Valfarre is one of the villains of Dragalia Lost and is the antagonist of the Chinese New Year arc known as the Skyborne Spectacle. A demon who has been sealed by Xu Fu a hundred years ago after eating the amount of endless mana in the spring near Peng Lai to make himself stronger, Valfarre intended to escape from his seal and seeks to draining the mana again in order to make himself stronger.


Valfarre himself took an appearance of an enormous yet muscular blue lion, which makes sense as Valfarre is a type of demon who loves to flex before battling his enemy, with two large demonic horn on both sides and has a light blue mane. In addition, he also wore a loin-cloth and several tattoos on his body and has small legs compared to his own sizable body. Valfarre also has a scorpion like tail.


Valfarre mostly appears as a non-sentient demon who terrorizes the place of Peng Lai at first due to the endless amount of mana. However, there are some indications that Valfarre also a demon who attempts to build his own confidence and flamboyance. This was shown as he attempts to flex flamboyantly before beating his own enemies at the end which earns him a bit of a distinct personality compared to several other non-sentient bosses.



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