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Looks like this vacation's over-!
~ Vacances World's final words before his initial demise

The Vacances World is one of two a main antagonist (the other is the Great Vacances World) in episode 24 of 2021 TV series called Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. He is a summer-based World from the Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo who was created from the Vacances Tojiru Gear that contained Vacancestopia. After his death, his Tojiru Gear lasted another life by reforming a Kudaitest into the Great Vacances World.

He is voiced by Taku Yashiro who also voiced the Great Vacances World.


Vacances World made his first appearance in a parking lot where he was battling Zox. Now during the fight the Kaito, Juran and Vroon showed up a bit later as they join Zox and battle Vacanes World, as he tries to explain that he did not done anything yet, so the team used Sentai Gear #9 as they used the Griffon Magma Galaxy to send Vacances World into the sky, but unknown to them he used this ability causing every civilian and kikainoids to take a vacation.

Once he was done he crashed back down to the ground, but manage to survive the impact once they left the area he declared victory, but here's a catch if they don't defeat him anytime soon (which is impossible since their on vacation) this invasion onto the Zenkaiger's dimension will be over in an instant.

A while later during the invasion one of the Kudakks has spotted Vacances World in an innertube as Kudaiter demands what the heck he was doing which Vacances World told him he's enjoying his vacation since the invasion is over. A while later at the beach the Vacances World shove some of vacationers out of the way declaring that this spot belongs to him and the vacationing Kudakks. This easily ticked Kaito off as he challenges the Vacances World to game of volleyball and if they win then this World monster along with the Kudakks they'll have to find a different spot which Vacances World happily accepts and with that the match was on. Now during the match between Tojitendo and Zenkaiger they used another Sentai Gear this time #5 where they summon the Vulcan Ball as Kaito sent a powerful spike towards the opposing team causing them to fly out of their side of the volley ball court which leaves victory to the zenkaigers. However Vacances World isn't about to given up that easily as he wants to play some more vacation games with the Zenkaigers. They began a game of ring toss with innertubes and the pirates want to join in on the fun. After that the pirates won the game with a total of 7 innertubes and for their victory Gaon used Sentai Gear #44 to create some confetti.

Once again the Vacances World, Zenkaigers and the pirates began a watermelon splitting competition and here's the catch whoever split the melon with their face on it first wins, so with that the Zenkaiger's transformed and did they're roll call heck even the Vacances World did his own roll call with a bunch of beachgoer Kudakks and then Secchan explained the rules of the game and that is "You can grab your opponent's watermelon and run off with it, but you're not allowed to smash it. If you split your own watermelon with these special sticks, you win!" and with that this game was on. The game was getting very intense as they ran towards the warehouse as each team tries to split their own watermelon heck even Magine used her magic to create clones of the pirate's watermelon, but that failed miserably as she didn't hid the original melon with the clones. However as soon as they're about to split their own melons Barashitara came in and the ruin the fun as he used his Bara Spear and fired one of his rockets destroying the Vacances World, thus everyone's vacation is over.


  • The Vacances World is the first summer-themed monster since Debo Vaacance from 2013 TV series called Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.


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