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Oh, don't worry ghost kid, it won't hurt long, BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING DOWN!
~ Valerie Gray

Valerie Gray is a recurring antagonist and the main anti-heroine in the TV series Danny Phantom on the channel Nickelodeon.

She was voiced by Grey DeLisle (who also voiced Sam Manson) in the episodes, "Parental Bonding" and "My Brother's Keeper", in the episode "Shades Of Gray" and the future episodes and seasons she is voiced by Cree Summer.



Not much about her at least was known about her past before being popular except that She was once a rich, popular girl at Casper High, and part of the "in" crowd with Paulina Sanchez, Dash Baxter, Kwan, etc.


Valerie first appears in "Parental Bonding", when Tucker (Danny's best friend) didn't had any girls that he can date to go at the Dance as the only one he hadn't ask out was Valerie (Tucker's crush) in which Tucker then introduces and tells her he can call her Tucker, Tuck, or Tuckerino. Valerie then refuses to date him unless something happens which will make her dateless, but after Kwan told her that he decided to go with a different girl named Donna, Valerie then accepted Tucker's Invitation offer to the dance.

Valerie makes a cameo in "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale".

She later appears in "My Brother's Keepers", where she is seen with Paulina talking to her worries about material possessions (foreshadowing Danny and Cujo inadvertently cause).

Valerie makes a main role in "Shades of Gray", Where Danny runs away from an angered Dash chasing him tries to beat him up for having him failed a test, while in a hallway Valerie tells her friends (Paulina and Kwan) that her shirt was $579 that was worth everyone of her dad's pennies. Danny, still running from Dash then tries to stop charging his feet only for him to accidentally bump into Paulina and her large paper coffee flying into Valerie's face. Angered, Valerie orders Kwan (Dash's Best Friend) to hurt Danny by beating him up, Kwan tells her that it was just an accident which he says that accidents happen only for Valerie to drag him by growling at him, causing Danny to run again where both Dash and Kwan chase him, but before they can finally catch him, Danny goes invisible by using his ghost powers causing the jocks to get knocked into the head by each other.

Until the appearance of a huge ghost dog at Axion, a large laboratory facility where her father worked, appeared. Danny tries to catch the dog (which could shapeshift from a harmless puppy to a huge monstrous form that Danny calls Cujo) but the two of them cause so much ruckus and damage, that her father, Damon Gray, loses his job. He had been the chief security system designer for the facility, and the dog was ironically the ghost of one of the old guard dogs before the security system had been installed. Due to his job loss, she and her father have little money- and thus her popularity status from the "in-crowd" plummets. Later Afterwards, Danny, Sam, and Tucker see Valerie and her father (Damion) moving there stuff out of there house while Danny feels guilty of not catching the ghost dog as Tucker tries to flirt with Valerie who then refuses to associate with them due to their status. Seeing Danny Phantom again, Valerie then blames her misfortunes on Danny Phantom and the Ghost Dog, causing Cujo to walk while having biting one of Danny's feet. Danny then tries to catch Cujo, causing further to wreck the Grays' possessions. After Danny once manages to calm Cujo down and fly off with him, Valerie then vows to find out on what is going on.

The next day at Casper High at the lunch cafeteria, Valerie confesses to her friends that she had to sell her tickets for the local Dumpty Humpty concert, which causes them to shun her off, leaving her to sit all alone. seeing her sad, Tucker comes over to try on cheering her up, only for her to angrily deny his comfort as Cujo (the ghost dog) starts invading the school cafeteria soon after, until he meets Danny again, whom he has already taken a liking to. Surprised, Tucker reveals to Valerie that the two were really ghosts afterwards, causing the latter to realize that there ghosts.

In Elmerton, a rather run-down apartment complex serves as part of Damon and Valerie's new home. Damon tells his daughter he is getting one last chance in Axion Labs by acting as a lone security guard. He then gives her a package that came from Wisconsin before leaving. Valerie opens it and finds weapons to combat ghosts, given to her from Vlad who quietly watches in secret. Not knowing who he is, she cares little as she expresses joy over her new toys.

Unbeknownst to her, Vlad Plasmius has taken advantage of her grudge and has secretly supplied her with various ghost-hunting weaponry with which to destroy Danny (and allow Vlad to spy on Danny in secret for his own misdeeds). She later learns her weapon supplier is Vlad (although she is unaware of Vlad's own alter-ego as Plasmius) and believes him to be a good man and fellow ghost hunter who recognizes her talents.

