and taken to the subterranean lab at the oil drill at sea.

With the ensuing destruction of the base from a power overload and Haos hatching, Ustanak was unaware his master Carla was gone. All he knew was to follow her final orders to dispose of Jake should he escape again. This lead to a confrontation in the lava harvest room. Jake manages to punch Ustanak into the lava; the beast flails in pain, only to get smacked down by debris. Heavily burned and with exposed organs and missing feet, Ustanak followed them to the cargo ramp; he managed to follow after them even as the flames from the base followed him. Using the Elephant Killer found in the supplies, Sherry and Jake shot him in his exposed heart, sending Ustanak plummeting into the flames below the track and ending poor creature's misery.

Other Media

Project X-Zone

The Ustanak appears as a common enemy in Project X Zone 2.


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