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The Vampire is one of the evil roles from the mystery RPG game. The Vampire wants to kill and convert everyone who opposes to them.


The Vampire's goal is kill and convert everyone who opposes to them and survive until end of the game. They can win with the Witches and Survivors.

The Youngest Vampire (last Vampire) chooses a person to convert/kill them every night. If the target is a Town member (except Vampire Hunter), Survivor when not using a vest, Jester or Amnesiac, the target will turn. If the target is a Mafia and Coven member (except Godfather), Pirate, Guardian Angel, Juggernaut before second kill or Witch (without basic defense barrier), they won't convert, they will die. When the Vampires become four people, they will kill all people, won't convert.

Killing Conditions

The Vampire has a basic attack to these people;

  • All Mafia members (except Godfather)
  • All Coven members
  • Pirate
  • Guardian Angel
  • Juggernaut (before second kill)
  • Witch (without basic defense barrier)

The Vampire converts these people;

  • All Town members (except Vampire Hunter)
  • Survivor (without basic defense armor)
  • Jester
  • Amnesiac

The Vampire can't kill these people;

  • The people that have basic-powerful-invincible defenses
  • The people who have armors like Witch, Survivor
  • Veteran when alert
  • Vampire Hunter
  • Vampires
  • Coven Leader wielding the Necronomicon
  • Pestilence
  • Plaguebearer
  • Juggernaut after second kill

Winning Conditions

The Vampires must kill all Town and Mafia people and survive. They can win with the Witches and Survivors.

Vampires has no defense, so every people can kill them. If the Vampires visit the Vampire Hunter, the Vampire Hunter will stake them.

Investigation Results

  • Sheriff: Sheriff will get the result that the Vampire is not suspicious.
  • Investigator: Investigators will get the result "Your target could be a Framer, Vampire, Jester or Hex Master".
  • Consigliere: Consiglieres will know their target is an Arsonist, they will get the result "Your target drinks blood. They must be Vampire!".


There are some achievements that can be earned by perform tasks. They are the achievements that dedicated to the Vampire;

  • Count Dracula: Win 1 game.
  • Bill Compton: Win 5 games.
  • Night Walker: Win 10 games.
  • Nocturnal: Win 25 games.
  • Blood Lust: Convert someone to be Vampire.
  • True Blood: Convert three Vampires in one game.
  • Grave Endeavors: Win without having any Vampires die.


She had never envisioned her life like this, and she never asked for it. One night, many moons ago she was bitten. Merely a Lookout at the time, she became much more ever since. To some it was a blessing, and to some, a curse; she hadn't decided yet. But she knew it was a full moon, and she knew that meant she needed to feast. Skulking through the alleys of Salem, the Vampire stumbled across the Escort, paying a visit to a nearby home. The Vampire felt bad for her, but she must feed. She lunged out at the Escort, reaching her prey before it even knew what was going on. Sucking the life out of her, she left the mangled, lifeless corpse in the alley. The Werewolf's howl could be heard in a nearby home, but that didn't concern her. She was really on the Lookout for the Vampire Hunter, who reeked of garlic. He would be carrying his stakes and holy water, as the Vampires would be active this full moon, but it was for naught. The Hunter was too late to save the Escort, so soon enough he'd have another problem to worry about. She morphed into a bat and took off into the air, looking down on the town below. As the faint beams of the sun began to peek out, she looked down upon all the residents of Salem, her soon to be meals.
~ The Summer Solstice writing event provides a backstory for the Vampire.



  • Always the youngest Vampire bites the people.


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