Future Valerie waving to some kids.

Later in a park of Amity Park, Valerie (who is in her battlesuit) then interrupts the training session with a full offensive attack in her new ghost-hunting outfit, weapons, and hoverboard, sending a missile his way. However, she misses, unfamiliar with her newfound weapons, but adeptly starts to get the hang of them. As Valerie is about to shoot (Probably or Possibly kill Danny), Cujo (in his giant ghost form) saves Danny.

As Danny Sends Cujo away by getting him to fetch a ball made from his ecto-ray, Danny panics and asks Sam for help. As Valerie tries to find Danny Phantom down, Sam kisses a now-human Danny. Valerie then flies away after witnessing this, leaving Sam to recognize her voice as Valerie's while Danny seemed rather content with the kiss, leading to an awkward situation for both of them.

At Casper High, Tucker then makes a note of that in school the next day (with Danny and Sam only claiming the kiss was a "fake-out make-out") as he then runs into Valerie.

After Tucker notices Valerie's recent interest in ghost hunting, he tells her that Danny's parents are professional ghost hunters to further warm up in her good grace. Seeing that as a surefire ticket to hunt ghosts, Valerie spends time with Tucker to gain as much info on Danny's parents' profession as possible.

Later at the Axion lab, Danny uses a dog obedience book to send Cujo to fetch his missing item. The pup runs off until pointing out Axion Labs. Reporting his friends over, Danny heads inside alone while Sam and Tucker watch over Cujo from way up in the tree where he used The Fenton Fisher as a leash.

Damon leaves to get food for Valerie after taking a short break from his duty, leaving Valerie to go on the offensive again when she notices Danny in the same building.

There she gives chase and the two battle, setting off the alarm which alerts Damon nearby. Cujo, possibly sensing Danny in danger, runs after him, dragging Sam and Tucker with him.

Cujo manages to reach the lab while Danny is thrown back by one of Valerie's weapons, tossing him into an old kennel where the lab once trained guard dogs. Feeling a squeak in one of the old bags, Danny fishes out an item: a squeaky chew toy. Reuniting Cujo with his favorite item, the puppy finally leaves.

Danny tries to make amends with Valerie, but she refuses, still seeing ghosts as nothing but bad news. Danny makes his exit by the time Damon and his boss return to a messy room. Tucker defends Valerie by purposely capturing himself, letting them assume he was the one to have caused the damage, saving Damon's job. wondering on why Tucker is in the lab, Tucker then says if they make a fake-out make-out, leaving a happy Valerie knowing that he cared. worry to add as well as questions on where she got her weaponry and Tucker wonders about her costume too saying it had to cost something.

While Danny questions on where she got her weaponry and Tucker wonders about her costume too saying it had to cost something, Valerie walks right past to her glaring “friends” even though there's an obviously empty place. She heads out of the lunchroom, Vlad teleports into a hallway in his Plasmius form, leaves a package, and teleports away. Valerie finds it, causing her to somewhat smile evilly, meaning that She'll might get Danny Phantom someday

She then gets another starring role in "Life Lessons" where she and Danny Fenton are assigned partners on a class assignment, at around the same time she is hunting Danny Phantom, Skulker appears to be hunting him as well and decides to hold a contest between the two with the "winner" having the "privilege" of becoming his prey his plan falls out the window he resorts to knocking them both unconscious.

Waking up at Skulker's lair the duo find themselves handcuffed to each other and Valerie freaks out at the sight of Skulker and being in the ghost zone, Danny introduces her to the Ghost Zone and Skulker before the latter gives them a head start, they start running and Skulker gives chase, Valerie discovers one of her weapons and sets off a trap causing Danny to be paralyzed by a dart she continues to run away the eventually reach the edge of the island where Valerie jumps off and activates he ghost equipment where Danny suggests heading for a door to hide from Skulker but Skulker then contacts them telling them he has possession of their class project  forcing them to go back to Skulker where he attempts to destroy it but the duo manage to grab it and trap Skulker in one of his own booby traps. they manage to pass as they go back to Valerie's room where it shows that she is the mascot of Nasty Burger, feeling guilty for what he acted to her, Danny lets Valerie have a day off, and in the end she is seen chasing the Box Ghost.

