The story of the tyrannical hive mind VIRM from the anime Darling in the FranXX.

Prelude to the Main Story

Klaxosapien advanced

The Klaxosapien's advanced civilization before the assault of VIRM

60 million years ago, a species called Klaxosapiens inhabited a planet that will be known as Earth with their advanced civilization. However, VIRM came to Earth and tried to invade it. At first, VIRM tries to negotiate with Klaxosapiens in peace so that they could assimilate with them and obtain greatest pleasures. However, the Klaxosapiens refused VIRM's offer and as a result, VIRM tries to annihilates their species and their planet when the Klaxosapiens refused to subjugate and as a result, a war has erupted between the two. Despite the VIRM has a larger army due to the amount of the life forms they assimilate with VIRM, Klaxxosaurus won the battle against them due to the advanced technology that they had and also using their ultimate weapon to win the battle, Star Entity. Even if the Klaxosapiens is seemingly won against the VIRM after centuries of bloodshed, they were in a brink of extinction and as a result, they try to hibernate in the deepest parts of the Earth and absorbed an energy known as Magma to enhance their evolution so that they could fight against VIRM in case they're coming back in the future.

Disguising as Humans

Unfortunately, some of the members of VIRM survive the battle and come back in later future disguising as humans so that they could blend in with the human society. After they disguised as human, they formed a group known as APE which is consisted of scientists with unknown origins and nationalities and it operates with the Lamarck Club at its core. It was also revealed that APE themselves introduce a new energy that could benefited the human race known as Magma Energy which is mined from the underground. Said energy was actually low-cost and could appealed to everyone. As a result, humanity then sped up to the apex of its civilization while APE ended up influencing international politics and economy thanks to the energy that they had invented.

The infamous magma energy

The Infamous Magma Energy

In 2025, APE tries to hire a professor named Werner Frank by sending one of his men to them because they were intrigued on the illegal experiments such as cloning that he committed. Werner then accepts APE's offer after the man gave him a huge amount of funding for his project and they also hired a scientist named Karina Milsa. Together, they tried to fulfill APE's wishes by making immortality a reality by extracting Magma energy.

Horrifying desertification

The desertification of certain areas after humans extracting too much Magma Energy

5 years later in 2030, the two scientists test the magma energy and find no signs of aging. While Karina is happy with the results, she also said that human race will lose its reproductive functions in exchange for immortality. However, what Karina said was true. A lot of human tries to become immortal by undergoing a treatment which resulted them losing their reproductive organs. However, as a result of said treatment, the social class is severely divided because the people who only benefit from immortality treatment were rich people while the poor were left to dust. Due to the population explosions that occur years later, a law was passed in East Asia by heavily taxing people who had a childbirth while at the same time, a rapid desertification began to occur in southern parts of North America due to the huge amount of extraction of Magma Energy from underground but the problem got ignored including the ones who works on mass media.

Humanity immortality treatment

A treatment to immortality from Magma Energy

6 years later in 2036, humanity's immortality rate become much common to the point it raises its bar into 70%. Despite Karina and Dr. Frank were scheduled to complete the procedure, the latter refuses to do so and prefers to be mechanically modified considered that he doesn't like his body being messed with someone. By that time, desertification of the lands had become a pressing issues across the world and as a result, Papa and his cohorts from APE introduce the nations about a new project known as "Plantation Project" which is considered to be the last hope of humanity after severe amounts of desertification due to overuse of Magma Energy. As a result, APE becomes the leader of the humanity itself.

Klaxosaurs attacking refinery

One of the Klaxosaurs Attacking the Magma Energy's refinery

1 year later in 2037, a strange creature known as Klaxosaur (They were called that because it means screaming reptiles) appeared at the offshore magma energy refinery and destroyed the facility by making a landfall. Only to be stopped after several nuclear missiles hit the Klaxosaur. However, even if one of them is defeated, several of them began to appear everywhere in the world and is attracted with the magma energy that humans extract from the ground. As a result, APE turned the plantations as a fortresses to fight against Klaxosaurs. However, cities that human inhabited were deserted and mankind is nowhere to be seen in the surface.


