Valkia the Bloody, also known as the Gorequeen and the Bride of Khorne, is one of the recurring villains of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. She is a fearsome and ruthless Daemon Princess loyal to the chaos god Khorne and the commander of the khornate division of the Hordes of Chaos.

When a Daemon Prince of Slaneesh, Khorne's rival, came into her hall, intrigued by her feral and amazonian beauty, and commanded her to leave her rulership and join him as a slave girl, the warrior-queen took up her great spear, Slaupnir, and in a slew the daemon and swore that she would lay its head at the base of Khorne's skull throne in hell. Though she died on the journey, Khorne was impressed with her devotion. From death he elevated her to daemonhood and turned the slaneesh daemon into a magic shield for her.


In her original existence, Valkia was born as a child to a dead mother and Marrac the chieftain of a nomadic Norsca tribe called the Schwarzvolf, which means the black wolves. Known by her father as Lille Venn, which means in their tongue as Little Friend, Valkia always had dreams of venturing to the far north and claiming the rewards gifted to the greatest warriors of the chaos gods. But her tribe was at war with another, and by the tender age of ten, she fought her first battle as a humble shield-maiden and managed to kill her first men.

Many years after this great battle, the fortunes of the Schwarzvolf grew once more. Despite being at the ripe age of eighteen, Valkia had not taken neither a husband or even a lover. As such, her father took Kata, a friend of Valkia as a wife and bore him three children, one of which became a son. Yet the old chieftain of the Schwarzvolf grew weak by an illness and the tribe once more was struck with misfortune. A recently decimated tribe of Norscan Farmers asked Marrac for shelter, and reluctantly agreed to protect and aid his people. This garnered him the ire of his tribesmen, seeing his actions as weak and pathethic, particularly by his own daughter. In a climatic moment, Valkia took advantage of the worsening situation and ruthlessly killed her own father as well as Radek, her first and perhaps only true mortal lover, and took leadership of the tribe from her weakling father.

The moment she took up the act of killing her own father, the daughter Merroc knew as a child was no more. She soon became a ruthless killing machine, bent on nothing but glory and bloodshed. She slew all those that opposed her, culling the weaker members of her tribe and even going as far as to kill her own step-mother, killing her own step-sisters and sparing only her infant half-brother. Soon, she managed to even gain the respect of the Bloody Hands, a fierce warband of Chaos Marauders which came to seek out the farmers Valkia's father sheltered.

When a demonic servant of Slaanesh, a Daemon Prince known as Locephax, came into Valkia's hall and, smitten by her rugged savage beauty, commanded that she abandon the life of a warrior monarch to service his depraved needs as a harem-girl, the proud warrior-queen was enraged by this proposal and demanded a duel between her and the Daemon Prince. Thinking that the Daemon could easily best a human woman in battle, Locephax gladly agreed and staged the battle on the morrow. At dusk, Valkia fought the Daemon Prince without the need for even armor and for a day and night the two fought hard. In the raging maelstrom of sparks and blades, Valkia slowly succumbed herself into an superhuman inner rage which saw her gaining the upper hand in the fight.

With a mighty thrust, Valkia struck off the Daemon Prince's very head with her barbed spear. Victories, Valkia affixed the severed but still talking head of the daemon to her shield, and swore before her tribe that she would carry it to the Chaos Wastes in the far north and place it at the very foot of Khorne's throne of skulls. Such a boast and such a dangerous quest shouldn't be taken lightly, but everyone in the tribe knew that their Queen would go to any length to earn the favour of her patron god. 

As she traveled north, the daemons of Slaanesh dwelling within the Wastes fell upon Valkia, eager to avenge the insult she had made to their master. Though Valkia was a fierce and powerful norscan warrior, not even she could stand for long against such a horde of abominations. Though she and her tribesmen fought valiantly, the Queen was eventually torn to pieces by the daemons. In spite of her failure, her valour and courage had impressed Khorne, and so the Blood God saw fit to intervene. The sagas of the Norscan people say that Khorne's roars shook the very foundations of the earth, that his bellows made the mountains themselves tremble and woke Valkia from death. Khorne then took Valkia in his burning grasp and twisted her into a more pleasing form, forging her anew in the fires of his wrath.

He bent back great horns from her skull, gave her the long, goat-like legs of a and pulled back great, bat-like wings from the flesh and muscle of her shapely back. Reborn as a mighty Daemon Princess, Khorne set upon her a new task: She would now descend every dawn onto the battlefields of the mortal realms, and fight alongside those worthy warriors of Chaos who served Khorne and from the ranks of their dead she would bear warriors who died in glorious battle to the Halls of Khorne where they would fight on the Blood God's legions for all eternity. Thus, the Gorequeen, the Shield-Maiden of Khorne, was born. On her return to the North, Valkia was met by her surviving tribesmen, who had invariably fallen to their knees in adoration of her before she had even spoken a word.


Valkia the Bloody, Daemon Queen of Khorne Lore - Legendary Lord of Chaos

Valkia the Bloody, Daemon Queen of Khorne Lore - Legendary Lord of Chaos

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