By "Reign Storm", She becomes closer friends with Danny and meets Vlad Masters (the man responsible for giving her battle equipment) for the first time where she is shocked that Vlad knows her after Danny brings her to her house he then takes her outside and rides with her on her aircraft where reveals to her he gave her he equipment because she smart and determined he then giver her the ghost king Pariah Dark ring to her so he can steer clear of the ghost king and tells her she has a job to do she state she wont let him down and flies off.

Sam and Tucker express their concern of Danny being around Valerie but Danny shrugs this off stating she is not bad when you get to know her, Valerie appears and thanks him and asks what's wrong with Sam and Tucker, Danny states they are just overprotective, suddenly he notices the ghost kings army is causing havoc around Amity Park and runs off only to run into Dash and Vlad. Valerie then asks Sam and Tucker where Danny is running off to, she them mocks Sam for him having a girlfriend and her liking him to which she responds to her that she is one of his best friends, Valerie responds that she should make a move before she does.

Meanwhile as Danny and Vlad brawl on the football field the Fright Knight appears and threatens Vlad but Valerie appears in ghost equipment and attacks the three, Valerie then asks Danny what's going on to which the ghost boy responds by pointing out the Fright Knight and the ghost kings army and asks for her help but she refuses stating that she doesn't like him or Vlad, but Danny states he doesn't have to like him but she should call a truce and fight with him, she agrees, shaking hands with Danny, they along with Vlad gang up on the Fright Knight gang up on Vlad, this forces the Fright Knight to put the sword into the ground and states if anyone removes it they will surrender to Pariah Dark, Valerie attempts to attack the Fright Knight but he hits her and knocks her unconscious, before Vlad and Danny can help her, Maddie and Damon arrive forcing Danny to change back and Vlad to flee, Danny then tells them she was unconscious when he found her.

Later, Valerie is recovering at Fenton Works as Jack Maddie and Vlad finish the robotic suit, Tucker asks if she is okay she says feels a bit better and asks them that they don't like her much to which Sam angrily states that they don't know her and that she was mean to them in the first place and also suspiciously asks her where he got the ghost kings ring to which she responds that is not her business, Danny enters the room and Sam pulls Danny and Tucker into a closet for a private chat. there, Tucker tells Danny the moment he turns in Danny Phantom she will turn hostile without asking questions and Sam points out to him that she is in possession of ghost kings ring and Danny suspects that Vlad had given it to her to hide it from Pariah and the Fright Knight.

Much later during a fight between Danny and Vlad, Danny accidentally removes the sword thus surrendering Amity Park to the ghost king where the latter knocks the duo unconscious, Valerie heads out and attacks the ghost king just as he was about destroy Danny and Vlad, The Fright Knight then notices that Valerie is in possession of the ring and demands her to return it but Valerie puts it on a missile and fires it away distracting the ghost king, she then picks up Danny and Vlad and heads back to Fenton Works with Fright Knight in pursuit who manages to shoot down her aircraft but she manages to get herself, Danny and Vlad into the ghost shield safely much to the Fright Knight's anger but Pariah Dark manages to claim his ring and together with the crown of fire gives him unimaginable power.

Worn out from the battle, Valerie takes an unconscious Danny and Vlad back to Danny's room before passing out, Vlad wakes up and notices the ring is no longer in her possession before disappearing, Jack informs Sam and Tucker that they are in Danny's room they rush in as Danny wakes up to find Valerie unconscious in his room, Valerie soon wakes up and Danny discovers her snooping around in the lab telling her to stay away from the suit but Valerie tells him that this is her fight but Danny states not anymore by exposing her secret as a ghost hunter in front of her father who angrily forbids her from doing so ever again.

In the aftermath she along with her father, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Jack, Maddie and Vlad surround him in his room happy that he is alright. later at the end of the episode, she confronts Sam and Tucker stating that she kind of now likes Danny a lot, to which Sam states that they will be watching her, she then accepts the challenge before Sam and Tucker send Nathan after her causing Valerie to run away from him again.

Valerie Gray as seen in the "future".

Future Valerie falls unconscious.

