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Ser Valarr Hill is the main antagonist of the 2012 role-playing video game Game of Thrones by Cyanide Studios. He is the bastard son of Raynald Sarwyck, Lord of Riverspring and head of House Sarwyck. He has two half-brothers, Alester and Gawen Sarwyck, and a sister named Elyana.


Valarr is considered brutal and unscrupulous. He was sent to the Citadel to complete a Maester apprenticeship. For example, the dark teachings gave him the ability to summon a shadow. Because of these studies, he had to leave the academy and turned to warfare.

When Ser Mors Westford, at the end of Robert's rebellion, refuses the order of his liege Lord Tywin Lannister to kill Princess Elia Martell and their young children and flees to the wall, Valarr reveals to Lord Tywin that Mors, with the help of his brother Alester, has hidden his family. He then receives an order from Tywin, along with Alester, to kill Mors' wife and daughter. Valarr complies with the order and murders Mor's daughter. However, his brother Alester, who kills Mors wife, suffers badly from the betrayal on his friend Mors, whom he had guaranteed to watch over his family. Alester, whose relationship with Valarr is already strained, is very disgusted by the brutal and unscrupulous behavior of his half-brother and there is a final break. Out of anger, he gives Valarr a scar from his nasal bone to his right upper jaw.

As Alester subsequently leaves Westeros for the Free Cities, Valarr becomes Queen Cersei's faithful vassal over the next 15 years. Valarr forms a group of spies, thugs and assassins called the Bloodseekers to help him complete his assignments. As a result, Cersei instructed him to locate all of Robert Baratheon's bastards close.

When his father was murdered by Lord Harlton in the course of the conflict, Cersei orders Valarr to marry his sister Elyana as a reward for his services and to become the new Lord of Riverspring. At the same time, he is ordered to find his brother Gawen, who is accused for the murder of Lord Raynald. However, this plan is hampered by Alester's return from the Free Cities. Alester, who suspects that Valarr's plot to get the title of Lord behind his father's murder, also ends up in the service of Queen Cersei, who is now playing Valarr and Alester against each other to get Jenna Greystone and her unborn child in her hands.

Valarr's Bloodseekers find Jenna in Mulwarft near the wall, causing her and her protector Mors Westford to return south, where they lose their trail. Valarr and his Bloodseekers move to Riverspring to organize a marriage to Elyana and take over the regency. His efforts are interrupted by the return of Alester, who has released Mors Westford from Lord Harlton's captivity beforehand. Mors challenges Valarr to a divine judgment by duel, which is to decide on the future head of House Sarwyck. When Mors is about to defeat Valarr, he ignores the duel rules and summons a shadow to kill Mors. He then forces Alester to reveal Jenna Greystone's whereabouts before beheading his sister Elyana in front of Alester.

Valarr begins to siege Lord Arwald's Burgholz headquarters to get hold of Jenna. When storming, Valarr uses a shadow again to kill Lord Arwald. However, he realizes that Mors Westford, who has since been resurrected by Alester, preempted him when Jenna was liberated, but does not realize that she gave birth to her son just moments before. He kills Jenna, but her death enables Mors, Alester and their newborn son to escape from the castle. Valarr then returns to King's Landing.

In King's Landing, he learns from Varys that Alester and Mors have Jenna's child in their care and await him for a duel in the throne room of the Red Keep. On the verge of the execution of Lord Eddard Stark, he faces the two of them to fight. Although he once again summons two shadows in the course, he is defeated. Shortly before his death, he reveals to Mors his and Alester's involvement in the murder of his family, whereupon he is killed in anger by Mors. However, this also provokes the final fight between the two former friends.


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