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Villain Overview

A vile man who betrayed, and tried to erase me, his partner. That's your father's true form, boy!
~ Vail speaking to a young Ikki while possessing Genta.
I exist for no purpose other than serve you. I will do anything to get revenge on the devil killed your parents, buddy.
~ Vail speaking to Junpei after their first battle.

Vail is the secondary antagonist of Kamen Rider Revice. He is a demon who was originally tied to Genta Igarashi before it came to inhabit the Demons Driver, the transformation belt used to transform into Kamen Rider Demons. The Demons Driver was initially used by Fenix Squad Leader Hiromi Kadota, who was unaware it housed a demon and Vail that was feeding on his life force every time he transformed. He is also Vice's arch-enemy.

Vail would later exit the Demons Driver and return to its original host of Genta Igarashi, using him and the Vail Driver to transform into Kamen Rider Vail.

He is voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda, who previously voiced Redyue in Kamen Rider Gaim and also voiced Seto Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh.


As a inner demon to Junpei Shiranami/Genta Igarashi, Vail express joy when it first speaking with Junpei, desire to help him with his revenge; however this changed after Junpei changed his name into "Genta Igarashi" and down for a family, making Vail believe its closest partner choose to abandon him, thus leading to grow hates Yukimi Igarashi, which extended to their child's too.

It is also very manipulates towards others to achieve his personal objectives, while it will allow anyone to use the Demons Driver, their life force will be devour by it as does not relate to them in a personal matter, as well as prevent them from using multiple Genomix forms. When Olteca lost to Holy Live, Vail mocked him for his defeat, showing it does not tolerate failure.

However, after being unlocked to his full strength by Dr. George Karizaki, Vail immediately possesses Genta and uses him to attack his children.



Vail's birth came about when NOAH scientist Masumi Karizaki was delivered a man who had been fatally injured. To heal him, Masumi performed an experimental treatment by infusing his patient with cells he had extracted from Giff's casket, resulting in Vail being born. Vail was then awakened by Agariyama and used to kill Junpei's parents, to give Junpei hatred to motivate him so NOAH could use him as an "exterminator" for their failed experiments. Vail coaxed Junpei into using the Vail Driver, resulting in him gradually losing his memories from the strain of using the Driver. Junpei later escaped and was found by Yukimi, who gave him the name "Genta". Genta was soon recaptured by NOAH along with Yukimi, but now desired to leave NOAH and be with Yukimi and escaped again. However, Vail was able to trick Genta into setting him free, revealing his true form to Genta and that he was the demon who killed his parents. Vail possessed Genta to make him become Kamen Rider Vail again and go on a rampage, but Yukimi was able to reach out to Genta and get him to resist Vail. After killing Agariyama, Vail fought Genta, who became Kamen Rider Vail again and vowed to kill Vail even though that would result in him dying as well. Genta was able to defeat Vail, but before Vail died he was sealed in the Demons Driver by Masumi, allowing Genta to live.

Genta Igarashi would go on to marry Yukimi and have three children, all of whom inherited Giff's cells and developed their own inner demons as a result of Vail's ties to Genta. While Yukimi was still pregnant with her and Genta's third child, Vail possessed Genta and used him to set fire to the Igarashi family bathhouse in an attempt to kill them all. It was at that moment that Vice manifested from within a young Ikki and formed a contract with him to protect his family, with Vice wiping his memories of the incident in the process. Genta was then able to resist Vail and save everyone, but kept the true circumstances of the incident a secret from his children.

At some point, Vail met George Karizaki and was inserted by him into the Demons Driver he had been developing, which would allow any human to become a Kamen Rider regardless of if they had an inner demon or not.

As the Demons Driver

The Demons Driver was given to Hiromi by George Karizaki, who did not tell him it carried a demon within it. Hiromi initially used the belt to transform into Demons to fight Kagero, but he was unable to use the belt's full power as would feed on his life force every time he transformed. The effects of the Demons Driver became apparent when Hiromi was examined by Fenix medical officer Akemi Mikoshiba and discovered to have the physicality of an 80 year old man, despite being in his twenties. At the same time, George and Hideo Akaishi observed that the demon inside was about to awaken from Giff's pulsations.

The Demons Driver is revealed to be possessed by Vail.

Soon after, the Demons Driver would speak to Hiromi for the first time and reveal itself as a sentient demon that was feeding on his life force. This prompted Hiromi to confront George Karizaki on the effects of the Driver, to which George nonchalantly mocked Hiromi's catchphrase of laying down his life to save the world.

The Demons Driver was later stolen by Olteca during his escape from Fenix Skybase, who used it to transform to fight Kamen Rider Live. Upon his transformation, Olteca was acknowledged by the Driver as being a fellow demon. Unlike Hiromi, Olteca was able to draw out the full power of the Driver as Kamen Rider Demons, effortlessly defeating Kamen Riders Live, Revi, Vice and Jeanne.

