The Vampire Counts are one of the villainous factions of the tabletop wargame Warhammer Fantasy Battles and its related media.

They are an organisation of aristocratic vampires who commands armies of undead creatures.


The Vampires of the Old World are powerful beings, fiercely independent and incredibly individualistic, even the weakest one has power far beyond that of any human, to them humans are little more than cattle to be harvested, and yet they hide in the shadows of human society, parasites that stalk the night.

The Vampire Counts have a odd relationship with the other factions: they would dearly love to see the world eclipsed in darkness forever - but they would hate to have to share any of it with the other evil factions. They have fought grand wars to destroy the Empire, and yet, when the Skaven had overrun it or when the forces of Chaos ran rampant throughout it, the vampires helped the empire in defeating the invaders.

The vampires are separated in different groups: Blood Dragons, Lahmians, Nechrarchs, the Von Carnstein family and the Strigoi.

The most prominent member of the faction is Vlad Von Carnstein.



  • Abhorash
  • Neferata
  • Ushoran
  • W'soran
  • Mundvard the Cruel
  • Strigoi Ghoul Kings
  • Master Necromancers



  • Zombies
  • Skeleton Warriors
  • Crypt Ghouls / Horrors
  • Grave Guards
  • Cairn Wraiths
  • Spirit Hosts
  • Vargheists
  • Varghulfs


  • Black Knights
  • Hexwraiths

Blood Knights


  • The Red Duke
  • The Dark Knight of Maleaux
  • Varison the Blade
  • Gorgivich Krakvald
  • Mallobaude
  • Merovech d'Mousillon
  • Bertelis d’Garamont
  • The Dark Knight
  • Sir Tiberius Kael
  • Count Rabe von Stahl
  • Aucassin
  • Adolphus Krieger
  • Frich von Haas
  • Sir Morten the Black
  • Caleb, the Red Knight of Châlons


  • The Blood Dragons
  • The Drakenhof Templars
  • The Knights of the Red Death
  • The Seneschals
  • The Knights of the Black Grail


  • Dire Wolves
  • Fell Bats
  • Terrorgheists
  • Zombie Dragons
  • Abyssal Terrors