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Valentino, also known as Val for short, is one of the main antagonists of the adult animated black comedy web series Hazbin Hotel.

He is the owner of Hell's adult film studios, one of the Overlords in Hell, and is a member of The Three Vs Triumvirate along with Vox and Velvet. He is also Angel Dust's boss and arch-nemesis.


So far in the show, Valentino makes two cameos in The Pilot episode.

In the comics and music videos, he serves as the main antagonist both of the comic Dirty Healings and the 2020 animated music video Addict despite not being given a speaking role.


Valentino is a moth demon slender measuring 3 meters tall with pale blue skin, has 2 pairs of arms, has black hands and hot pink eyes, two antennas: one looks like a feather with a zebra print and the other looks damaged and has pink, pointed teeth. He wears a long scarlet red coat edged in fur with its creamy white down (which makes up his body) as a collar in which are implanted little red hearts, fluffy white cuffs with a matching top hat. He wears long black boots with stiletto heels and pink and gold heart-shaped sunglasses. He also has a golden tooth like Angel Dust.



Nothing is known of Valentino's past as a human. When he died and went to Hell, reborn as a demon, he became one of the powerful demons in Hell and owns his own porn studio.


In the Pilot episode, Valentino is seen alongside Vox and Velvet while the exterminators finish up their work and texts Angel Dust to go back to work without the sass. Valentino later appears in a flashback alongside the other Overlords when Vaggie explains to Angel Dust who Alastor is.

Other Appearances

In The Comics

Dirty Healings

Valentino appears in the prequel comics being Angel Dust's boss and killed a buyer who tried to cheat him out of his money and Angel goes into the limo as Valentino calls him. He later asks Angel why wasn't he in the studio and about his business and affairs, Angel Dust who simply tried to tell Valentino that he sneaked out of the studio to simply help him but Valentino is angry at him for not staying at the studio and very clearly threatens to not do it again.

In The Music Videos


In this music video, Valentino's character is shown more in-depth, as he watches Angel Dust's pole dancing. It is revealed in his limousine that he takes most of Angel Dust's earnings for himself. While there, Valentino forcibly kisses Angel, and it is shown that he has raped him enough times to give Angel trauma.

Personality and Traits

Little is known of his personality, but what is known is that Valentino is a vicious demon overlord who abuses his employee, Angel Dust. He is ruthless, sadistic and perverted, forcing Angel Dust to kiss him against his will and forcing him to have sex with him regularly.

While the extent of their relationship isn't known, he seems to at least get along with Vox and Velvet, as he let them wait out the recent extermination of Hell inside his studio.

While on his and Vox's Instagram, the relationship is an on-off again romantic one, though it is clearly abusive, as Vox is on the receiving end of Val's abuse. Val has a habit of breaking Vox's screen for petty reasons, such as not giving him the drink he wanted. He also belittles Vox for getting him a bigger TV as an apology gift and says he'd have a new boyfriend if it vibrated.

He appears to see Angel and Vox as little more than his personal property.

The only even remotely kind thing he has done for them is buy them clothes.

Powers and Abilities

As an Overlord of Hell, it can be assumed that Valentino is a very powerful demon. Like other demons, he can transform into his true demon form and is also a deal maker. He appears to have smoke manipulation powers.






  • According to Faustisse, he is pansexual.
  • He has his own Instagram Account called @Moth_Pimp. However, his account was deleted and it's unknown why.
  • As of the "Addict" music video, he has become the most hated character in the series, due to him sexually abusing and raping Angel Dust to the point of giving him some form of PTSD.
    • Even his friend, rival and ex-partner Vox doesn't like him much and called him a 100% rat. Vox has been shown to be abused by Valentino, as he's gotten his screen cracked for minor things.
    • Even Stolas from Helluva Boss, who makes creepy phone calls to Blitzo, disapproves of his actions. This is because while perverted, and unafraid to show it, Stolas still seems to have standards and while he vexes Blitzo he never goes as far as to outright rape him.


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