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The Vampire King is a major antagonist in the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. He serves as the main antagonist in the "Stakes" mini series special. He is also the one who turned Marceline Abadeer into a Vampire.

He is voiced by Billy Brown.


The Vampire King was staked by Marceline to protect the last remaining humans. After she staked the rest of his court and gained their powers she fought the Vampire King in a tough battle with Marceline being the victor but as a result he turned her in a Vampire, thus making her the Vampire Queen.

He returned after Princess Bubblegum drained Marceline's vampire essence. After Marceline faced him again after she killed The Fool she was ready to fight him but she decide to let him go after he told her The Empress was after Ice King. He is later mentioned by The Hierophant when he tries to convince Marceline to help him over thrown him but she refuses. After Marceline kills his court again and regains their powers he comes face him again and after the tough battle The Vampire King says he wants his vampire essence drained out of him to, which Marceline agrees to do. The Vampire King's essence is removed from both him and his pet vampire cow which restores the cow back to normal and turns him into a normal lion.

However, the Vampire King's essence is so powerful that it manifest it self into a giant black cloud in the shape of the king which destroys anything in its way. After multiple attempts to stop it by the people of Ooo Marceline decides that the only way to stop it is to suck it back into herself which she does, but becomes a vampire again in the process.

Afterwards the Vampire King's spirit is able to communicate with Marceline due to her sucking up his essence.

Powers and Abilities

Telekinesis - The Vampire King has powerful telekinesis. as he is able to crush and toss things with great force and ease.


  • Jake described him as "an angry stop sign coming out of a loaf of bread."
  • He plays the Harmonica.
  • He is based on the tenth tarot card, Wheel of Fortune, which represents change and taking action, as that change is inevitable and we don't always have control of our path, but we can decide how to respond. Similarly, the Vampire King accepted that the times changed and being a vampire is no longer worth it and asked for Marceline to help to remove his vampire juices. It also represents destiny, as it could be interpreted it was Marceline's destiny to remain a vampire for the rest of her life. The same thing can be interpreted with the reversed form of this card, that represents lacking control, setbacks, confusion, ongoing struggle, as well as bad luck, all talking about Marceline's inability to change her status as a vampire, even after going through all the trouble to defeat all the vampires once more, as she didn't make any progress but moved back to where she was. Another connection to Wheel of Fortune, many of the creatures that appear in the card are represented in Vampire King's body, such as a lion (head), a human (torso), a bird (feet) and a snake (hands), as well the Sphinx, which is a mix of all those beings. He also has a cow companion that represents the bull, although he doesn't seem to have anything representing the Anubis.
    • Furthermore, he also references another tarot card in "Checkmate", the Chariot. The Chariot represents control and willpower, as the Vampire King was adamant about taking control of his destiny. The reversed form of the Chariot symbolizes opposition and lack of direction; this is akin to how most of his court opposed his decisions in "Vamps About" and each went their own separate ways.


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