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This shi*t's gonna go viral!
~ The Entity after successfully tricking Kevin into uploading it's tapes to the internet and expanding it's influence exponentially.

The V/H/S Entity is the overarching antagonist of the V/H/S horror franchise.

The V/H/S Entity's true form has not been shown on-screen as of yet, though it has taken the form of Iris, who is portrayed by Emilia Ares.


The Entity has never once appeared in any of the films so far, it's unknown if it even has a true form to even begin with. However in the film V/H/S: Viral, The Entity did briefly take the form of a woman named Iris whom it had killed already, using her appearance to trick her boyfriend Kevin into uploading its collection of V/H/S tapes to the internet and drastically expanding its influence around the world.



The V/H/S Entity is a being of complete mystery in both origin and reasoning, the only known thing about the entity is that it desires to spread its own influence as much as possible by spreading chaos wherever it can and it is unknown if this entity is some form of all-powerful evil God, a mad spirit, or possibly a demon from Hell itself. It's influence even extends to alien lifeforms who have visited Earth multiple times.


Holy Hell

The earliest known influences of the Entity was in the year 1994 where it had convinced a group of people into creating a V/H/S Cult where they would watch tapes it had collected and then tear out their own eyes so that they would be the last things they had ever seen, killing themselves in the process. It would also tell them to either make drugs, or make it seem like they were possibly making them, in order to attract the attention of the local authorities. A SWAT team would later arrive as the Entity had predicted which was lead by a man named Slater, not knowing that two members of his team were members of his cult who would betray and then kill him.

Storm Drain

After either creating a Human-Animal hybrid had dubbed Raatma or appearing as Raatma itself, the Entity allowed itself to be seen by a few people until a news station known as Channel 6 ran a story based on what civilians were calling the "Rat-Man", where reporter Holly Marciano interviewed those who had "allegedly seen it" including a hunter and a minister who both saw Raatma in a storm drain.

Holly and her cameraman Jeff investigate the drain where soon come across a man named Bill who was covered head to toe in oil-like black substance. Believing he is the "Rat Man" everyone had been talking about, Holly tries to interview Bill until both she and Jeff are kidnapped by other men and taken deeper into the sewers. There, it's revealed that the hunter and minister they had interviewed earlier were members of the cult that worshipped Raatma and unknowingly the Entity itself. In order to test who is "worthy" of joining them, Raatma spits the black liquid from before onto Jeff's face which kills him, and then does the same to Holly who survives.

Sometime later, Holly is "rescued" and taken back to Channel 6 where she suddenly vomits the black liquid onto her co-host's face, melting it off the bone and revealing Holly had been inducted into the cult. Holly then turns to the camera and declares "Hail Raatma".

The Empty Wake

After a man known as Andrew Edwards climbed to the roof of a church and "yelled gibberish" at the top of his lungs, then committed suicide by jumping off just as a congregation was leaving, the family of Arthur requested that his wake be recorded throughout the entire night at the funeral home. A woman working their named Hailey stays overnight after agreeing to wait for them in order for the family to grieve and give a sermon for him, though the family never arrives due to the possibility a tornado in the area.

As Hailey waited in the funeral home with little to do other than talk to her friend over the phone, Hailey repeatedly hears bumping noises coming from the coffin but convinces herself it must be the storm outside or the body of Andrew settling after the autopsy. After the power goes out however and a scared Hailey tries to leave only to find the front doors chained shut from the other side, she returns to find the casket on the floor with Andrew's body missing, and blood on the pillows.

Andrew Edwards, now a zombie that's been resurrected by the Entity, tries to kill Hailey as his body falls apart bit by bit. Even his skull is half missing due to the fall he took from his suicide, though it is still sentient along with the other parts that fell from Edward's body. Just as Andrew nearly kills Hailey, the tornado strikes the funeral home seemingly killing Andrew, though Hailey either traumatized or now possessed by Andrew, leaves through a broken window never to be seen again.

The Subject

After corrupting the mind of Dr. James Suhendra and giving him the skills to create what should be impossible "Neo-Humans", Suhendra would go on to kidnap at least 97 people over the course of several months, possibly years, and attempt to turn them into his twisted abominations and killing them all in the process.

