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Oh. Then I guess I don't need you anymore.
~ Vallory to Vasquez before murdering him.

Vallory is one of the two main antagonists of Tales from the Borderlands, she is a ruthless crime lord from the planet Pandora.


Vallory is the mother of August, another antagonist of the game, and the leader of a gang. It has been implied she was involved with Felix romantically.

In "Catch A Ride", Vallory was first seen after Rhys and friends escaped Vasquez, she offered to help Fiona up, but she refuses (accepts if the option is chosen.) She spots Gortys and asks who is to blame for the loss of her ten million dollars. The player is then given the choice of blaming Felix, Vasquez, August or keeping silent. Afterwards, she deems Vasquez useless and shoots him in the chest with a shotgun, killing him.

She later appears at the ATLAS Bio-Dome, still in pursuit of Gortys, she splits the group up and hires Vault Hunters Brick & Mordecai to take down Athena.

She manages to get the group captured and forces Gortys to reveal where her final upgrade is, in Helios, Hyperion HQ in Elpis. Vallory forces the group to get to Helios to get the upgrade, sending August, Finch and Kroger to keep an eye on them.

However, trouble rises in the mission after the group gets discovered and Handsome Jack's AI takes control of the facility. A chain of events occurs that results in the group spliting up and Helios getting destroyed.

However, Finch manages to arrive to Pandora with Gortys and her upgrade and gives them to Vallory, who forces Gortys to evolve and summon the Vault of The Traveler, also summoning the eponymous creature to Pandora. The Traveler proves to much for Gortys and Vallory's gang, which ends up getting multiple casualties. Vallory realizes that the only way to defeat the Traveler is to destroy Gortys. As she prepares to fire, Fiona appears and tackles her. Fiona is decided to fight her but Vallory insists that sending the monster away is more important or they will all die. As she speaks to Fiona, she turns her back on the Traveler, which uses its arm to attack Vallory, crushing and killing her.


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