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For those of you who are still living under the illusion that you will have freedom, know this: My armies have exterminated the last pockets of resistance and I now control the entire planet. The traitorous Utrom scientists I have captured are completing a colossal transmat device. With it, I will send forth my armies and enslave the stars, one world after another. There is no hope. There is only the Shredder.
~ The Utrom Shredder's voice-over introduction in this episode

Ch'rell, better known as the Utrom Shredder, is the main antagonist of the Season 3 episode "Same As It Never Was".

He is an alternate future version of Ch'rell who succeeded in becoming the supreme dictator of the Utrom and the Earth.

Like his original self, he was voiced by Scottie Ray.


Ch'rell's utrom body is very similar in appearance to his mainstream counterpart, being red in color and a purple scar in his left eye that crosses it diagonally, however here, it isn't as red as it used to and is now a bit more wrinkly than usual.

As for his massive exo suit, he now pilots it in the head portion with the helmet covering his head, and has a variety of armaments attached to it, such as two large legs and four arms with blades attached to it, as well as more blades on the shoulders and back, and multiple red bulb lights on the surface. The colour combination of his suit is primarily black and grey only barring the bulbs.


Exterminating you two, traitors, will be an added bonus to today's great victory!
~ Ch'rell before killing both Hun and Stockman.

Ch'rell is the same sociopathic, power-hungry individual. Here he is at its most evil, perhaps even more so than his mainstream counterpart. Ch'rell is a systematic genius, able to successfully enslave the Utrom race so he can then ensure his victory conquering Earth, and has his men surveillance everywhere, and has the Utrom scientists build a device to teleport his army to conquer the universe. He doesn't want anyone to takeaway his victory and thus has any resistance wiped out. He is more sadistic than ever, toying with Donnie during the final battle, and taunting his enslaved subjects on that there is no hope and just he himself. But as usual, Ch'rell's weakness is his own ego, proclaiming his victory before achieving it, which led to his very own demise.

Powers and Abilities

Thanks to its massive size, Ch'rell's exo suit is capable of crushing any resistance under his foot as when he did it to a wheelchair bound Hun.

The exo suit is also impenetrable to gunfire and can rip apart weaker machines. However, it is still vulnerable to an advanced Turtle Tunneler.


At one point, Donatello was trapped in alternate future where Shredder succeeded in his plan he had in the Season 3 finale, "Exodus", to leave Earth, take over the Utrom home world and enslave his own race, before having his army return to Earth and conquer it. He then has foot bots sent to destroy any resistance. Thanks to him, Splinter and Casey were killed, and the gang was separated. Shredder then ruled over the world with an iron fist, enslaving all the humans and forced them to work 18 hours a day and forbid them from going out at night, forcing Utroms to be soldiers to monitor the world to see if anyone is disobeying. Eventually Hun and Baxter Stockman were disgusted by his evilness and betrayed him, so as punishment, Shredder fuses them together and has them executed before April's resistance saved them, and they work for them now.

Shredder appears onscreen, announcing his progress on wiping out any resistance, and forcing his Utrom scientists to build a machine to teleport his army to conquer other planets and rule the universe, before taunting his subjects. After an attack on Donatello, who "returned" after 30 years, Karai reports it to Shredder, to which he replies that "the prodigal son has returned" and sends Karai to bring Donnie's head, with or without his body. However, Shredder doesn't wait long as the Turtles, April, Hun and Stockman have broke into the palace using the Tunneller, with Donnie wearing an exo-suit to challenge him. Ch'rell reveals himself and has Karai send out her legions for her attack. Hun then sought to ask Ch'rell for forgiveness despite Stockman's warnings, but Ch'rell callously killed them both, claiming that their deaths will be a great bonus to his ultimate victory. Mikey, Leo, Raph and Karai were also killed in the battle. Donnie and Ch'rell have their ultimate battle, with Donnie nearly losing and Ch'rell simply toying with him now, and when Ch'rell nearly kills Donnie, Donnie remarks on how he proclaimed his victory before achieving it before he activates the Tunneller's energy drill and then his exo-suit and then himself, was destroyed, ending his reign of terror.


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