After the death of another test subject, a man only known as Subject 97 who's severed head had been attached to spider-like legs, Suhendra kidnaps a man he dubs Subject 98 and a woman he dubs Subject 99. Suhendra sedates both of his newest victims and turns Subject 98 into a homicidal war machine and Subject 99 into a living camera that records everything she seeds.

Before he can revel in his creation for long however, Suhendra's base is discovered by the Indonesian police and Suhendra asks if they're going to arrest him. The leader of the squad, Captain Hassan, tells them they're not doing any such thing and orders his men to execute Suhendra.

Captain Hassan attempts to kill both of the subjects to put them both out of their misery but before he can, an alarm goes off and a pre-recorded message tells the officers that in the event of his death, Subject 98 is going to kill all of them so that nobody gets access to his experiments and Subject 98 awakens to do just that. As he effortlessly slaughters everyone in his path, Subject 99 slips away where she discovers more of Suhendra's horrific tests on subjects both alive and dead, who is forced to defend herself from the officers as they attempt to kill her on Hassan's orders.

Subject 99 soon meets with Officer Jono, the only one in Hassan's squad who didn't want to kill either subject since it was their job to bring them back to their families alive and Jono tells her he knows where the exit is. Hassan discovers them however and nearly murders Subject 99 (severely depleting the batteries in her new head) until Jono is forced to kill Hassan. Just as they're about to leave however, Subject 98 catches up to them and chops off Jono's arm, and Subject 99 kills him by ripping his brain out of his head. Jono succumbs to his wounds and Subject 99 escapes the facility, though her fate is left unclear.


After the Entity decided to create a Vampire known only as Howlett, an extremist group known as the First Patriots Movement Militia led by a man named Greg kidnaps Howlett after somehow capturing and discovering that his is a Vampire, decides to use his explosive blood to destroy a government building in order to begin "taking back America". Every day, they execute Howlett and collect his blood in order to eventually collect enough to build a bomb and after successfully testing the blood in the daylight with a rabbit, the terrorists decide to celebrate by getting drunk and partying, including the man who was supposed to be watching Howlett and accidentally getting his blood in is mouth after trying to kiss him.

The next morning, the group panics when they realize no one had been watching their "weapon" and storm the building after Howlett's guard explodes in the sunlight and two of their own men are accidentally shot by another one of their men. The remaining members however stand no chance due to their drunken incompetence and eventually, Howlett drags a wounded Greg into his cage where he commits suicide by exposing himself to sunlight and blows up the entire FPMM base of operations.


Tape 56

Rox, Brad, Zak, and Gary, a group of vandals and perverts, are hired by an "anonymous source" (most likely the Entity) to break into a deceased elderly man's house and search for "Tape 56" in order to steal it for the source's collection. After watching the tapes one by one to search for the correct tape, each member of the group is killed by the Entity possessing the old man until they're all dead. It's more than likely that "Tape 56" never existed in the first place and the Entity wanted to scare and then kill all of the misfits for its own amusement.

Amateur Night

After renting a motel room with the goal of bring back women to have sex with there, Clint is given a pair of glasses with a hidden camera while he and his friends Patrick and Shane go bar hopping. Once there, they convince a bar maid as well as a shy and awkward girl named Lily who rarely says anything other than "I like you" to Clint and shows no interest in either Patrick or Shane.

Back at hotel, the barmaid passes out drunk so Patrick and Shane attempt to have a threesome with Lily despite her disinterest and don't notice Lily's scales under her dress or that her feet have claws given their drunkenness. As Clint waits in the bathroom for them to be done, Patrick suddenly bursts into the bathroom with a large bite wound on his hand from Lily and when they try to confront her, she reveals her fangs to them and then murders Shane. Patrick and Clint run back to the bathroom where Patrick arms himself with a curtain rod to defend himself, though Lily kills Patrick as well and even castrates him.

Clint tries running away but fall down a staircase and injures himself in the process giving Lily enough time to catch up to him. Instead of trying to kill him however, Lily attempts to have sex with Clint but he makes it clear he's not interested at all and she reveals her true form, a winged succubus, and flies off with Clint as he screams into the night sky before she rapes and eventually kills him.

