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Villain Overview

In this pathetically weak world, only the strongest rise to heights of great power. I control this city, and soon, I will be master of this world. Nothing can stand in my way! No police! No government! And certainly not these... mutant freaks! I will crush them all! I am... the Shredder!
~ The Shredder's bio.
None of you will leave here alive!
~ Utrom Shredder's most famous quote.
You speak my name, but you do not know me! I am Ch'rell, Oroku Saki, Duke Acureds, the one, true Shredder! I am a destroyer of worlds, and I fear no-one!
~ Ch'rell, also known as the Utrom Shredder.

The Utrom Shredder, actually an evil alien named Ch'rell, is the main antagonist of the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series, serving as the main antagonist of the first three seasons of the series and the 2009 film finale Turtles Forever.

He is the archenemy of the Turtles and their master Splinter. He also made some appearances in the comics like in the Mirage comics version as a cameo and later a major villain in the IDW version. He is the show's version of the Shredder.

He was voiced by Scottie Ray, who also played both the Tengu Shredder and the Cyber Shredder in the series as well, Daz Bonez in One Piece, Anubis in Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Pyramid of Light, Zure and Zane Truesdale in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Red Genesect in Genesect and the Legend Awakened.


You need to know who Saki, The Shredder, really is. He serves no great purpose, he fights no great evil. He is great evil. Any endeavor he undertakes, he does for his own selfish gain.
~ Splinter describing Utrom Shredder.

Ch'rell is an embodiment of the extreme megalomaniac: overconfident, ruthless, relentless, and sadistic. He feels absolutely no remorse for his actions and is extremely proud of them. All that he wants is creating chaos and destruction. He hates anything and anyone who challenges, impedes, or otherwise wrongs him, holding strong grudges very long after the fact - in some cases, this can even become a pathological hatred against them. After Ch'rell had assumed the identity of the Shredder, his megalomania became even much stronger, to the point of calling himself the "one true Shredder".

In the Ninja Tribunal storyline, it is revealed that anyone who claims the identity of the Shredder for themselves develops an unconscious mystical connection with the original Shredder. This connection made Ch'rell even more evil and dangerous than he already was. Consequently, Ch'rell's growing madness and hunger for power may be attributed at least in part to the influence of the Tengu Shredder; a theory given more weight by the fact that his human disguise was identical to the Tengu Shredder's human appearance. The same influence may be one of reasons why his 1987 counterpart found him instead of either Karai or Tengu Shredder.

Despite being evil to the core, Shredder did show some affection towards Karai, even taking her in and training her. However, as her loyalty declines, he ended up disregarding his love for her (as well as her love for him); outright assaulting and even trying to kill her once she finally turned against him. Even Hun, his most loyal henchmen, proved nothing more than disposable as he threatened to kill him several times. Worst of all, aside from a brief moment of hesitation, he refused to listen to Karai after she tried to talk him out of wiping out the entire universe, proving that he likely never truly loved her and only considered a pawn.

In his final appearance, Shredder became even more depraved than before. Not only did he stop caring about Karai as mentioned above, but he was so fed-up with the turtles that he tried to destroy the entire multiverse.

Overall, this Shredder (along with his alternate future version) is the most and evil vile to date. He disregarded his few redeeming traits all for the sake of his revenge, and is the only version who tried to wipe out an entire universe to achieve it.

Powers and Abilities

2003 Leonardo: You don't understand, the Utrom Shredder isn't like your Shredder, he's vicious.
2003 Donatello: Lethal!
2003 Michelangelo: Competent!
2003 Raphael: We go in, no saying if we come out.
~ The 2003 Ninja Turtles telling their 1987 counterparts that Utrom Shredder is a serious threat.

On his own, Ch'rell isn't the most dangerous enemy, given his small size and body design. However, he has demonstrated great craftiness, speed, and strength, successfully knocking around his 1987 counterpart and Krang.

When Ch'rell is in his exo-suit as the Shredder, he has demonstrated great skill at martial arts, out-fighting all of the Turtles and his primary weapon is the claws on his armored hand. Ch'rell is extremely technologically knowledgeable due to being an Utrom and has numerous forms of advanced technology at his disposal. The exosuit that he wore also gave him many advantages, such as wielding a weapon that can only be wielded with protective gloves (like the Sword of Tengu), and faking his death multiple times (up until the revelation of his Utrom nature, Ch'rell was believed to be a human by his adversaries).

