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Pain wakes the body... makes everything feel very good!
~ Valko while torturing Katie.

Valko is a major antagonist in I Spit on Your Grave 2. He is a friend of the Patovs, a Bulgarian family who enjoy raping and torturing women, who participates in their crimes. However, he and the others make a fatal mistake by attacking American model Katie Carter.

He was portrayed by Peter Silverleaf.


Valko is first seen in the film when he enters the room where Georgy, Nikolay and Ivan are holding Katie Carter to rape her. He immediately establishes himself as an evil man by taunting Katie before torturing her by shocking her genitals with a cattle prod. He then violently rapes her, leaving her bloody.

Later, Valko is in church with his wife when he is terrified by the sight of Katie during the service. He hastily tells his wife to leave before following Katie into a dark alley, where she surprises him and knocks him out. He wakes up tied to a table, where he is tortured by Katie in the same manner he tortured her. Valko is finally killed when Katie forces a plumber's snake down his throat and electrocutes him.



  • Despite his limited role in the film, Valko establishes himself as one of the most horrific characters in the series because of the sheer violence and brutality of his actions, surpassing even that of his accomplices.
  • It is unknown if Valko had children, it is known that he had a wife, but it is not known if he also had children. Since, at the moment when Valko flees from the church and his wife looks at him, a child can be seen near her also looking at Valko, so it could be his son or probably not and was simply an observant child.


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