Second Honeymoon

On a trip to their honeymoon in Arizona, the couple Sam and Stephanie visit a theme park where a mechanical fortune teller predicts that Stephanie will soon "reunite with a loved one" and that she's "easily taken advantage" due to being overly trusting. When they both fall asleep later that night, a mysterious masked stranger sneaks into their hotel room where they drag the flat side of a knife across Stephanie's bottom and dips Sam's toothbrush into their toilet and steal money from his wallet seemingly just to spite him.

The next night, the stranger breaks into their room once again, but this time they violently and repeatedly stab Sam in the throat and he slowly chokes to death on his own blood. The scene then cuts to the bathroom where it's revealed that the stranger is actually Stephanie's Lover and that she's a lesbian. Unbeknownst to both of them however, the lover forgot to delete the footage of their crime.

Tuesday the 17th

A group of three friends, Samantha, Joey, and Spider are on their annual trip into the woods but this time, they've brought along a new friend known as Wendy. Joey records their outing on his phone and at seemingly random spots in the woods, his phone would glitch and show otherwise completely invisible bodies of people and animals, and later that night Wendy tells her new "friends" that the lake they're staying at is the same place where several years prior, an unknown person killed several people.

Sometime later, Spider and Samantha go off on their own to use the bathroom and a figure appearing as a glitch in Spider's phone throws a knife through the back of Samantha's skull and then chases down Spider where it repeatedly stabs him in the skull. Back at camp, Joey asks Wendy where the others went and she tells Joey that they "left" and Joey remembers actually hearing about the murders Wendy talked about the previous night. Wendy then drops her friendly act and reveals to Joey that she was actually the only survivor of the massacre all those years ago and she tricked Joey and his friends into coming to the lake to use them as bait in order to bring out The Glitch.

Suddenly, The Glitch slashes Joey's throat from behind and Wendy runs away, leading The Glitch into a bear trap where she tries to see it's face, but The Glitch slashes its knife at her hand forcing her to run away where yet again, The Glitch stumbles onto a trap and it is impaled by a spike trap she had set up. Believing that it's finally dead, Wendy walks off only to discover that it's gone when she turns back around and The Glitch pounces onto her from above on a tree and The Glitch beats Wendy to death with her camera and then disembowels her to possibly eat her. Then, Wendy's body begins to glitch out itself before her body eventually disappears like the others.

The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger

A long distance couple, Emily and James, talk about a strange bump that's appeared on her arm that reminds her of an accident when she was a young girl and eventually, Emily hears strange noises outside of her door and witnesses a child-like figure run through her apartment and slam a door shut. Now believing her home maybe haunted but being told that no children have ever died there by her landlord, Emily calls James back the next night where she attempts to cut open the bump on her arm, and James convinces her to stop when he says he will check it out himself when they meet later.

Sometime later, Emily discovers the child-like figure once again along with another who both manage to knock her unconscious. It's then revealed that James has been in Emily's closet the entire time and that the "ghosts" Emily has been seeing have actually been aliens, the bump in her arm is a tracking device, and the aliens have been using Emily as an incubator for their babies. The aliens erase Emily's memories of the night and James breaks some of her bones to make her believe she had some kind of accident that knocked her out.

In their next call, Emily talks to James about her strange new injuries believing she must have been hit by a car while sleepwalking and her doctor James had recommended to her told her she suffers from a schizophrenia which she believes is why she's been seeing the "ghost children" and she tells James he should be with someone who is "normal" and James appears to be compassionate to her saying she's the only woman he loves and they end their call. Immediately after this however, James gets into another call with a woman who has the same bump inside of her arm as Emily does.


On Halloween night in 1998, Matt, Paul, Chad, and Tyler (who has a nanny-cam hidden in his costume) go out to to visit another friend who is hosting a party, but they end up at the wrong house unintentionally. Inside, they all witness strange supernatural things happening around the house but chalk it up to it being a haunted house with convincing special effects.

