Valgas (バルガス; Barugasu) is a wrestling champion and the main villain in Power Stone, and his deadly sins are pride, wrath and envy.


Valgas was originally from the Dark Lands and is a well-known beatboxing champion. He grew up as an orphan. He wished for ultimate power and was granted a Dark Stone , which made him very powerful. He eventually began using the power of the stone to become a champion.

At first, Falcon was a really big fan of Valgas, who was known worldwide as a great fighter, until Falcon learns in the later episodes that Valgas was really a wicked man. He does not appear again until the end of the series where it is revealed that Kraken was working with him all along to gather the Power Stones for him. Eventually, he invites all the people Falcon has met throughout the series who are known to possess the ability to Power Change with their Power Stones to his island.

Falcon eventually defeats him and destroys his Dark Stone when all of the Power Stones combine their powers to form the Light Stone. After he is defeated, he reverts back into a child where Falcon embraces him while telling him that he is no longer alone. Valgas then smiles back at Falcon before fading away.


Valgas is a boxer, just like Falcon. Falcon had always looked up to him, and one night, Valgas invited Falcon to dine with him, and maybe he join his crew. But, sevretly, Valgas was working with Kraken to attain all seven power stones, and create a world where only the strongest survive. At one point (this was in the anime, made also by Capcom) he met a man named Jordan Baker, who told him of the powerstones, had one for himself. Valgas killed him, and stole his stone.


  • The villainous character in Power Stone bears a strong ressemblance to Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho and Zangief from Street Fighter series
  • He is the only boss character, who did not appear in Power Stone 2 along with Kraken, they reappear later in Power Stone Collection which features both Power Stone games in one disc with all characters available to use in either game.
  • Valgas' favorite element is darkness.


  • Edward Falcon-Friend/Rival
  • Pride Falcon-Abducted with the help of Octopus brothers
  • Kraken-Comarade


  • Valgas in Human form
  • Valgas' Final Form