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Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?
~ Vaas's famous quote.
You are me... and I am you.
~ Vaas in Jason's hallucination.

Vaas Montenegro is the secondary antagonist of the 2012 first-person video game Far Cry 3.

He is the leader of the pirates on Rook Island and the brother of the Rakyat leader Citra. As part of a major running theme in the game, Vaas and all of the other villains are mentally unstable. Vaas is also known to be a charismatic but psychotic man at the same time.

He was voiced by Michael Mando, who also portrayed Nacho Varga in Better Call Saul and Mac Gargan in Spider-Man: Homecoming.


Early life

Vaas was born in 1984 on the Rook Islands and from a young age, he was a member of the native Rakyat. He was particularly close to his sister Citra and mentions that his first kill was for her.

Meeting Hoyt Volker

He left me, the tribe, his birthright. Hoyt Volker lured him away with money. Drugs. He became a monster. But he was still my brother.
~ Citra about Vaas.

Sometime before 2012, Vaas became addicted to drugs, brought to the islands by deranged slave and drug trafficker Hoyt Volker. Vaas eventually established contact with Volker who found potential in Vaas and promoted him to right-hand man. Vaas went on to become the leader of the Pirates, a faction consisting of pirates that came to the Rook Islands to rape, pillage, steal and murder.

Vaas and his men would help Volker with his business (such as growing marijuana fields and kidnapping and selling into slavery people who land in the North Island) and strike terror and injustice in the Rakyat and the islands that are rightfully theirs. Vaas would operate from a hidden fortress in the North Island from where he would oversee the deaths and destruction he caused on the natives and the Rakyat who were once considered his family.

Far Cry 3

During Jason's and his friend’s trip in Bangkok, they hear about an island where you "can do anything" from Doug, the nightclub DJ that works as a spotter for Vaas. They then decided to do a blind skydive over the Rook Islands. After landing, they are soon captured by Vaas and his Pirates. While Jason and his older brother Grant are tied up, Vaas explains how he is going to ransom them for large amounts of money from their parents. It is revealed later that even after receiving the ransom money, Vaas would sell them all as slaves for increased profit.

After Jason and Grant escape and brew up an escape plan for everyone, Vaas shoots Grant in the neck, the latter of whom bleeds to death. Vaas decides that instead of killing Jason, he lets him run, with the clear intent to hunt him down for sport. This would later be his undoing as Jason managed to escape.

While on his campaign to save his friends, Jason learns that Vaas is keeping Liza Snow hostage personally, as a way to make Jason come to him. When Jason assaults a slave prison that is said to hold Liza, he is knocked out and captured by Vaas. When he wakes, he, Liza and Oliver are tied up in chairs in an old abandoned hotel, while Vaas is pouring and covering them in gasoline. He then sets fire to the building and leaves Jason and Liza to die, but he takes Oliver with him. They escape just as the building is engulfed in flames and collapses on itself.

Jason continues his campaign of saving his friends. During a meeting with CIA agent Willis Huntley, Huntley puts on a recording of a conversation between Vaas and Hoyt in which Hoyt briefly chastises Vaas for not taking matters seriously with Jason and urges him to take care of him while he searches Beras Town for a transportation manifest that holds the name of Oliver Carswell, who happens to be one of Jason's kidnapped friends.

After being given a mission by Citra to save some of her kidnapped warriors, Jason and some Rakyat members ambush Hoyt's men who are transporting Citra's warriors. However, Jason is ambushed by Vaas again, when opening a truck that he believed to house the captured warriors. Vaas then ties Jason to a cinder block and introduces him to his insanity monologue before kicking him into a cenote, intending to drown him.

Jason escapes, then proceeds to kill more of Vaas’ men to acquire a helicopter and escape. After the helicopter is shot down by an RPG, Vaas comes up to Jason and shoots him point-blank in the chest. It is later shown that Jason survived the shot by way of a lighter, the same one Vaas tried to light him and Liza on fire with in the abandoned hotel.


After becoming intimate with Citra in her temple, Jason is finally given the task to kill Vaas at his compound, who is throwing a party in celebration of Jason’s "death". Jason is led to believe that he is infiltrating the compound successfully, but is surprised when Vaas sounds the alarm and broadcasts that he knew Jason was coming. After killing all of the pirates, Jason stumbles into a larger warehouse looking to confront and kill Vaas once and for all.