In "The Ultimate Enemy", her future self has become Amity Park's defender with her and her father moving in to Fenton Works following the death of the Fenton family where they operate the ghost defense systems from there. eventually Dark Danny contacted her where she angrily tells him no matter how powerful he is he cant break the shield but seconds later Dark Danny breaks Amity Park's enhanced Ghost Shield using his new acquired ghostly wail and the Fright Knight who conspired with Dark Danny attacks her and chases her to Fenton Works but then Dark Danny breaks into Fenton Works where he sarcastically says "Hi" to her before causing an explosion to Fenton Works presumably killing Damon and knocking her unconscious, she then attempts to fight him off but Dark Danny manages to easily send her away, eventually Present Danny along with Sam and Tucker arrive in the future intending to stop Dark Danny, when the younger Danny states he feels he's responsible for the destruction, Valerie appears and attacks him, he beg her to listen to him but she states he cant fool her this time and eventually she catches him in a net and states she has been waiting a long time to destroy him, she was seconds away from destroying the present Danny before Sam and Tucker intervened shocking her stating they cant be alive shocking the two where Tucker mentions not wanting to take the C.A.T. she mentions the Nasty Burger explosion that killed Danny's friends and family before attempting to kill him again but out of nowhere Dark Danny appears and attacks her who states he is responsible for the destruction, she then attacks him but he manages to defeat her and attempts to kill her but the present Danny intervened and was able to prevent her from hitting the wall, before she fell unconscious she realized he was from the past. She says she almost forgot how cute young Danny was, which flattered him. However, this future was canceled thanks to Clockwork.

In "Flirting with Disaster", Valerie and Danny date for a brief period of time to which Technus uses to his end; by keeping the two occupied while he goes about his plans for world domination and possessing her armor in an attempt to kill him (and creating more cause for Valerie to hate Danny's alter ego). When Technus hooks up with a satellite in space, he upgrades Valerie's suit, giving her an advanced red and black-striped one, and the power to change into it at will (it can 'appear' and wrap itself around her whenever she wants). This was meant to further distract Danny from his own dastardly plans, as she was now even more dangerous to Danny Phantom then she was before. In "Kindred Spirits" it is revealed that Vlad gave her her ghost hunting equipment so he can secretly monitor and study Danny through their various battles so he can create the perfect half ghost son of his.

In "D-Stabilized", Valerie is hired by Vlad to seek and capture Danielle "Dani" Phantom. Vlad tells her that Dani wants to destroy him. Using a ghost detector, she instead finds a human Danielle, and is unaware she is the same "Dani Phantom." When mistaken as a hostile situation, Danielle runs from Valerie into an unstable building about to collapse where she saves Valerie's life when the hunter followed and almost perished from within from falling debris. After exposing herself as a half-ghost, Valerie captures Danielle and uses her to lure out Danny Phantom (upon gaining knowledge of Danny's affiliation with her) to great success. She then ships her off to Vlad until Danny convinces Valerie that she is innocent, and half-human as well stating she would be responsible for her death if Vlad successfully destroys her. Calling a temporary truce, the two work together to save her from Vlad Plasmius's clutches. By the end, Valerie discovers that Vlad Masters and "Plasmius" are one in the same and is also angered that he had been using her all along to do his dirty work for him vows to hunt him and take him down as well.

She makes a final cameo appearance in "Phantom Planet". First she gets pushed aside by Vlad's "Masters' Blasters" team suggesting that she had already made moves against Vlad , and later eventually takes part in saving the world from a deadly asteroid. At the end, she finds out who Danny Phantom and Danny Fenton are one in the same. It's unknown if she still hates Danny when she found out the truth, but it is extremely unlikely as she is seen clapping for him when Danny revealed his secret as a half ghost.


  • Her address is 461 Elm St., Elmerton. This is a reference to the film A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • Like Danny, Valerie's real identity is unknown to most of Amity Park's inhabitants, though her father learned it in "Reign Storm," Danny, Sam, and Tucker have known it the whole time, and some ghosts (Skulker, Vlad Plasmius, Technus, and possibly Dani) were aware of her identity.
  • In her first appearance in the episode "Parental Bonding," Valerie was voiced by Grey DeLisle (who also voices Sam Manson), whereas in later episodes, she’s voiced by Cree Summer (who’s best-known for playing Susie Carmichael in the cartoon Rugrats (which Nickelodeon produced the cartoon), Tiff from My Life as a Teenage Robot and Freddie Brooks in the live-action sitcom A Different World).
  • Valerie, who likes Danny Fenton but hates Danny Phantom, contrasts against Paulina, who likes Danny Phantom and hates Danny Fenton.
  • When Valerie becomes a ghost hunter, she has two ghost-hunting books: Ghost Hunter's Almanac and Ghost Killing for Dimwits.
  • Valerie's personality is very similar to Catwoman from DC Comics.


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