Vakishim is a choju created by Yapool and a recurring antagonist in the Ultraman franchise, first appearing in Ultraman Ace.


Ultraman Ace

Vakishim was created by Yapool combining a space monster and a caterpillar. After creating him, Yapool possessed Vakishim to take matters into his own hands.

He first attacked Minami, the co-host of Ultraman Ace, but she managed to survive. He later began making repeated attacks on TAC until Ultraman Ace arrived to fight him. The two then engaged in battle and Ultraman Ace ultimately emerged triumphant, destroying Vakishim's horn with the Star Beam Cutter and finishing the Choju off with the Palm Cutter followed by the Ace Slash. Though Vakishim was destroyed, Yapool managed to survive.

Ultraman Mebius

Vakishim reappeared as a servant of Yapool. He attacked Ryuu and Mirai and kidnapped Ryuu so Yapool could possess him to infiltrate GUYS.

However, Yapool's possession was eventually revealed to GUYS, prompting Yapool to send Vakishim to hold them off from interfering in his plans. He told that he set up a bomb and threatened to shoot Ryu if he didn't.

With no other option, Mirai shot Ryu, releasing him from Yapool's grasp. Yapool then went and possessed Vakishim to increase the monster's power. In response, Mirai transformed into Ultraman Ace to do battle. Vakishim was defeated after Mebius transformed into Bravo Mode and cut Vakishim in half with the Active Blade Attack.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

Vakishim appeared as one of the monsters working for Alien Metron. Looking to get revenge on Reimon, Metron sent Vakishim to provoke Rei and attack ZAP SPACY. Reimon then reassumed his Burst Mode and sent his Reionic Burst Gomora to do battle. Gomora emerged victorious and destroyed Vakishim with his Super Oscillatory Wave.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Vakishim reappeared as a member of the Belial Army led by Ultraman Belial. He teamed up with Hoe, Tyrant, Galberos, Alien Reflect and Sadola to attack Litra. He was among the monsters destroyed by Ultraman Zero's Wide Zero Shot.

Ultraman Ginga

Vakishim was among the monsters seen cheering on Ultraman Ginga in his fight with Dark Galberos in episode 7.

Ultraman Ginga S

Vakishim returns alongside his boss Yapool, assisting him in his plot to take control of Android One Zero. He was later destroyed by Ultraman Victory with the Victorium Shot.

Ultra Fight Victory

Vakishim was summoned alongside Doragory and Verokron to attack Ultraman Leo and Astra to prevent them from stopping the revival of Juda. He was destroyed by Leo with his Leo Kick, though he managed to hold them off long enough to keep them from stopping the Space Emperor's revival.

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