One of the Klaxosaurs Corpse found in Alaska

Around 2042, when trying to researching one of the Klaxosaurs corpse that was found in Alaska, it was revealed that the bodies of the Klaxosaurs were made from organic and mechanical material which is beautiful and it was also revealed that the corpse contained the XX chromosome that could be seen in female humans. As a result, Papa and his cohorts from APE appointed Dr. Frank to spearheading the project for making a weapon that could be used to fight against the rampaging Klaxosaurs, the FRANXX.

After the 13th startup trial for the FRANXX prototype hit a roadblock and after amount of testing, it was revealed that the pilot needed to possess reproductive functions and as a result, Karina volunteered to become a pilot. Unfortunately, she dies during the test and APE still continues the experimentation which resulted the loss of many lives. To prevent it, the test subjects were injected with a substance known as yellow blood cells that could act as a passage for the FRANXX and have the test-subject ride in both male and female pairs to make the weapon functional. Not only that, Papa and his cohorts from APE creates the children that will be known as "Parasites" after mankind loss its reproductive functions. And as a result, Papa and his cohorts were referred to as adults by the children.

After massive sacrifices from test subjects of the FRANXX as they developed the weapons that could worked against the Klaxosaurs, Papa and his cohorts then builds a facility known as "The Garden" so that they could store the children for the upcoming battles and the plantations ended up becoming a quarantine zone for them. Due to the fact that Parasites needs emotions to live, Papa and his cohorts tries to raise them in an old fashioned way such as their conditions were almost checked everyday so that they could keep them healthy in the best possible shape.


Papa and Dr. Frank interact with each other regarding new mission that he will be given.

However, as a result of some of the adults tries to raise the children, some of them forgot the Klaxosaurs even existed and reach their state of boredom. At the same time, a strange rumor about Klaxosaurs has a leader or "Queen-Bee" of some sorts began to spread in the plantations and as a result, Papa and his cohorts discovered where it was hiding and orders Dr. Frank to bring back the sample of the Klaxosaurs DNA to them. However, as they found the Klaxosaurs leader hideout (which is revealed to be the remains of an advanced civilization), a lot of people that was sent by APE with the exception of Dr. Frank was killed by the Klaxosaurs Princess and he was brought in the hospital bed.

As The Plantations Ruler

The children inauguration ceremony

The Children/Parasites at the Inauguration Ceremony.

Despite portraying himself as a benevolent figure towards the people that he rule such as praising them in inauguration ceremony and telling them that they could become a ray of hope of humanity or sometimes giving them a good care towards the subjects that he ruled or reward for them to those who succeeded their mission. In reality, Papa rules the plantation with an iron fist. Anyone who defies him will either have their memory erased or forcibly placed in a cryo-storage in "The Garden". One of the known victims of Papa's iron-fist control over the parasites in the past were Hiro and Zero Two.

Once upon a time, Hiro used to be an sweet, optimistic and hopeful kid to the point that the kid ended up liking him and saw him as a role model on becoming a best pilot after he gives them names because he felt it was unique. However, Hiro is also a curious child that wanted to know everything surrounding the world itself. As a result, Hiro then had a fateful encounter with a humanoid girl with red skin that looks like a Red Oni called Code 002.


Code 002 (Better known as Zero-Two), being tortured.

Code 002 herself has a troubled childhood as she is a victim of torture thanks to Papa's orders. Some of the scientists, including Dr. Frank (Now named Dr. Franxx) were torturing her with inhumane experiments so that they could test her special abilities. After Hiro had witnessed her suffering several time, he pleaded to the adults to stop the inhumane experiments that they had committed. However, the adults refused to do so.

