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Valyx: I sense only plots within plots from you. For if your purpose is not harm, then what exactly IS it? You sit in this castle amassing a mighty force. Would you have me believe you have no intentions of using it?
Elisanne: We're not plotting anything. We're just providing a home for people who have been displaced by war.
Valyx: A shelter for the weak and broken? Perhaps today, but what of the morrow? What do you intend this gathering of yours to become in the end? A charity to shelter the wounded? A collection of mean bandits? This collusion may be aimless now, true, but in time it will find form as a movement in earnest. The Empire will not suffer a potential threat—not even one ignorant of itself.
~ Valyx's exchange with Elisanne.

Valyx is an antagonist from the mobile game by Cygames and Nintendo, Dragalia Lost. Essentially the fourth heir of King Aurelius of the Alberia Empire, he is also revealed to be one of Euden's older siblings and used to be one of the noble military commanders of Alberia Empire. After the Empire changed for the worst thanks to Morsayati possessing the Auspex, Zethia, and becoming the Empress as she changes the Empire's name to Dyrenell Empire, instead of rebelling, Valyx had no choice but to join them due to being a man who doesn't like betraying his own family and values honor and loyalty above everything else which in turn made him into  "A Lighter Shade of Black" of the Dyrenell Empire alongside Chelle compared to his other siblings. He also formed a pact with a dragon known as Thor.

He is voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi in Japanese version despite being uncredited.


Valyx was mentioned around Chapter 2 by Euden alongside the other siblings of his with the exception of Emile who already made an appearance in Chapter 2. However, he makes his first appearance in the story proper around Chapter 6 when one of Euden's companions, Ranzal, spotted Valyx and his soldiers attempting to attack the Haildom through the front gate. Because of the disturbance caused by Valyx and his soldiers, the fiends in the forest were pushed over the edge. Unable to defend from Valyx attacks, the heroes had no choice but to follow the Windwyrm, Midgardsormr, advice to find an artifact known as Wind Dracolith that can bolster's the dragon's power and also need to reopen the Windway which would causes a bit of a distraction for Valyx and his soldiers.

As Euden confront his brother and claim that he poses no harm towards Dyrenell Empire, Valyx then began to grew suspicious towards him due to the fact that Euden gathers several innocent people that were oppressed by Dyrenell Empire and amass a huge soldier force. This resulted on Euden thinking on his own true purpose towards sheltering some innocent people as Valyx retreats peacefully in order to get his soldiers recover from the excruciatingly long fight while still keeping his eye towards Euden in order to make his nature "plain".

Confronting Valyx again, Euden then tells him about his own true motives trying to seek independence of Dyrenell Empire while creating an Empire where people are stopped being oppressed by them and proves that they are not mere weaklings cowering in Dyrenell's shadow or a place where a network of bandits are sheltered. Valyx then suspected Euden again that he tries to create fires of war as according to him, raising a banner in another sovereign land is a declaration of war which would causes potential chaos in which Cleo tries to refute his arguments.

As Euden find that Valyx seemed to had a point, Euden had no choice but to tell Valyx that he will fight against Dyrenell Empire in order to secure people's happiness, Valyx then asks Euden whether he had three important traits that could make someone a worthy ruler. As a result, Valyx then began to test him and his companions by performing a duel against him and his army while beckoning the heroes to follow him to the Forest's Heart.

As Euden confronted Valyx in the Forest's Heart, he then transformed himself into a dragon he made a pact on, Thor, in order to test Euden's resolve while attempting to keep his promise to tell the third rule on what makes a good king. Behind the scenes, it was soon revealed that one of Euden's companions, Notte, instructed the peasant to fight against the Dyrenell Empire's soldiers.

Despite being defeated at the end of the day, Valyx had nothing but respect towards his brother while regretted that he thought very little of him when he was a child. It was soon revealed that the three traits that Euden should possessed when he become a good ruler according to Valyx are the likes of, being "born from the true and rightful bloodline of dragons", "strong in both body and spirit, and "faith from his own people around him" and when discovering that Euden had those three traits, Valyx then gracefully retreats and promises towards his brother that they will cross their paths again in the future.

Valyx seemingly makes a minor appearance in Chapter 7 where he was reprimanded by Empress Zethia about his men being outnumbered that led to his defeat. Despite this, Valyx also advises the Empress that she should be swift and decisive and shouldn't underestimate Euden's forces and will try to send a larger force lest Euden and his army becoming a larger threat towards the Dyrenell Empire.

Returning again in Chapter 10, he was invited alongside Euden's other siblings by Empress Zethia and Harle to Clave Loy'elune, the largest binding ruin that seals Morsayati's main body. as he accepted it because he had to follow his master's orders. Alognside the heroes and Chelle who saw Alberius's past sealing Morsayati in his own blood with the Blood Casket ritual, Valyx concludes that Aurelius had changed because of Morsayati himself.

