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The Valentine Corporation is the main antagonistic faction of the 2015 action-spy-comedy film Kingsman: The Secret Service. It is a tech industry company founded by its CEO Richmond Valentine known for offering and selling unlimited phone and Internet coverage to customers until the events of the film.


The Valentine Corporation was known for providing new technology to many markets around the world, mostly in the communication industry due to Valentine's expertise of providing new tech for wider range of networks.

During the events of the film, Valentine intends to change more of the world by having his company give away SIM cards that can provide unlimited calls and Internet on his network. Much of the world's population are delighted by this offer and accepted, but unknown to them, every single one of the SIM cards can transmit a neurological wave that triggers aggression and switches off inhibitors in a person's brain, which will make that person violent and resort to killing.

It later turns out that the entire Valentine Corporation is involved in a plot (formulated by Valentine) that will use the SIM cards to engineer a series of mass murders throughout the world that will reduce the human population and allow Valentine to set down a new world order for the survivors. To test the cards, Valentine and his right-hand Gazelle engineered a massacre of a hate group called the South Glade Mission Church, which only Kingsman agent Harry Hart survived, though Valentine would later shoot him down afterwards.

Following Harry's death, it was revealed that Valentine has invited several VIPs (mostly corrupt politicians, such as Chester King and Morten Lindström) in his lair to finalize his plot, as they tend to be a part of the new world order after the genocide. To that end, Valentine implanted each of VIPs with implants that will make them immune to the neurological waves so that they can survive the imminent genocie.

However, Harry's protege Eggsy Unwin arrived to Valentine's base alongside Roxy and Merlin to foil the plot. To that end, Roxy destroys Valentine's main satellite while Merlin reprograms the implants, making them explode and killing all the VIPs as well as Valentine's followers. This allowed Eggsy enough time to finish off both Valentine and Eggsy, thereby foiling the plot for good.

It can be implied that Valentine Corporation is finally shut down following the deaths of Valentine and his followers while Eggsy become a full-time Kingsman agent in honor for his actions.


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