Uto and Kago are the secondary antagonists of the 2005 Tarzan prequel Tarzan II. They are Mama Gunda's sons and henchmen.

Uto was voiced by Brad Garrett, who also voiced Torque in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, and Kago was voiced by Ron Perlman, who also voiced Slade in Teen Titans.


Uto and Kago were abandoned by their old tribe for being too violent and too dimwitted.


Kago is a dark blue obese gorilla with two fangs poking up from his lower jaw. Uto is a brown obese gorilla with large cheeks and buck teeth.



Kago is a violent, sadistic, angry, evil and intimidating gorilla who likes smashing things like rocks and he is the most evil of the duo.

He also hates it when things make him angry such as his brother, Uto poking him, being insulted and someone scaring his brother, Uto.


Uto is very dimwitted, easily scared, cheerful, childish and dumb. He also likes throwing things off cliffs to see if anything or anyone he throws off a cliff can fly.

Uto also finds it funny when his brother has hiccups.

He also gets angry when someone provokes Kago and when he gets called banana brain.



  • Despite being the secondary antagonists of Tarzan II, Uto and Kago did not reform, but their mother, Mama Gunda, the main antagonist of the film, reforms towards the end. However, some fans or people think that Uto and Kago reformed which is debatable.


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