Unable to see Code 002 suffer any longer, Hiro tries to rescue her and teach her some new things while she was outside. Hiro then reads a book that Code 002 gave called "The Beast and the Prince" which Code 002 showed to him, Hiro promises to protect her. He also gave Code 002 a name: "Zero Two"

Unfortunately, Papa discovered that both Hiro and Zero Two escaped the plantations and as a result, he sends the adults to capture them. When Hiro tries to read a book and adults tried to approach them, Hiro and Zero-Two then fled to a nearby mistletoe. After Hiro finishes reading the book that Zero Two give, Hiro then teaches Zero Two a word "darling". Unfortunately, the adults manage to capture her and despite Hiro's efforts to protect her, he was shot by one of the adults while Zero Two cried and shouted for her "darling".


Hiro and Zero Two's memory being erased by the scientist due to Papa's Orders.

After they got captured, Papa then orders Dr. Franxx to erase the two's memories together. As a result, Hiro become an antithesis compared to what he was in childhood: a stoic,gloomy and pessimstic person who is obedient towards his superior and his skills of piloting the Franxx began to dip thanks to the incident while Zero-Two was placed in a special squad known as The Nines.

Overtaking Gran Crevasse

Gran Crevasse

Gran Crevasse

Several years later, Papa and his cohorts from APE tries to overtake an area as their new target known as Gran Crevasse--an abandoned plantation that was infested by Klaxosaurs--so that they could free themselves from the shackles of humanity. To this end, he sends all of the children, including Hiro's squad (Squad 13), to fight against the Klaxosaurs that plagued Gran Crevasse.

However, it was revealed that Gran Crevasse is also a hideout of a Super Lehmann-Class Klaxosaurs which is a huge Klaxosaurs that almost resembles a titanic. When APE and the parasites were in the state of peril when fighting against the Super Lehmann-Class Klaxosaurs and the swarm of other smaller Klaxosaurs, Papa then orders squad 26 to act as suicide bombers and tries to defeat the Super Lehmann-Class Klaxosaurs by sending plantations towards it and detonates most of them. After the Super Lehmann-Class Klaxosaurs were defeated thanks to the efforts of Hiro and Zero-Two who were reconciled together, it was revealed that the core of said Klaxosaurs is a collective mass of cores that almost shaped like humans. It was also revealed that a giant hand appears out of nowhere and tries to squash the Parasites and the plantation. But fortunately they were left unharmed and only left Mistleteinn as it's sole plantation.

Post Gran Crevasse Incident

Several months after the Gran Crevasse incident passes, APE ordered the parasites to survive in the remaining plantation, Mistleteinn. However, there has been no communication from the adults and the supervisors alike and as a result, Mistleteinn itself has an environmental problems and the children can't live a good live as they are in the past. However, despite this, they try to find new and creative ways to survive in Mistleteinn.

Damned human wannabes

Beneath the mask of one of the APE members after getting defeated by Klaxosaurs Princess

Until it was revealed that in the same episode, APE was discussing about the deterioration about the Parasite Reserve down to 60%. However, both Papa and the Chairman doesn't care about it as they took the control of Gran Crevasse and says that their ultimate weapon, known as the Hringhorni's, construction has entered the final phase. APE then has some further discussion regarding how to deal with the Klaxosaurs Princess and as a result, Papa sent some of his messenger into Klaxosaurs Princess hideout so that they could negotiate to surrender against them and says that there is no need for two keys. However, Klaxosaurs Princess rejects Papa's offer and kills one of the messenger which is revealed to be nothing once the Klaxosaurs Princess uncover the messenger's mask and thus calling them "Damned Human Wannabes".

Crashing a Wedding

Happy couple

The Happy Couple, Mitsuru and Kokoro, who got their lives ruined due to the leader of the 9s and Papa's Intervention.

In Episode 18, one of the Mistleteinn supervisors, Hachi, told the leader of Squad 13, Ichigo, to abandon the Mistleteinn. Before they leave, Hiro wants to conduct a ceremony marriage for one of his friends in Squad 13, Mitsuru and Kokoro, so that they could share a wonderful memories together.

