Water Pollution Knight Uzumaquixote is a knight of the Water Pollution Clan led by Prince Nigorl zo Arelunbra and the main antagonist of episode 25 of Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

He was voiced by Naomi Kusumi who previously voiced Juuki from GoGoFive and later voiced Oborojime from Shinkenger.


Uzumaquixote aided Nigorl zo Arelunbra in his conquest of the Machine World until the two were sent to Earth by a mysterious portal, where they froze up and turned to stone due to the lack of pollution.

Uzumaquixote was eventually uncovered by Renn Kousaka when he was young, who prayed to it for his ill mother to get better. In the present day, Renn sought out the statue when he returned home, only for the Banki Clan Gaiark to discover it as well, identifying it as one of their own. Before the Gaiark Pollution Ministers or the Go-Ongers could do anything to it however, Renn grabbed the statue and ran away.

However, when Renn becomes distracted Kegalesia is able to move in and revive it. Kegalesia then orders Uzumaquixote to kill Renn, but he finds himself unable to do so, remembering the kindness Renn showed to him while he was frozen, and instead runs off. Uzumaquixote soon encounters the other Go-Ongers and has an easy time fighting them off.

However, Renn realizes that his family is more important than the sentimental value the statue holds to him and becomes Go-On Blue to assist his friends in destroying the statue. Critically wounded, Uzumaquixote asks the Pollution Ministers to revive his master, who is sealed in a nearby mountain. Kitaneidas then infuses Uzumaquixote with Bikkurium to cause him to undergo an Industrial Revolution.

Even though he manages to drain Seiku-Oh and GunBir-Oh of their power at first, after Go-on Blue uses the Kyu-yu Soul, to recharge Seiku-Oh and GunBir-Oh, Engine-Oh, GunBir-Oh, and Seiku-Oh use their combined attacks to destroy Uzumaquixote.

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