The Ute Chief is the main antagonist of Disney's 1960 live-action film Ten Who Dared, despite his small role. He is the evil chief of the Utes who wants to avenge his tribe members by killing Bill, Oramel, and Seneca.

He was portrayed by the late Pat Hogan, who also played the tribesman Broken Nose in Disney's Savage Sam.


At one stop, the group is joined by tracker Jim Baker, whose Indian wife warns them that a huge, deadly waterfall lies ahead. She recounts the Indian legend about the rapids: Long ago, after the Ute chief's wife dies, he grieves so excessively that one of the gods leads him to see her in paradise. In order to block the path so the chief can never return, the god turns the trail into a raging river that cannot be passed. Although the men are frightened by the story, Powell's calculations suggest that no such waterfall exists. Despite Powell's assurance, Frank determines to leave the party but first admits that Missouri's drunkenness was his fault.

Although Bill, Oramel, and Seneca manage to find their way to the peak, they are soon beset by the hostile Ute Indians, who are searching for the murderers of an Indian squaw. While Bill convinces the Indians that he and the others are innocent, the six remaining travelers reach the last set of rapids, and after a harrowing trip, are pleased to discover that they have safely reached Arizona. Soon after, the United States Congress honors the whole group with a plaque for conquering  Colorado. One year later, it is implied that the Utes have murdered the three men.


  • Despite being the main antagonist, he only appeared at the end of the film and was only mentioned by an Indian woman until the climax.
  • He is simply credited as "Indian Chief".


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