The friends decide to explore the house until they find themselves in the attic and discover a group of men performing an exorcism on a young girl, who then spot the boys and attempt to kill them and the girl until an unknown force lifts them all away into the rafters of the house where they disappear. The boys take the girl to try and rescue her as the house attempts to stop them with more supernatural forces.

Once outside and back in their car, the boys drive off until their car suddenly stops over train tracks and the girl they just saved teleports outside of the car watching as they're all ran over by a train killing them all.

V/H/S 2

Tape 49

Larry and his girlfriend Ayesha, both private investigators, are hired by a college student's mother to try and find out what happened to her son Kyle who had recently gone missing. They decide to investigate his home where they find a large stack of televisions as well as several VHS tapes from the previous film and they decide to watch them in hopes of find clues on Kyle's whereabouts. As Larry searches the rest of the house, Ayesha watches the most recent tape, unaware she's being watched by a figure in the closet just behind her.

As Ayesha watches more of the tapes, she becomes more and more entranced by them, suffering nosebleeds and migraines as the figure slowly leaves the closet. Eventually, Ayesha commits suicide by shooting herself and Larry discovers the final tape with the word "WATCH" written his late girlfriend's lipstick. In the tape, Kyle reveals that both he and his mother have been attempting to create a tape of their own and Kyle shoots himself up through his jaw, but manages to survive. Suddenly, Ayesha is resurrected as a zombie and during the struggle to kill Larry he breaks her neck, though this does not slow her down so it chases Larry into the closet where he's forced to shoot her in the head. Behind Larry however, he hears the choked gurgling of Kyle who's either also now a zombie or possessed by the Entity who strangles Larry, and then gives a thumbs up to the camera.

Phase 1 Clinical Trials

After losing one of his eyes in a car accident, Herman Middleton is given a mechanical eye implant by his doctor and is told that it records everything he sees for research purposes and to no be alarmed if he happens to see any glitches. After returning home, Herman decides to pass the time by making tea and playing video games as he waits for it to finish and once it does, he goes to it and returns to find that his gaming controller has been moved and the tea kettle from his kitchen shatters against the ground.

Herman cleans the mess believing it to be only a glitch from his new eye, only to be stalked by a deceased looking man as well as a young girl, and is forced to spend the night hiding in his bathtub. The next morning, a woman Herman had seen at the doctor's office named Clarissa arrives at his door to tell him that she's been experiencing the same thing, repeatedly seeing the spirit of an uncle who had repeatedly molested her while he was alive. Clarissa decides to have sex with Herman to take his mind off what's going on but sometime later after waking up, Herman sees one of the spirits drag her into his pool where he's unable to save her from drowning.

Thinking quickly to try and solve this issue, Herman locks himself in his bathroom where he cuts out his implant and is briefly relieved to no longer be able to see the spirits. From the perspective of his detached eye however, the ghosts are still there and one of them kills Herman by shoving his eye down his throat.

A Ride in The Park

At a local park, a man named Mike goes riding on his bicycle with a camera attached to his helmet and cycles until he's stopped by an injured woman who's being followed by Zombies. Mike tries telling the woman they have to leave quickly, but she suddenly bites Mike on his throat and he's forced to beat her to death with a rock. Being infected however, Mike soon turns and eventually stumbles across a birthday party along with several other zombies.

The zombified Mike chases a family into their car as the other zombies eat a man with a shotgun. Suddenly, Mike's phone begins to ring which snaps Mike out of his trance and after he realizes what he's become, he grabs the nearby shotgun and shoots his own head off, sending his camera flying into the air.

Safe Haven

A group of filmmakers in Indonesia intent on investigating a cult known as Paradise Gates and creating a documentary on them, Lena, Malik, Adam, and Joni, are invited by the leader known as Father who has agreed to an interview and the crew sneaks cameras onto themselves along with the tripod camera they plan on using with Father. During the interview however, a bell begins chiming announcing the "Time of Reckoning" and Father announces this over the intercom before he murders Joni for repeatedly stopping his interview to adjust his camera.