Olteca would later use the Demons Driver again to fight Jack Revice and Jeanne. During the fight, Olteca attempted to use three Remixes but was blocked by the Driver. After being defeated and fleeing, Olteca angrily demanded to know why the Demons Driver hadn't let him use three Remixes, believing Karizaki had tricked him. However, the demon within the Demons Driver then spoke to him and revealed it was the one who had blocked him, before leaving the Driver to "return home".

Returning to Genta

Vail then possessed the new Driver Masumi Karizaki had been working on and used it to speak to him. Masumi warned Vail not to touch his son, but Vail asked why he should take orders from him and remarked that Karizaki was his one and only partner before leaving. He later possessed Genta Igarashi to intervene in the fight between the Deadmans and the Kamen Riders. Showing up right after the Queen Bee Deadman had blown the Riders out of their transformations, Vail used his own Driver to transform into Kamen Rider Vail and easily swatted the Queen Bee Deadman aside, knocking Aguilera out of her transformation. An awed Olteca sent more Gifftarians, to which Vail destroyed them both and allowed Giff to absorb their energy. Vail then turned to the Igarashi siblings and attempted to kill them, but Genta was able to resist Vail and cancel their transformation before collapsing to the ground.

Vail's ethereal form.

Following Giff's reawakening, Vail would approached Hideo Akaishi and ask him why he hadn't made a move yet despite Giff returning, to which Akaishi answered that human society comes with its own set of "processes".

Vail later met with Akaishi again after he captured Akemi. Akaishi opened a portal to Giff, who bestowed onto Vail a physical body. After remarking that the air tasted better than he expected, Vail left to go hunt for Genta. Vail approached Ikki while he was watching his sister play with Aguilera at an amusement park. He demanded Ikki tell him where his father was, but Ikki refused, leading Vail to declare he would beat him to a pulp and get his sister to tell him instead. Ikki and Vice transformed into Kamen Riders Revi and Vice to fight Vail, who battled them with his physical form. After going through several forms, Ikki and Vice merged together into Revice and performed their finisher on Vail, pushing him back. Vail then declared that they both had a long way to go to get stronger before teleporting away.

Vail would then attempt to attack Yukimi as she was shopping, but Vice, who had gone with her to protect her, fought Vail to protect her. As the two demons faced off against each other, Vail claimed to Vice that Ikki would at some point abandon him and that it was the destiny for all humans to eventually leave their demons. As they were fighting, Yukimi called Ikki and asked him to come help. Ikki soon arrived and transformed both himself and Vice into their Kamen Rider forms before fighting Vail. During their fight, Vice hesitated, allowing Vail to overpower both him and Ikki. After forcing both of them out of their transformations, Vail told Vice to think on what he had said before choosing to exit the scene rather than finish either of them off. Vail would later appear as the Kamen Riders were attempting to defeat Hideo Akaishi to fight the Riders alongside the True Gifftarians.

While Vail had the Riders at his mercy, he soon began to run out of power. It was at this point that, Akaishi closed the portal to Giff and teleported himself, along with Vail, Giffdemos and all of the True Gifftarians, away. Akaishi later met with Vail and stamped him with several Vistamps to power him up, but told him not to kill any of the Igarashi siblings. Vail asked what would happen if he did, to which Akaishi answered that their arrangement would come to an end. Vail then agreed not to kill them and stated he would beat them within an inch of death instead before teleporting away. When Daiji Igarashi and his siblings crashed a Fenix press conference in an attempt to kill Akaishi, Vail and several True Gifftarians appeared to fight them. Aided by Giffdemos, Vail was able to decisively defeat the Riders, but before he could finish them off, Hikaru Ushijima appeared, transformed into Kamen Rider Over Demons and rescued the Igarashi siblings before exiting the scene with them.

Vail would later confront Sakura again to get her to divulge her father's location to him, but Sakura refused and became Kamen Rider Jeanne to fight him. Vail beat her down, prompting Hana to intervene and try shooting Vail. Vail turned his attention to her, but Tamaki suddenly threw himself in the way to defend Hana. Vail decided to capture him instead and leave, so he could use him as a hostage to get Genta to reveal himself. Vail exited the scene and brought Tamaki to his hideout, where he tied him up and interrogated him as to where Genta was, but Tamaki claimed not to know. Sakura then showed up to rescue Tamaki and hand him the Week Endriver to transform with. Before Tamaki could insert his Vistamp into the Driver however, Vail swiped it and stamped it on himself. It was then however that Hana appeared and swiped the Driver before using it to transform into Kamen Rider Aguilera. In her new Kamen Rider form, Hana was able to beat down Vail and force him to retreat.