Unfortunately, one of the members of Papa's special squad, the 9s, discovers Mitsuru and Kokoro's wedding in secret and as a result, give a report for Papa regarding the wedding. When Mitsuru and Kokoro tries to exchange vows and kiss with each other, Papa then sends his soldiers to Plantation 13 and then capture Mitsuru and Kokoro for extreme indoctrination by wiping their memories together. The reason why Papa and his cohorts of APE did this is because they want to get rid of unnecessary emotion and feelings such as love that could hinder their plans to fruition.

Papa hiro dr.franxx

Hiro and Dr.Franxx interacting with APE

Because of this, Hiro then demanded Papa and his cohorts from APE to return Mitsuru and Kokoro's memories immediately. Papa refuses and his Vice-Chairman said that what they had doing was against their protocol and normally would be punished. One of Hiro's friends, Futoshi demanded to apologize towards Mitsuru and Kokoro about the thing that they had done while another friend's of Hiro, Zorome, asks on how many Klaxosaurs they should have killed before becoming an adult in which Papa and his cohorts of APE refuses to answer. Hiro also figured out that it was them who erased his and Zero Two's memories in the past and as a result, his point of view of Papa and APE almost began to change and asks them to be freed once the battle is over. Papa is seemingly agrees about it as long as they complete their final mission.

Star Entity and the Revelation

Klaxohime star entity

Klaxosaurs Princess Hijacking Strelizia

In Episode 20, Papa then commands the Parasites, including the ones who were on Squad 13, and the 9s to go for the final battle against Klaxosaurs and control a massive weapon that was stored in Gran Crevasse known as the "Star Entity" so that they could implement Strelizia on Star Entity's core. At first, Zero Two and Hiro were skeptical with the former being uninterested about defeating Klaxosaurs. However, Papa manages to trick them under the pretense that they will control their destiny and the future will be on the humanity side after they defeated Klaxosaurs once and for all.

Hringhorni ditf

Hringhorni, the Ultimate Weapon that APE created

At the same time, the construction of a weapon known as Hringhorni is also completed so that they could use the two weapons to combat against the Klaxosaurs. However, the Klaxosaurs Princess notices APE's plan and then tries to follow Hiro and Zero-Two while they're in Gran Crevasse. When the two heroes are unable to enter the room that contains Star Entity, Klaxosaurs Princess then sneaks into the security room and injures Zero-Two while forcing Hiro to link with her so that she could take control of Strelizia.

However, thanks to the Klaxosaurs Princess trying to implanting herself on the Star Entity, Papa and the Vice Chairman reveals themselves to be an alien species that has been plaguing the universe a long time ago known as VIRM and reveals that VIRM had manipulated APE all along and using mankind as tools to fight against the Klaxosaurs. And not only that, VIRM also absorbs the consciousness of the rest of the APE members who are humans. It was also revealed that the Star Entity itself is a thing that could disturb universal peace and because of Klaxosaurs refused to subjugate against VIRM, VIRM then implanted a self-destruction mechanism on the Star Entity that could destroy the planet.

Battle Against VIRM (Part 1)

Strelizia apus

After Hiro and Zero Two reconcile together, the mecha, Strelizia, become Strelizia Apus.

Because of the VIRM's insistence on destroying the Earth, Klaxosaurs Princess then tells Hiro about the story regarding VIRM annihilates her home 60 million years ago in the past and lets Hiro and Zero Two take control of the Star Entity with Strelizia so that they could save the human race while the Klaxosaurs Princess ended up dying due to the wounds that she received.

Zero two without horns

Zero Two become unconscious while merging with Star Entity and had her horns broke.

When Hiro and Zero Two takes the control of Star Entity by kissing with each other while the latter's skin turns red, Strelizia suddenly changes its form into "Strelizia Apus" and then began fighting against VIRM while the bomb that will try to self-destruct the earth began to disintegrate. As a result, VIRM then brings the Hringhorni towards the space while promising them that they would return again with a huge fleet to destroy the Earth. After VIRM seemingly retreated to the space, some of the Klaxosaurs also flying towards it to battle against VIRM and so does Strelizia Apus. However, Zero-Two's body ended up becoming lifeless while her last horns crumbled.