Aside from his usual exo-suit Shredder, Ch'rell has used a few other versions that are more powerful, such as the one he made based on Krang’s suit. This version can grow to giant size and has a number of weapons built into the hands. With this suit, he proved powerful enough to easily overwhelm the 2003, 1987, and Mirage Turtles, 2003 Splinter, Karai, his 1987 counterpart, and Krang in his own suit all at once.


No one opposes the Shredder, and now I will have my revenge for our last encounter.
~ The Utrom Shredder
Say farewell to each other while you still can.
~ The Utrom Shredder
No man, or freak, can defeat me!
~ The Utrom Shredder
I will finish you myself!
~ The Utrom Shredder before killing Hamato Yoshi.
You freaks have been a thorn in my side long enough.
~ The Utrom Shredder
Foot Ninja, attack! Destroy them!
~ The Utrom Shredder
I will finish you first!
~ The Utrom Shredder
Find the Turtles! They cannot be far! Do not let them escape!
~ The Utrom Shredder
Finish them off! This rodent is mine!
~ The Utrom Shredder
I fight to win!
~ The Utrom Shredder to Splinter.
Like the Phoenix, I have risen from the ashes. And into my fire, you shall fall.
~ The Utrom Shredder trying to kill the Turtles and Splinter via blowing up the building.
Ninjas, attack! Destroy them all!
~ The Utrom Shredder
You are not fit to judge me! I am the Shredder! I am invincible!
~ Ch'rell, before he is sent to eternal exile on Mor Gal Tal
You dare strike the one, true Shredder!
~ The Utrom Shredder
No! I am the Shredder, slayer of Ninja Turtles! If destroying them means the end of everything, THEN SO BE IT!!!!
~ The Utrom Shredder after Karai's warning about the threat of complete multiverse destruction upon killing the Mirage Turtles and her pleas to not lose him again (in the extended version of "Turtles Forever")


  • The Utrom twist on this version of the Shredder was conceived by the franchise's co-creator Peter Laird and Lloyd Goldfine with what Ch'rell looked like being thought of by Laird.
  • This is the first version of the Shredder that is not human.
  • He has the highest body count out of all incarnations of the Shredder, as he is directly responsible for at least billions of lives being lost (though most of his victims died before he assumed Shredder's identity).
  • He is (along with his alternate future counterpart) not only the most evil version of the Shredder but also one of the most evil cartoon characters ever.
  • It is unknown how and why he turned evil, as in the episode that revealed both his background and true nature as an Utrom, he was only shown already being very evil, dangerous and imprisoned before escaped, indicating that he was evil all his life.
  • In the video game Mutant Nightmare, the Utrom Shredder fires electric bolts but in the series he never does this.
  • In the Turtles Forever movie, the 1987 Shredder found him instead of Tengu Shredder while looking for his TMNT 2003 counterpart, even though the Tengu Shredder is technically the Oroku Saki of that world. This is most likely due to Ch'rell being the most "major" of the three Shredders, and also possibly because at the time Ch'rell, the current Shredder at that time, was still alive while Tengu Shredder was dead and Karai only temporarily took the Shredder mantle.
  • Even though the Tengu Shredder is described as the "Greatest evil the world has ever known", the Utrom Shredder is often considered more evil due to him committing extremely evil acts throughout the universe while the Tengu Shredder only terrorized the Earth.
  • He also made a cameo in the Mirage Comics.
  • Ch'rell appears in the IDW comics as a separate character from both Krang and Shredder as well as being the deadliest warrior under the former.
  • Early on during the development of Back to the Sewers, when it was initially planned as a second Fast Forward season, it was discussed to bring back the Utrom Shredder as the TriShreddatron, revealing that the Utrom Shredder survived into the year 2105 by taking over a Triceraton soldier's body. However, a second Fast Forward season ultimately didn't materialize, though the Utrom Shredder was finally brought back in Turtles Forever.

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