Unsurprisingly at the end of Chapter 10, he ended up joining the Empress side as according to Valyx himself, one absolute power can bring peace to the kingdom and the kingdom could not be sundered and before declaring his alleigance with the Empress, Valyx gives an advice towards Euden to unite the kingdom under his rule and when Euden began to grow despondent as the plan would involve killing Zethia, Valyx simply tells him that Euden's decision on protecting the kingdom rests on Euden alone.

Returning again in Chapter 13, Valyx receives an information about the Unknown Enemy that had been causing a ruckus in the border located in the North of Grastaea, he then seeks an audience towards Empress Zethia so that he could gain her seal of approval to defeat the unknown enemy. As his soldiers marched to the North to defeat the unknown enemy, one of his soldiers was brutally injured by the enemy which resulted on Valyx ordering his men to sent the wounded soldier home safely and his own banner was raised in a mangled version, this resulted on Valyx attacking the unknown enemy alongside his soldiers as a form of vengeance.

In one of the extra parts of Chapter 13, before receiving an information about an unknown enemy had been causing a ruckus in the Northern Grastaea, he had a little conversation with the leader of the White Sparrow Knights, Leif, after patrolling the capital city of Dyrenell, Sol Alberia, about Leif and his knights defecting from Dyrenell and joins Euden's forces. Initially, Valyx attempts to punish him but as the two exchange several motivations, Valyx still bids a graceful farewell towards Leif and wishes his safety but warns him that the next time he meet again, they will clash together.


Unlike Euden's other siblings, Valyx himself had a different genes compared to him as he can be described as a dark-skinned man with towering posture compared to his own soldiers that the heroes had faced. He has a spiky short brown hair and dons a golden armor with tiger-head like shoulder pads. He wears a red coat, purple pants, and golden boots while carrying a huge axe alongside him upside down in order to show his intimidating figure.


Valyx is at best described by Euden as a humble yet a person who wouldn't happily submit to evil. This was shown as he seemed to care towards his own soldiers where he orders them to retreat after getting wounded and clearly wants to establish order and safety as he had no patience towards injustice plaguing the world and also being one of the siblings Euden looked up to in the past due to his view on righteousness and his commitment towards it. He is also a great leader of the battlefield as he not only had the ability to command his men in battle, he is also a benevolent boss towards them, best exemplified when one of his men was wounded during the attack of unknown enemy in the Northern Border of Grastaea, he orders his soldiers to sent the wounded man home safe and sound. 

After joining the Dyrenell Empire, however, Valyx then suddenly grows suspicious towards Euden after he sheltered some innocent people that were oppressed by Dyrenell and amassed a huge army which would potentially cause huge bloodshed as Euden raised another banner in other sovereign land in order to declaring themselves independent towards Dyrenell Empire. Another reason why Valyx began to grow suspicious towards his brother is because he assumed that Euden also protected a small network of bandits.

However, despite his growing suspicions towards his own little brother, Valyx still acts as a true mentor figure towards him, as this was proven by him testing Euden on inspecting whether Euden has three noble traits to become a good ruler of a new empire by having a noble duel with each other. While it was soon revealed that Euden passes Valyx's trials and was defeated by the heroes, Valyx has nothing but showing some respect towards his brother in the end despite ended up branding him as a traitor.

In addition to all of this, as Valyx become aware that Leif and the White Sparrow Knights members began to defect from the Dyrenell Empire and show their support towards the New Alberia, Valyx bids a graceful farewell towards him, even wishes him to be safe, after they share their motivations about the paths that they had chosen despite warning him that their conflict will become bloodier next time they meet.

Powers and Abilities

Being one of the powerful military warlords that Alberian Empire and Dyrenell Empire had under the greatbear's crest, Valyx has these abilities to show:

  • Axe Wielder: Valyx always carrying his huge, golden axe when it comes to preparing for battle against his enemies and sometimes stand still with his own axe according to his artwork.
  • Leading Skills: Being a competent military leader, Valyx is able to lead and command his men when it comes to wage war against his own enemies. This was shown as Valyx tries his best to keep his team together despite struggling on battling against Euden and at one point orders his men to retreat in order to recover from the loss of the battles.
  • Dragon Transformation: Due to the fact that Valyx is a Dragonblood child of Alberius, it is also shown that Valyx himself is able to transform himself into a light-elemental dragon that he made a pact on, Thor, in order to defeat his own enemies and also testing Euden for his resolve to become a good ruler.





  • It is unknown why he has skin and hair colored differently from the rest of his family. It is possible that he is an adopted child of Aurelius despite being dragonblood related.


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