Battle Against VIRM (Part 2)

Hiros friends

Hiro's Friends helping Hiro going into Space

As a result of Zero-Two merging her consciousness with Strelizia Apus, Hiro still took care of her. However, he notices a blood that was bleeding through her clothes and receives a mysterious cuts on her body. Until it was revealed that Strelizia Apus, along with the army of Klaxosaurs, fighting against the VIRM in space.

Trying to stop her suffering, Hiro tries to go into space. However, some of his friends arguing about Hiro's safety and the latter being apathetic towards everyone's surrounding with the exception of Zero Two. However, as the time went by, they make amends and then goes to space to save Zero Two along with the redeemed 9s.

Hiro and Nine Alpha

Hiro and the leader of the Nines, Nine Alpha, battling together.

During the battle in space, they spot VIRM armies battling against Strelizia Apus and the army of Klaxosaurs while Strelizia Apus creates a shield against VIRM. Hiro and the leader of the 9s, Nine Alpha, tries to reach Strelizia with everyone as a backup in battle. However, VIRM blocks their attack and unable to land on Strelizia. Due to the lack of magma energy, Nine Alpha launches Hiro into Strelizia Apus and have a realization of becoming human while saying that this is as far as he can go and saying that his home is the Battlefield. After this, then Nine Alpha kills himself by self-destructing his mecha which in turn, kills some of VIRM's fleet.

During the battle, A VIRM fires an attack on a certain ship and as a result, it began to crumble while the Parasites supervisor, Nana and Hachi were still on the ship. Fortunately, Hachi tries to rescue Nana however, he was injured to do so and while he tells Nana to go alone, she refuses and she wants to protect the children as it's their responsibility. As the battle continues, VIRM tells the children to surrender against them, claiming that they will end the cycle of hatred and discrimination. However, they simply refuses as the children tries to choose their own destiny.

Kokoro and zero two

Kokoro tries to bring Zero Two inside during the storm

Due to the heated battle against VIRM, a horrible storm then plagues the Earth. And when Kokoro tries to protect Zero Two, Mitsuru asks her to go inside which Kokoro refuses because protecting Zero Two is the only thing that she could do right now as she was pregnant with Mitsuru's baby. Although Mitsuru thinks of himself as a weakling and doesn't understand what love is, he then tries at his best to protect both Kokoro, Zero Two and his baby and believes that they could keep going forward together in the same path. Both Kokoro and Mitsuru reconcile with each other after they showed their wedding ring to each other.

Zero two consciousness

Inside Zero Two's Consciousness

Meanwhile in space, Hiro and Zero Two reunite together with the former entering Zero Two's consciousness while her mind is filled with images of the story about the Beast and the Prince which Hiro read to Zero Two on their childhood days. Zero Two then orders Hiro to stay away from her but Hiro refuses because he wants to be with her forever and ever which Zero Two responded that they can't be together because she wants Hiro to live as a human and insist that she love being alone.

Zero Two Stone

Zero Two turns into stone after changing to her true form.

However, Hiro stated that Zero Two is lying as he saw the blank space that the book Zero Two drew. Hiro offers his hand towards Zero Two and demanded to stay with her so that they could finish the story altogether. He also embraces Zero-Two and promised that he would never let her go alone. Meanwhile on Earth, Zero Two simply smiled about it and her body suddenly turned into a stone. As a result of both Hiro and Zero Two reconcile with each other, Strelizia Apus then shows it true form: Strelizia True Apus which resembles Zero Two wearing a white wedding dress.

Strelizia true apus

Strelizia's True Form: Strelizia True Apus

Strelizia True Apus then annihilates the remaining VIRM fleets and then creating a warp gate. As a result, VIRM then retreats to other solar system while Hiro and Zero Two decides to enter the warp to leave the solar system so that they could finished the battle once and for all along with the Klaxosaurs fleet. Their friends refused to let both Hiro and Zero Two go and demanded both of them return to Earth.

