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Hush, hush don't you fret. The good doctor is here... peel away... expose everything
~ Valerio Jimenez

Valerio Jimenez is a minor antagonist in the survival-horror game, The Evil Within. The brother of Marcelo Jimenez and the original doctor of Leslie Withers, Valerio is one of the main Haunted encountered in the game despite his small screen time, he is one of the few Haunted with a name and ability to speak.



Valerio Jimenez's background is unknown though he was a doctor like his brother, Marcelo and treated his patient, Leslie Withers at a hospice before he was admitted to Beacon Mental Hospital.

The Evil Within

Whilst searching for Leslie, Jimenez and Sebastian Castellanos reach Valerio's hospice. However, when they get there he is seemingly operating on a patient but it's revealed he is, in reality, dissecting a corpse. He notices Sebastian and advances on him with a knife, forcing him to kill Valerio.

However, a hallucination appears where Valerio is dissecting a corpse but is undergoing an "itch' that is so bad he pierces the skin of his skull and then disappears after a Ruvik headache ends.