All throughout the compound, members of the cult begin to commit suicide, even a group of the cult's children in a classroom, and Malik is shot dead by one of the cultists. Lena is abducted by four female cult members and Adam attempts to rescue her where he's briefly stopped by Father, who suddenly explodes into a shower of blood, and he makes it to a room where he kills another cult member called Madame.

Adam is too late however as Lena' stomach is punctured from the inside by a horn and a giant demon climbs out of her body, and Adam runs away where he encounters the cult members who had committed suicide moments earlier having resurrected as zombies. The demon chases Adam out of the compound and forces him to crash his car where it suddenly speaks calling him "Papa". Realizing that his child with Lena has been replaced by this monstrous demon drives him insane and he laughs maniacally as his camera dies.

Slumber Party Alien Abduction


V/H/S: Viral

Vicious Circles


Dante the Great


Parallel Monsters






V/H/S: Video Horror Shorts

Stray Dog

Casey and her friends are having a sleepover at her house watching scary films until they hear a noise from outside and nervously open it, only to find a small "dog". After Casey convinces her mother to let her keep it, she decides to name it Drake and give him a bath, though Drake begins to growl and Casey suddenly drops her phone into her bathtub after his eyes begin glowing yellow.

Casey's friends find her soaking wet standing in the bathtub and Drake is missing, so they try and find him to no avail. Later that night, Casey is seen staring out into the neighborhood until she goes into the kitchen and eats everything she can get her hands on in the fridge.

Casey's father comes down from his bedroom to see what's going on and Casey suddenly transforms into a monster with a split face, a tentacle replaces one of her arms, and her eyes glow yellow much like Drake's eyes.. Casey kills her father as the girls run away and then her mother, before eating her two friends alive.

Rearview Window

After a girl named Jasmine breaks her leg in a skateboarding accident and gets a cast, her mother drives her to a shopping center where Jasmine is forced to stay in the parking lot while she gets her pain medications. Once there, Jasmine passes the time by recording fights and poking fun at passerbys on Snapchat, including a woman in red heels.

However, Jasmine eventually notices one of the red heels on their ground near the woman's car despite having already walker past her and discovers a man forcing the red-heeled woman into a van before spotting Jasmine, now focusing his attention on her. The man seemingly vanishes from thin air, making Jasmine believe that she's possibly hallucinating the man due to her pain meds.

Jasmine's mother then returns to ask her why she's been screaming and tells her she hasn't seen any man near their car at all despite him banging on her window just moments prior. Just as she's about to calm down, the Gaunt Man suddenly appears in the front seat with her mother missing and the man steals Jasmine's phone as she screams in terror.

The Nest

Lily sneakily follows her brother Rob into the woods with an unknown woman believing that he's cheating on his girlfriend with her and after briefly losing track of them, Lily stumbles across a stone slab in the center of what looks like a campsite with the clothes of several people left behind as well as piles of rocks with human-esque shaped stone heads.

The woods get dark alarmingly fast and Lily eventually discovers a wooden hut lit up by lanterns and inside Lily sees the mysterious woman force feeding Rob a black liquid (possibly the same black liquid created by Raatma and his followers) and the woman confesses "they made me do it". Rob is then grabbed by one of the Stone Striders and lifted through the roof and Lily runs off as more of them search for her with bright orange lights emanating from their eyes.

Lily quickly finds Rob lying across the stone slab she saw earlier though he is unresponsive and she's forced to hide as one of the Stone Striders kills her brother. The woman catches up with Lily and tells her that the Stone Striders were going to let her go from an apparent curse they put on her if they had killed on more person she brought them, but since Lily interrupted the ritual, she's going to become one of them. Lily is quickly surrounded and asks what they want, only to either be killed by them or turned into another Stone Strider.

First Kiss



  • V/H/S tapes were first invented in 1976, meaning this is the earliest the Entity could have began its influence on Humanity, assuming it is even constricted by the laws of time in the first place.
  • Given the Entity's known ability to shapeshift, it's possible that it actually appeared more than once throughout the franchise as various monster or Human antagonists, though so far the only confirmed transformation of the Entity is when it took the form of Iris.
  • The episode "First Kiss" is the only official segment in the V/H/S franchise to not be stylized as found footage and it's unclear as to why.


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