Vail would later intervene in a battle between Weekend and Fenix's demon forces, prompting Revi and Vice to show up to oppose him. Vail fought the two, but during the fight his body began to deteriorate, causing him to retreat. Vail returned to the ARARAT HQ, where he accused Akaishi of lying to him for saying Giff's grace would make him immortal. Akaishi simply stated that Vail should have known he was living on borrowed time when Akaishi found him 25 years ago and that his body was only temporary. With a limited amount of time in his lifespan, Vail resolved to use it to finally settle his grudge against Genta by killing him and joined the Fenix forces in another attack on Weekend. Akaishi accompanied them this time and transformed into his Giffdemos form to do battle. Vail and Akaishi fought Vice and Revi respectively and were beaten back by them. Although Akaishi broke away from the fight, Vail stayed behind to fight both Kamen Riders, even as his body began to wear out again. Despite this, Ikki did not want to kill him as doing so would also kill his father. It was then that Masumi Karizaki appeared with a WeekenDriver equipped and a Tricera Vistamp in hand, declaring he would settle his old sins.

Vail then swiped the Vistamp and stamped it on himself so he could continue fighting Revice, only to suddenly be teleported away to a parking garage. It was there that Masumi approached him again and offered him the Crimson Vail Vistamp. Vail at first refused it, believing it to be another trap, but Masumi told him it would be the only way he could fight Junpei again and convinced him to accept it. Vail then went to confront Genta to finally settle his score with him. Daiji and Akaishi both showed up to intervene in the fight, but Ikki and Sakura transformed into their Rider forms to hold them off while Genta and Vail faced each other. Vail asked if Genta worried at all about his family, but Genta responded that he didn't anymore and that his children had become far stronger than he ever was. Vail and Genta then transformed into Crimson Vail and Kamen Rider Destream respectively and duked it out. Destream managed to defeat Crimson Vail, but before Vail could disappear, Destream grabbed the Crimson Vail Vistamp and used it to seal Vail within him. Vail then spoke to Genta, who offered him a chance at a new life. Vail asked if Genta would truly allow him to do that given everything he'd done, to which Genta told Vail he would happily forgive him. Vail however told Genta he still hadn't forgiven him before dissipating into Genta's body, no longer at the stage where he could be a threat.



Kamen Rider Vail

  • Dynastyny ​​Head - Kamen Rider Vail's head.
    • Vail Fore - Forehead armor of Kamen Rider Vail. It has the highest hardness of all the armor of the whole body, and it delivers a head butt like a beetle's horn blow.
    • Vail Compound Eye - Kamen Rider Vail's compound eye. By aiming at the armament he got, he boasts unrivaled accuracy. In addition, the enemy's armament is instantly analyzed, and the effective range is predicted and displayed, dramatically improving combat efficiency. In addition, it is equipped with a very excellent night-vision device and can clearly capture the outline of an object even in the dark.
    • Dynastyny ​​Disturb - Radar unit of Kamen Rider Vail. Equipped with a satellite communication device and a radar that can search 100 km around, it can instantly acquire all the data necessary for operational activities.
    • Dynastyny ​​Lung - Kamen Rider Vail breathing device. Equipped with 128 layers of special filters, it can completely block the inhalation of toxic substances and biological weapons. In addition, the filtration function makes it possible to extract oxygen and fresh water from seawater. With these functions, the area of ​​activity is greatly expanded.
  • Dynasty Module - Kamen Rider Vail's shoulder special armament. An armed beetle's unique ability from the genetic information of the beetle by stamp. It has the ability to strengthen the armor of the whole body and gives it the ability to withstand direct hits on the scale of strategic weapons. In addition, by expanding the energy field to the "wingal shade" at the bottom, it can also be used as a sharp blade.
  • Archigenomic Suit - Kamen Rider Vail's reinforced suit. It has extremely high fire resistance and pressure resistance and waterproof capacity that enables battles in the deep sea. Furthermore, by supplying energy to the artificial muscle "Archigeno Muscle" that is stretched around the whole body, the transformant acquires physical ability that transcends humans.
  • Dynastyny ​​Leg - The legs of Kamen Rider Vail. The artificial muscle "Archigeno Muscle" can support up to 600 times the weight. However, it entails enormous damage to the skeleton of the transformant.
  • Dynasty Foot - Kamen Rider Vail's legs. By receiving the operation of the transformation belt "Vail Driver" and converging the energy on the bottom surface at an ultra-high density, the special move "Bailing Finish" that diverts the genetic information of the bi-stamp to the attack becomes possible.
  • Dynastyny ​​Breast - Kamen Rider Vail chest armor. By directly linking with the heart of the transformant, it has a special mechanism that controls powerful demons and enables them to fight together.
  • Dynasty Arm - Kamen Rider Vail's arm. With the artificial muscle "Archigeno Muscle" that produces tremendous strength, it is possible to deliver a hit with a rapid fire rate of up to 50 shots per second. On the other hand, in exchange for its overwhelming destructive power, the transformant's arm is damaged to the extent that it may self-destruct.
  • Vail Driver - A transformation belt used to transform into Kamen Rider Vail. By making the power of the built-in devil "Vail" function as the center of the system, the genetic information of the organism and the tremendous energy are extracted from the imprinted bi-stamp.
  • Dynastyny Hand - Kamen Rider Vail's hand. It has a function to convert the energy supplied from the transformation belt "Vail Driver" into destructive force, and generates 72.1 tons of punching force.[1]

