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The Valkyran Guard

The Valkyran Guard is a supporting antagonist in the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command episode "42". She is one of the minions serving for Brun, the leader of the Valkyran Raiders.

She was voiced by Tress MacNeille, who also voices Millionara Vanderbucks in Ducktales, The Trina Twins in Mighty Ducks, Hydia in My Little Pony, Agnes Skinner, Dolph Starbeam, Lindsey Naegle, Dame Judith Underdunk, Francesca Terwilliger, Spud, & Adil Hoxha in The Simpsons, Dil in The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through The Mists, Sarah Ravencroft in Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost, Carol Miller & Ndnd in Futurama, Si and Am in Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure, Gilda & Dr. Steinheimer in Recess: School's Out!, Anastasia Tremaine in Cindirela III: A Twist in Time, & Gretel in Disenchantment.


The guard was in charge of guarding prisoners whenever the Valkyrans capture ships. When the Valkryans manage to capture Team Lightyear's ship with XR onboard, the guard was dispatched to watch over him in his cell.

However, Team Lightyear came over to the Valkyran ship undetected. Posing as Valkyran guards, Buzz and Mira head over to the prison cells, where the guard halts on them. The ruse would have worked if Buzz had not botched it up by saying his strange accent was due to him being from the south, because the guard snapped back by saying she's from the south. Luckily for Buzz, Mira used her Tangean ghosting powers to temporarily influence her to leave, allowing Buzz and Mira to save XR. However, the guard soon regains control and realize what's going on before informing Brun. Despite this, Team Lightyear was able to escape in their ship, thanks to a new A.I. known as 42. As such, the Valkyran Raiders are forced to leave in defeat, never to be seen again. It is unknown what happened to her afterwards.


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