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The reason my species traveled billions of miles to live here is because our planet looks an awful lot like this... barren, empty, full of death.
~ Valiant Thor about Area 51.

Valiant Thor is the overarching antagonist of American Horror Story franchise. He serves as the unseen overarching antagonist in American Horror Story: Asylum before appearing as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Theta) of "Death Valley", the second part of American Horror Story: Double Feature.

In Death Valley, he is the android messenger of an extraterrestrial race and chief mastermind of their plot to replace the human race with alien/human hybrids and take over the Earth.

In Asylum he was responsible for the number of kidnappings occurring by the extraterrestrials and hence, he was responsible for the disappearance of Kit Walker, the resurrection of Grace Bertrand and the kidnapping of Pepper and Alma Walker.

He was portrayed by Cody Fern, who also portrayed Michael Langdon in American Horror Story: Apocalypse.



Valiant Thor is the chief architect of the aliens' plan to escape extinction by experimenting upon human beings in hopes of creating a perfect hybrid of alien and human. Their first experiment is aviator Amelia Earhart, whom they kidnap during her legendary transatlantic flight and impregnate. They put her back on Earth, although in Earth time 25 years have passed, and she dies giving birth to a hideous mutant, which the government quickly hides away in Area 51.

In order to collect "specimens" for their experiments, Valiant Thor makes a deal in 1954 with U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower to supply the U.S. with cutting-edge technology - what would become the iPhone - in return for letting the aliens abduct and experiment upon American citizens. Eisenhower is at first horrified, but eventually agrees when Valiant Thor possesses his wife, Mamie, and threatens to kill her if he refuses.

Unbeknownst to Eisenhower, Mamie is in on the aliens' plan, and is allowing them to conduct their experiments underneath the White House in return for eternal life. When Eisenhower inadvertently discovers the experiments, he is disgusted, even more so when he finds Mamie and Valiant Thor having sex. Mamie manipulates her husband into going along with the plan, however, reasoning that no one would believe him if he told the public the truth, and that he would be remembered only as a lunatic. When Lyndon Johnson replaces Kennedy as President, Valiant Thor and Nixon meet with him at Area 51, and Valiant Thor shows them the hybrids the aliens have thus far created.

After Eisenhower dies, Valiant Thor hides Mamie away beneath Area 51, where the aliens are storing the specimens and Calico, another human collaborator in the aliens' plan.

Over the years, Valiant Thor is the power behind several historical events in the U.S., including the death of Marilyn Monroe and the JFK assassination, both of which which he orchestrated because Kennedy told Monroe, his mistress, about the alien plot; the Moon landing, which he faked; and the Vietnam War, which he instigated because it would distract the American public from the mysterious disappearances. When Nixon threatens to expose the aliens, Valiant Thor manipulates him into ordering the Watergate burglary, has Mamie expose Nixon's corruption to reporter Bob Woodward as "Deep Throat", and uses a rectal probe to torture Nixon into resigning.


By 2022, the aliens have nearly succeeded in their 60-year experiment to create a perfect hybrid. They kidnap four campers - roommates Kendall and Jamie, and gay couple Troy and Cal - and, led by Theta, forcibly impregnate them. Troy and Cal give birth to hybrids, but both births are failures; Theta kills Troy's newborn when it fails to meet her standards, while Cal's newborn attacks him moments after being borns. Theta then has them both killed.

Alongside Theta, Valiant Thor succeeds in breeding the perfect aliens/human hybrid with Kendall's baby; they then kill Kendall and convert her body into a birthing machine, set to create another hybrid every hour. When Mamie tries to stop them, they paralyze her and manipulate Calico into killing her by convincing her that the human race must be destroyed in order for the planet to survive. Valiant Thor is thus successful in his mission to replace humanity.


  • Valiant Thor is loosely based upon the urban legend of the same name: a strange, unearthly man who appeared at an alleged UFO sighting in 1954, claiming to be from Venus and visiting Earth in order to help the human race grow spiritually.


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