Crimson Vail

  • Height: 206.2cm
  • Weight: 92.9kg
  • Punch power: 77.1t
  • Kick power: 154.8t
  • Jump power: 89.5m (one jump)
  • Running power: 1.0 seconds (100m)
  • Special move: Crimson impact Vailing  stamping finish
  • Crimson Skull - Crimson Vail head.
    • Crimson Vail head armor. The strong armor made of the rare metal "Astmetalm" is shaped like an egg to efficiently release the impact and protect the head. In addition, the hardness can be freely changed by the power of the devil, and it flexibly responds to the attack characteristics of the enemy.
    • Wild Vail Eye - Right eye of Crimson Vail. Visual acuity is about 11.2 when applied to human units. He has a very wide viewing angle of 240 degrees, and he is always alert to the surroundings with his excellent dynamic visual acuity and keen sensing ability to accurately capture the movement of the enemy.
    • Crimson Vail Crusher - The oral cavity of the Crimson Vail. It has the function of converting the roar of the devil into a shock wave and emitting it. You can also attack with kamitsuki by deploying your fangs.
    • Red Vail Hair - Crimson Vail antenna. By making the devil's senses as sensitive as possible, he reacts swiftly to every move of the host, Genta Igarashi.
    • Crimson Amp - Crimson Vail amplifier. It has the role of amplifying the feeling of hatred of Vail's hatred for Genta Igarashi and enhancing the fighting power.
    • Narrow Vail Eye - Left eye of Crimson Vail. He always puts Genta Igarashi in the center of his field of vision and monitors it.
  • Crimson Adamant - Crimson Vail chest. Crimson Vail By Stamp operation to maximize the power of the devil. In addition, it has the function of integrating and maximizing the power of Bistamp that has been absorbed so far, and makes Vail a demon warrior for decisive battle.
  • Crimson Solid - Crimson Vail reinforced suit. Due to the nature of utilizing the power of the devil that has been raised to the extreme state, it has the role of maintaining the shape as a crimson Vail by the electromagnetic shield that unfolds the devil's body that lacks stability and always carries the danger of the quantum culture period inside.
  • Crimson Buckle - Belt to Crimson Vail. It has a built-in "genome receiver" to receive the tremendous energy supplied by the Crimson Vail by Stamp.
  • Crimson Indignity - Crimson Vail boots. In response to the operation of Crimson Vail by Stamp, the special move "Bailing Stamping Finish" is activated by converging the destructive energy at high density.
  • Crimson splatter - Crimson Vail shoulder. The hardness of the armor made mainly of the rare metal "Astmetalm" can be freely changed by the power of the devil. In addition, the sharp spine "Maris Needle" can be deployed to each part of the whole body.
  • Crimson Violent - Crimson Vail arm. The energy supply from the Crimson Vail by Stamp and the uncontrollable maximized hatred are used to generate catastrophic strength.
  • Crimson Mash - Crimson Vail gloves. Special adjustments have been made to handle the Crimson Vail by Stamp, making it possible to activate the special move "Crimson Impact".
  • Crimson Brutal - Crimson Vail legs. By integrating the energy supply from the Crimson Vail Bystamp and the capabilities of various Bystamps, it creates paranormal running and jumping power.[2]





  • Vail's name is derived from the word "vail", meaning "submission".
  • Chronologically, Vail is the very first Kamen Rider in Revice, as he first transformed in 1996, 25 years before the event of main plot.
    • This make him share traits with W's Sokichi Narumi and Zero One's Soreo Hiden, as they are father of a main character, while also the very first Kamen Rider from their respective series; the difference is, while Narumi and Soreo genuinely love their children, Vail desires to kill the Igarashi siblings as a way of revenge, including the siblings' inner demons, Vail's own children.
      • Coincidentally, all three's backstory and motivation are tribute to early Showa/1980s Kamen Rider.



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