When he confronts Vaas, Vaas stabs Jason in the chest and then seemingly walks away. Jason enters a similar dreamy state in which he confronted Buck and kills several visions of Vaas, before finally confronting the true Vaas. After some struggle, Jason plunges his knife into Vaas' chest again and again until Vaas falls to the ground wounded. In the last scene, when Jason collapses next to Vaas after the long fight, Vaas’ eyes look straight into Jason’s one more time before Jason wakes up.

As Jason approaches Citra in the final dream sequence, Vaas, or at least a voice in Jason's head that sounds like him, says that she's going to make him a warrior.

Death Speculation

Following speculation that Vaas may have survived, Jeffrey Yohalem confirmed his death via Twitter, by responding with: "Sam and the privateers confirm Vaas's fate. What reason do you have to question them?" When asked during the Far Cry 4 Gamescom Demo, Ubisoft employees denied rumors that Vaas was to return in the sequel, due to him being "dead".

The Far Cry Experience

Vaas is featured in The Far Cry Experience, a web-series promoting the game, where he somewhat humorously tortures famous actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse who is filming a reality show/documentary. He is played in live-action by his voice actor Michael Mando.

Far Cry 6

Where the f*** am I?
~ Vaas in the Season Pass trailer.

Vaas, along with Pagan and Joseph, will appear as a playable character in the Season Pass of Far Cry 6.


The world is on a diagonal. I am the balancing point.
~ Vaas to Jason.

What is known about Vaas' personality comes from his close (and dangerous) encounters with the main protagonists. Close observation shows that he is an extremely, reckless, violent, sadistic, brutal, loathsome, unpredictable, cynical, traitorous, Machiavellian, psychopathic, clinically insane, prideful, oppressive, and remorseless pirate lord with a dark sense of humor in killing anyone who looks at him the wrong way and a frighteningly obstreperous personality who is feared even by his own men, some of whom are as chaotic and mentally unstable as Vaas.

Despite being more crazier and mentally unstable than the other antagonists, he was the charismatic and masculine leader and provided most of the jokes in the Far Cry Experience which saw the torture of Christopher Mintz-Plasse and his camera-man at the hands of Vaas. However one can notice that once Christopher is not moving for the last time he begins to attempt a resuscitate Chris, after failing however he begins to mourn him just before a fellow pirate announces Jason's arrival, he then humorously begins to bury him in sand. This marks one of the few (if any) times in which he shows remorse towards one of his victims.

Murders committed

  • Vincent Salas
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse (in the "Far Cry Experience")
  • Barry (in the "Far Cry Experience")
  • Numerous "reject" prisoners captured at the same time as Jason and his friends, for apparently being deemed not worthy to either ransom or sell into slavery
  • Grant Brody
  • Kim Jong il (Survival guide on .44 Magnum tells that Vaas had sent a package to Kim Jong il, who died upon receiving said delivery)
  • Four men (seen in Make a Break for It)
  • Numerous others

Mission appearances

  • Make a Break for It
  • Prison Break-in
  • Island Port Hotel
  • Meet Citra
  • A Man Named Hoyt (Voice)
  • Ambush
  • Warrior Rescue Service
  • Payback (Killed)
  • Citra's Favor (Voice)


