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Valon is one of Dartz's three main henchmen in Yu-Gi-Oh!. He is apart of Doma where he would also work along with Rafael and Amelda. He only appeared in Season 4 (except for two cameos in Season 5), Waking the Dragons, and therefore only appeared in the anime. He speaks with a stylized cockney accent in the English dub, which is commonly mistaken for an Australian one.

He was voiced by Marc Thompson.


Valon grew up as an orphan in a church that was burned down by a street gang, who also killed the nun who took care of him (this entire sequence involving the church and the nun was cut from the 4Kids dub due to the violence and religious references that were present). He then attacked and assaulted the gang and that got him sent to prison (detention center in the 4Kids dub). Dartz was the one who paid the gang to burn down the church (framed Valon in the 4Kids dub), and Valon was sent to an island where he was forced to duel the other prisoners in Orichalcos duels, and he was the winner, imprisoning the other prisoners' souls inside the cards, and joined Dartz. 

Valon's deck has an armor theme, where he uses the armor to attack enemy monsters himself. He fell in love with Mai Kujaku and stopped the duel between her and Katsuya Jonouchi. He dueled Rebecca Hopkins and Ryuji Otogi, easily defeating them without losing a life point. But as he did not play the Barrier of Orichalcos, they did not lose their souls. He later dueled Jonouchi in an empty lot, which turned into a final struggle between their armor. Jonouchi won, and Valon's soul was taken by the Orichalcos.

He was released when the Orichalcos God was destroyed and had two cameo appearances near the end of Season 5.


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