Strelizia true apus gate

Strelizia True Apus prepares to enter the warp

However, Hiro says that Strelizia is connected with the warp and it will close soon anyway while they can't stop it. One of Hiro's friends, Ichigo, suggested that they go along together but Hiro stated that only Strelizia can go through and as a result, Ichigo has no choice but returning to Earth safety along with the rest of Hiro's friends but she also made a promise towards Hiro and Zero Two to return to Earth so that they could build their home altogether. After this, Strelizia True Apus then enters the warp so that they could track the rest of VIRM fleet and destroyed them with their trump card: A bomb that was made by the Klaxosaurs.

Final Battle

True Apus Warp

Strelizia True Apus Wandering Through Universe

2 months after Hiro and Zero Two went into the portal and travel through the distant part of the space, Hiro notices that they neither feel sleepy nor hungry ever since both of them leave the Earth and wonders if he turned into a full Klaxosaurs. Zero Two then simply asks about Hiro being scared or not which Hiro says no because Zero Two always on his side. However, a swarm of VIRM soldiers then came to attack them and both Hiro and Zero Two prepared to annihilate them.

VIRM Weapon Impales Apus

VIRM's Weapon, Hringhorni, Impales Strelizia True Apus.

2 years later after Hiro and Zero Two went into the portal, they arrived on the planet where VIRM lives and then prepares themselves to fight against them in the final battle. After attacking several of VIRM's armada, VIRM then asks Hiro and Zero Two to join them. However, Zero Two simply refuses VIRM's offers and as a result, VIRM attacks Zero Two and while she tries to counterattack against VIRM, she doesn't move because her connections with Hiro was cut off. VIRM then began to mock Zero Two about anything with emotions are truly worthless and said that eliminating Hiro and Zero Two's bonds were an easy task because the incompatibility between regular human and a Klaxosaurs. As a result, VIRM then began to brutally attack Zero Two mercilessly that ended up making Hiro's consciousness began to even more detached from reality with VIRM ended up almost impaling Zero Two. She then screams for help towards everyone so that she could save Hiro.

Golden Strelizia

Strelizia transform into its Golden Form Thanks to the people from Earth

Fortunately, the people of Earth hears Zero Two's pleads after Mitsuru and Kokoro's child, Ai, plays near the statue of Zero Two and saying "Darling" in front of it. As a result, both of the earthlings, including Hiro's friends, form a bond together and gave them their thoughts and encouragement to fight the final battle. And as a result, Ichigo and her partner, Goro, still have a faith on both Hiro and Zero Two return to Earth while one of Hiro's friends said that the squad won't be the same without Hiro and Zero Two around. And not only that, Mitsuru and Kokoro named their daughter because of the strong bond that Hiro and Zero Two had so they want them to return after the battle is over.

Red oni and blue oni

Both Hiro and Zero Two Reunite Together As Red Oni and Blue Oni.

Due to the voices from the Earthlings that helped both Hiro and Zero Two, Hiro then suddenly woke up from the temporary slumber that he had as the wedding picture floats in front of him. As a result, both Hiro and Zero Two remembered their memories together that resulted from their meeting and how strong their bond is since their meeting. As a result, Strelizia then transforms into its Golden Maiden Iron Form and both Hiro and Zero Two forces themselves to thrust the bomb into the VIRM's planet as a bird called Jian and vowing to rewrite their own story. Knowing that they will die, both Hiro and Zero Two declare their strong love together and promises that they will meet again at a later future as long as their soul exists.

VIRM Planet Explode

VIRM's planet exploded due to the bomb.

Both Hiro and Zero Two then detonates the bomb into the planet while liberating the souls that VIRM has captured. However, both Hiro and Zero Two dies during the explosion and VIRM is still alive and mocking Hiro and Zero Two about them going to face VIRM again. VIRM promises that they will fight them again at the apex of human evolution and says that they will never die as they're still roaming through the universe.

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