Do you have any idea how fucking rude that was?
~ Vaas after being shot at by Christopher Mintz-Plasse.
Chris? Chris, you haven't been flossing, huh? That's really bad, you know that? You should always floss. That's f--king embarrassing.
~ Vaas while tormenting Christopher Mintz-Plasse.
You boys think you're crazy, huh? Jumping out of airplanes... flying like birds? That is crazy! I like this phone. This is a nice f--king phone. So, what do we have here? Grant... and Jason... from California, huh? Well, I hope your mama and papa really, really love you, cause you two white boys look expensive! And that's good because I like expensive things...
~ Vaas in the opening of Far Cry 3.
I'm sorry, what did you say? What did you say? Do you want me to slice you open like I did to your friend? SHUT THE F--K UP! Okay? I'm the one with the f--king dick! Look at me, look me in the f--king eye. HEY! YOU F--K! Look me in the eye. You're my b***h. I rule this f--king kingdom. Shut the f--k up... or you die.
~ Vaas to Grant.
What is it, Jason? Jason, what is it? Why aren't you laughing now like you did back there? What, is this not fun any more? Have I failed to entertain you? You see, thing is, up there, you thought you had a chance. Waaaay, up in the f--king skies, you thought you had your finger on the pu**y trigger. But hermano, down here... down here? You hit the ground.
~ Vaas to Jason.
What, you want to run? Huh? You want to run, you want to disrespect me? You want to f--k with me? I mean, you come here, with your... with your pretty-boy face, right, and your pretty-boy phone, your dimwit brother, and you want to f--k with me. You want to f--k with me. I like that - no, I respect that. I'm gonna give you thirty seconds, and if the jungle doesn't eat you up alive, I will.
~ Vaas to Jason upon killing his brother Grant.
Are you f---ing deaf? I said get the f--k out of here, you chicken f--k! Run, forrest! Run!
~ Vaas to Jason Brody.
Who gave you that ink, hmm? I asked you a question: who give you that ink, hmm? Citra give you that ink, my sister give you that ink, huh? You think that makes you one of us? You think that makes you like me, huh? California boy has got a hard-on for jungle fever. I'm gonna drive a bullet through my sister's skull... like I did your brother Grant.
~ Vaas to Jason.
You are angry Jason. You, are angry. I get that. I get it. I mean without family who the f--k are we? There was a time I would do anything for my sister, I mean the first time I ever killed was for my sister. Not enough for her, no no no no no please. You see the thing about our loved ones, right, our F--KING loved ones, they come and they BLINDSIDE you every f--king time. So they say to me, they say Vaas, Vaas, who the F--K is it going to be? THEM or ME, ME or THEM? like, like you know, like they fucking think that I need to make a f--king choice. By the way this lighter really sucks.
~ Vaas's speech in "Island Port Hotel".
You are so close to the end. Come on! End it!
~ Vaas in Jason's second hallucination.
Hey Jason, did you miss me?
~ Vaas to Jason.
Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact... same f***ing thing... over and over again expecting... shit to change... That. Is. Crazy. The first time somebody told me that, I dunno, I thought they were bullshitting me, so, boom, I shot him. The thing is... he was right. And then I started seeing, everywhere I looked, everywhere I looked all these f***ing pricks, everywhere I looked, doing the exact same f***ing thing... over and over and over and over again thinking: "This time is gonna be different. No, no, no please... This time is gonna be different." I'm sorry, I don't like... The way... you are looking at me... Okay, Do you have a f***ing problem in your head, do you think I am bullshitting you, do you think I am lying? F*** you! Okay? F*** you!... It's okay, man. I'm gonna chill, hermano. I'm gonna chill... The thing is... Alright, the thing is I killed you once already... and it's not like I am f***ing crazy. It's okay... It's like water under the bridge. Did I ever tell you the definition... of insanity?
~ Vaas's famous monologue.
Surprise, motherf---er! You didn't think... I knew you were coming, right? I am so DISAPPOINTED!!! You showed so much promise, Jason. So much f--king promise! Now here you are, trapped in the boxes of life like a f--king rat. And the thing is, I did not bring you here. You walked in here by your own goddamn self! And that's what Citra does to you, right? She turns you f--kers into rats and now I have to deal with the rodent problem. But... that's what brothers are good for, right?
~ Vaas ambushing Jason in "Payback".
Peek-a-boo, motherf--ker!
~ Vaas stabbing Jason.
Are you enjoying my sister's company? Huh? She's gonna make a warrior out you. You are so f--ked, Jason. C'mon pull the trigger. C'mon motherf---er. Pull the trigger! Let's go, shoot me! Shoot me!
~ Vaas to Jason.
Take me into your heart! Accept me as your savior! Nail me to the f--king cross and let me be REBORN!!!
~ Vaas, his last words.
What is going on? Who's watching who?
~ Vaas in the Far Cry 6 season pass.


The Far Cry Experience

Far Cry 3


  • Due to Michael Mando's performance, Vaas became so popular with fans, critics and even the developers that he ended up becoming the poster boy of the game. Additionally, the character didn't exist in pre-production, but Ubisoft loved Michael's audition so much that they created the character specifically for him.
  • His surname is Spanish for "black mount" and Montenegro is also the name of a country in Southeastern Europe on the Adriatic Sea.
  • Despite the fact that Vaas was is the secondary antagonist, he was given a much more significant role in the plot than Hoyt Volker, the main antagonist of the game.

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